Saturday, April 19, 2008

Home Sweet Home!


So last night my friend Jen and I went out. She is only a few years younger than I am. We got dressed up and Angel stayed home with the kids. Understand one thing...I don't go out very all. Im a super home-body. I prefer to entertain at home, IF I decided to entertain at all. We've been out together before and well...we are usually home by 10:30-11:00. Last night was going to be different! We were going to be out till the cows come home! We were on a mission!

Also keep in mind that I don't have a lot of dress up clothes. I'm very laid back and casual in my dressing (except in my scrubs for work). So the few tops that I had didn't even fit right. I have this one black top but it's very low cut and that is what I had to wear. I knew I was going to be fighting with the dang "V" neck all night.....and I did. We first went to our friend's house to visit with her and have a few drinks before we actually hit a bar (she's a lesbian) and she had a safety pin that I could use to help with my shirt situation. So here I am fumbling with the safety pin and my shirt and my bra trying to keep everything from popping out.
No luck. the safety pin was too big and it was just obvious that i was trying to pin my shirt. So no pin. (I really need to get new clothes, or just stay home).

We talked about our kids over drinks. I told them about how just yesterday Dom was busted by me for cussing as soon as I picked him up from school. He started telling me some story about some bird and he said the 'F' word. Of course when I called him on it he denied it and even broke out some tears while proclaiming that 'I don't even believe him when he tells me the truth!'
So this is what I told him. "Alright, I'll believe you, but understand this...I am giving you fair warning right now. Don't let me hear you cussing. You just turned into a teenager 4 days ago. Don't think you're grown. I am pretty sure that you are hanging with your friends cussing up a storm around them like it's nothing. Watch out, you're going to get too comfortable saying these words and you're gonna slip up and say it at home."
Sure enough...he did. He was in my room talking with Jen and I before we left to go out and he turned to walk out of the doorway and he tripped. Clear as a bell he said, "Oh, Shit!". He disappeared.
Jen and I sat there looking at each other saying, "did he just say what I think he said?"
We called him back and he of course denied it...while trying out his newly developed squeezing out tears routine. We asked him what he said and he tried to tell us "I said OH!"
I told him, "I heard 2 words come out of your mouth."
We busted him. Then as we were walking out of the door, I told Angel about that little episode and at that time Dom tried to cover it up and said..."I said..I TRIPPED."
Whatever...he's busted twice in one day. Not a good record for a 13 year old.

Anyway..We go to another place and get our drinks, the thing about us is....we talk about anything no matter where we are.
So there we are sitting face to face in a booth and she just says, "I need to have a boob job done just like this...", now..not only does she say it out loud but she grabs her breasts (one in each hand), squishes, lifts, separates and places them on the edge of the table. I was a teensy bit horrified at this point because the "booth" we were in wasn't an actual booth that is taller than your head when you are sitting but only shoulder level. Yes, people may have seen my friend fondling herself at the table unintentionally.

Now, in my much younger years, I used to be able to put away a ton of beer. Last night, I was sipping it like it was hot chocolate. I know I'm getting old. We baby sat our drinks (both of them). Then we moved onto another location and babysat our drinks there. We were eager to get somewhere and I believe that somewhere was home.

We managed to pilfer around until we walked in the door at 12:12am. We did it! We stayed out until tomorrow!


I gave it up for a sprite.

How shallow can I be? We didn't have any and the only thing that makes my head feel better after drinking is sprite. My husband said he would go and get me some if I "gave it up".
deed done. sprite drank.
moving on...

It's saturday. Jen and I got roped into a birthday party and running errands for said party like getting ice...chips...stuff from the dollar store. We were there for HOURS and the party had barely begun. Angel had taken the boys with him to his dad's house and I had Miah. Miah had a ball cause its a party. We were surrounded with tons of kids. As soon as we left there, we picked up something to eat, some ice-cream, came home, picked a movie and just bummed.
That is my plan for the rest of the night. I'm exhausted. I'm happiest on my couch or in my bed resting.

That's what I am going to do now. My eyes are heavy. I feel like everything and everyone is in slow motion. (except Miah).

It's 7:30 now....hmmm...almost bed time.


JokerOnMars said...

1 sprite? for sex???? hell, i got a whole 12 pack!

JokerOnMars said...

For the record, I started cussin at around age..3? I dont know an exact age, we just always did it. My mom, being a hippy, pretty much let us do what we wanted.

JokerOnMars said...

you think i wouldve learned by now, but i havent.

Andy said...

Point taken.