Sunday, April 27, 2008


I know I mentioned in an earlier blog about my Supervisor being gone for 3 weeks and me having to pick up the caseload. Well, Friday was an especially large caseload because of the new old people coming in the facility. My rehab director made this looong list of patients for me to treat. I thought I'd never get finished. On a couple of patients, we broke out the Wii and started bowling. They loved it. By the end of the day. I had treated all the patients and my blood pressure had returned to normal and I was feeling pretty good because my Supervisor was coming back on monday to pick up half of the slack.


Turns out, he isn't coming back until Thursday. *sigh* well, I survived 3 weeks...what's 3 more days?


I have a lot of lesbian friends and....
One of my friends was reading my blog and told me that the caps that I wear....make me look GAY.
Now see, I wear caps all the time. I am very comfortable wearing caps, t-shirts, jeans and sneakers. I'm not exactly the type of person who likes to dress up because revealing clothes are not my style. I would constantly feel like I needed to cover up. I throw on a cap the majority of the time because my hair is a mixture of Hispanic and Black. I don't exactly have flowing locks down my back but I don't exactly have an afro either. I'm a mixed breed with mixed breed hair. (which right now has waged war against me).
.......back to the point.
So I told my other friend about the comment and she started laughing and said I come across to lesbians as a 'soft butch'.
Is that supposed to be flattering???
The fact that I'm not gay and don't look like a dike, but attract women because I look like a soft butch, is supposed to make me feel good. I don't know, man. I see lots of women wearing caps walking around with their husbands and I don't think they are gay.
I can't believe I give off that impression. hmmm.


We went to the Valley this weekend to go visit our families and take care of some business. We usually take 2 vehicles so that he can see all his friends and family and I could do the same. This time we just took mine cause it was cheaper on gas. We got down there and I left my husband and Devyn at his grandmother's house, Dom went to hang out with my Dad for a bit and Miah stayed with my sister and her kids. I hung out with my sister for a bit then went to my friend Jen's to stay the night.
Jen has 3 cats (you thought you had your problems with one). There was cat hair EVERYWHERE. I have allergies to cats (even though I still like them) just some sneezing and irritated eyes...goes away if I wash my hands and face....and down some antihistimine.
Anyway...Jen is one of the few people I hang out and have happy time with. So we did...all freaking day. By the end of the day I was eating everything in site. (I'm never eating like that again)
Now, for those of you who don't know, you have these systems in your body..Sympathetic nervous system and Parasympathetic nervous system. The first one (sympathetic) is your "fight or flight" system. It gets your adrenaline pumping to either prepare you unforseen circumstances that may cause you to have to run or stay and fight.
The second (parasympathetic) is pretty much your digestive system at work. It'll shut down most of your body to prepare for digestion.
That's what happened to me. At around 11pm, my body cut me off. Shut me down. Why wouldn't it. I looked like I was smuggling a baby elephant. I could barely move. Jen, her girlfriend and her daughter were getting ready to watch a movie so I told her I was going to go lay in her bed and for them to wake me when they were ready to go to sleep so I could move to the couch. I went and knocked out. Woke up around 2:30 am because it was time to "unload". I was still in their bed and they had crashed on the couches.
I got up and went to the restroom and looked in the eyes were super swollen and I wasn't sure why. I've stayed here several hundred times in the past and I never came away looking like this. I was up until 5 am going back and forth to the restroom "unloading". (I had my phone with me so I kept myself occupied by reading several blogs.) At that time, Jen woke up and came to her bed. I told her that my eyes were swollen and she explained that I was sleeping on the cat's pillow. Ughhh. Why is the cat's pillow on the bed with the rest of the pillows anyway?
Still...she comes in, then the cats trail in behind her and get on the bed. All I hear is "lick, lick, lick" where the cat is bathing herself right in the middle of the bed at 5am. I picked up the cat and toss her to the floor and Jen tells me, "it doesn't do any good, she'll come back up and keep doing it."
That morning, I got up, picked up all my kids that were scattered across the Valley, got my husband and drove home. Tired as hell.
Came into the house, made a sandwich, ate a piece of cheesecake, crawled into bed (this is at 3pm) and crashed until 12:30 am.

Now I'm up.

UPDATE: Dominique is now sporting a new haircut. Well, new buzz cut anyway.

He'll survive.


Anonymous said...

you have REALLY pretty hair! At least in that picture its really pretty! Mine's not so fantastic either, I have to put alot of work into it to get it looking good. And lots of products. I swear I own a whole hair salon with the amount of products I use! :)
anyway, i don't think the hats looked lesbian(but then, I'm not gay, so I wouldn't be much of an expert to trust on that). I just think the picture you have now is much more flattering.