Thursday, April 30, 2009

Some minor changes...

Dominique took his math TAKS test and got a commended performance on it. It basically means he got a 90 or above.

As his reward, I decided to go ahead and let Dom lighten his hair as much as he could and then I would re-dye his hair purple.

I told him that we would do it this week ( I had actually told him that we would do it this past weekend but things came up).

No sooner had I gotten home from work yesterday did Dom start badgering me to start. He sounded like those seagulls from Finding Nemo...mine, mine, mine,, now, now, now....

So we got to it.

This is what his hair looked like before we started. I know it's not a pretty good pic because Dom took it with his cell, but it'll do.

Here, we're getting ready to wash out the dye. We have to do it outside or our shower will be dyed purple.

He's a nut. Look at how he's holding the hose. OOPS, I LIED.

I found another pic of his "orange" hair color...and really check out the pic. This is why I say he's a "nut".

We're outside on the cement furniture because that's where we washed the dye out last time. I don't care if the furniture is purple, it fades anyway.


We have the end result. I don't know what's up with the poses. It wasn't my idea.
What WAS my idea was keeping the pic ABOVE the nipple line. We are not posting porn here!

Can you see the purple?

I like it. I think it looks closer to his natural hair color this way..which is JET BLACK!

Well, now that that's done, for now, I won't be bugged about anything for awhile (I hope).

Today and Tomorrow he's taking 2 more tests.
I wish him luck (even though I know he will ace it).

This stupid Swine Flu has really put a damper on things, huh?

Schools cancelled (not my kid's, not yet).

Devyn was scheduled to have a Baseball tourney this weekend but the city cancelled all practices and the tourney because of the flu.
Dammit! I need to develop my athlete!!

Well, I guess we could always start *gag* running and training for track. Not saying anything about runners...I just hate running, sprinting, jogging, hurrying, and even skipping unless I have to go to the bathroom.

That's it. I'm going to work. Hopefully, none of my patients are sick because then I will be looking at them all funny and slathering on hand sanitizer.

I'm looking into having a jet pack size one so I can just have it strapped to my back and it'll spray out like Ghost busters.

Have a good one you guys!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

For Lisa...

Isn't it precious?

Yup, this is the same type of doll that Miah had that was creeping the shit out of us. (minus the Simpson character)

I swear it was the devil lamb from hell (that prays in a child's voice to fool you).

Be expecting a couple in the mail. I'm sure some poor soul would love to be rid of these Satan dolls.

I wonder how many I can find. Can you imagine a whole herd of them chanting together the prayer. Turning themselves on and randomly saying the prayer. At night. When you're trying to sleep........alone. *shudder*

All yours chica!!

Love ya!

P.S. Make sure you don't let the batteries start to die!!!

New Addition to the Family


I'm not talking about more pets! I know you guys have heard enough about our 2 hamsters (who are now dead...don't come and get me PETA), the gerbil (who will survive along with the roaches when the apocolypse comes), Tattoo and Snowball (who are now BOTH outside cats) and Venus and Serena.
I'm not counting the people who live INSIDE the house.

Nope, people..

This new addition has been born into the BLOGGER WORLD and is my SIL!
Her name is SHERLISA and her Blog is called Vivrant-Thing.
I love her and you will too!!!

Let me tell you MY side of the story about how my brother passed up valuable time with ME over for a girl. She can tell you her side some other time on her blog (hint, hint)

Okay, I had taken a couple of weeks off (I say "off" but I wasn't actually working at the time...whatever) to go visit my brother in NY. I flew up there and one night we were planning on going out.
Well, actually, MY BROTHER was planning on going out and planning on leaving me with our cousins. I wasn't fully aware of this until we got to my cousins house.

So, we're still at my brother's house getting ready and at this time, he had just recently bought a house that was in need of demolishing repairs. No, really, just minor smacks to the wall with a sledgehammer was all that was needed.

Sooo, we're dressed and heading down the stairs. The very same stairs that didn't have a handrail (I don't think) at the time and I was wearing these boots with 2 INCH heels (what was I thinking?....oh yeah.....suicide!) and I BUSTED MY ASS on the stairs.
At least no one needed to help me down the rest of them.

My brother came to my aid...but just to look and ask if I was "OK" and then after that was confirmed...he turned ......and snickered...(I know you were snickering BRO!!) I'm also pretty sure he's told everyone too.
So, after I survived the tumble, we put on the helmets and hit the road.

Wait....did I say HELMETS? Yeah, I did.

My bro had a motorcycle at the time and he decided we were going to head from Long Island to Brooklyn on it.
He asked me if I knew how to ride on a motorcycle and I was all..."Pbbst...hell yeah, let's go!"

uh...perhaps I should have explained that my previous experience of riding motorcycles consisted of...straddling the bike, wrapping my arms around the person steering and holding on for dear life.

So...we were off.... record speed......

He told me, "Keep your knees in!"


Exactly what he meant.
We came up to a line of cars on the highway and we zoomed by them at breakneck speed.
I don't know how many cars we passed. My eyes were closed and my knuckles were white.

We finally got to my cousin's house and I felt compelled to let my bro know how lucky he was that I didn't pee on his seat.
I was this close!

Anyway, he leaves me there and my cousin's and I went out.
We went to this one bar and had a few expensive drinks and then.....

My bro walks in.
One of my cousin's was mad because he ditched me.

He booked out of there really fast and my cousin followed him to another place.
Turns out, he had ditched me because he had a date....with SHERLISA.

DUH....why didn't he say so???

(like I said...she has her side of the story and I have mine)

She and I had never crossed paths during my whole 2 week stay in NY but we did eventually meet and I'm glad she's the one he ditched me for because now I have two ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL nieces!!

She and I like to talk on the phone about stupid stuff for hours.
My bro constantly confuses our names (Sheila/Lisa, Lisa/Sheila)

So, moral of the story?

If you're gonna get ditched, get ditched for someone who will join your family. (if you can manage that)

Go check her out guys!!
Show her some love and tell her I sent you!!


Friday, April 24, 2009




NOOO!!!...Not something that needs to be cured with Antibiotics like my girl Muffy.

Let me just say that I'm totally glad it's nothing like that!

(Pssst...hope all is well down under girlie!)

Now, back to what I was all excited about (cause we know that bit of info probably wasn't very exciting for her at all)...

I got an Anniversary Present from Honkeie2!!



It's what I always wanted!

What?!? Isn't that what you're supposed to say??

You guys have to go and check out Honkeie2's page. I can't remember how I stumbled across him but I know I kept coming back cause he kept posting these funky facial expression pics and they were cracking my ass up. He's hilarious with his "subliminal" comments. Can't get enough.

I asked him what was up with those pics and...from then (along with our mutual love of Boone's)....we were...inseparable.

(P.S. Wanna join the Boone's Farm Fan Club with me Honkeie2?)

Lately, this guy has been drinking some crazy shit, though!
This guy obviously likes challenges!!

He's Hilarious! I'm sure you'll get a kick out of him. Hang out long enough with him and....months later....VOILA!

Gifts in the mail!

Go ahead guys, check him out.

If you leave a comment...make sure it's something explicit.

He's into stuff like that.

(If you happen to mention small furry animals combined with those explicit might get a gift too. I'm not saying that's how I got my gift or anything, I got it because of my Anniversary, but go ahead and give it a try. Couldn't hurt, right?)

No..For Real.

Thank you very much!

I really appreciate it!

SOOOO, the present came in right?!?
AAAAND....funny story......

Customs got to it before I could.


Let me explain...Obviously this wasn't MY doing!!

It had come in to the post office a few days ago and normally I would have gone to pick it up between patients but since I didn't actually have any patients....I was stuck in the office until 5.

So, Angel is off today and I asked him to please pick it up for me.

He did....

and then,

he went to...


with it.

So, on the way back, they stopped him and searched the truck and opened up the box and searched the package. I hate when people open up my stuff.

My gift was violated.

But!! I'm totally loving the pink Styrofoam peanuts!! I was digging through there hoping that maybe you had sent some money, you know, just because.

I've given it some thought and I've decided that YOU DID send me some money but Customs took it when they searched the box.


(Maybe you should file a claim cause, you know, you sent it and all. OR...just send it to me..again!! I'll leave it up to you.)

Thank You!!

Mom Taxi Julie!! I'm waiting for that book to come in and I will write about that too!! Thank you too!!

P.S. Angel came back from Mexico with a new Tattoo. More on that later!!

This part is for my SIL!!

If she doesn't get started blogging soon I'm just going to have to taunt her with her new found favorite things!

Here you go...

RASPAS for you!

Order whatever you's on me!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Just doin stuff...UPDATE!!!

Sunday Miah and I had the whole morning and most of the afternoon to ourselves. We decided to watch movies and have junk food.

YES, as you can see PICKLES and POPCORN were included.

This time, since it was just Miah and I, she got to pick the movie.

We watched BEDTIME STORIES. It was really cute.

Then I started thinking about the times we've watched movies with the kids and she wrote her assignment on THIS.

I'm telling you man...Angel and I should have known better...hee hee.

As you can see...she's OK....we think.


Just Monday morning, I found myself flat-ironing my son's hair.


Yes, I said flat-ironing.

Let me tell you, its a far cry from flat-ironing my daughter's hair. I told him already not to be standing around my bed with a flat-iron in his hand like Miah does when she wants me to do her hair. She just stands there and stares at me. I like to pretend she isn't there but she will stand there....for-ev-er.

The two of them..standing there...looking at me...while I nap.

I don't think I can handle that.

ALSO...I agreed to let him buy some gel called...Lightening Gel. It was supposed to gradually bleach his hair and he could wear it like gel as it works.


It worked.

He showed me and I was a little bit tripped out.

He doesn't look like my boy anymore.

I'm eagerly waiting to put that purple color back into his hair because it would at least look closer like the black it used to be (I hope).

These are the pics I took of him with his hair flat-ironed and light brown (doo-doo brown).

This second pic I told him to take off his glasses but it now makes him look like an Anime character without them.

Ladies and Gentlemen...These are my children.


Dom took his math TAKS test and got a commended performance on it so as his "reward" I am allowing him to use that dang gel to bleach his hair as light as he can get it over the weekend so that we can dye it purple.'s win-win!!


This morning, my brother called me (and woke me up like 5 minutes before my alarm was set to go off and wake me up like it's supposed to do, I never get to wake up like regular people) to tell me that he's really liking Facebook and that I need to get my SIL started blogging.

I'm trying to start her and I know she wants to start so.......Get Started ALREADY!!!
( me later so we can get you started!!!)

We started talking about Devyn and his future baseball career and I told him that he next sport up for the kids is TRACK and that Devyn wants to run but Miah wants to do the field events (shot-put, discus).

He then started to point out that all the women who do the throwing events are, well..."big".

I chose the word..."strong"...but who am I kidding?

Those chicks are HUGE.

He said they are the Ingas and the Helgas of Sweden.

I'm sure we could probably sneak in a few running events for her.

Now, last thing.....

I know you guys have heard me complaining about how I have 1 patient and that my days were easy...etc. company called me on Monday night to ask me about a presentation that I was supposed to be doing on Tuesday on Fall Risk Assessment. I thought the presentation was going to be on Wednesday.....oops.
Needless to say..I was unprepared....but that's not the point.

Then they mentioned that they noticed that my caseload was kind of "light".
Well, yeah...cause it's Tuesday and I just so happen to have 0 patients today.

Not good.

Well, they took it upon themselves to kill my groove...(and yes, by groove..I mean nap times) to put me to work and make sure I have something to do until 5 pm everyday.
They are, after all, paying me.

I did manage to get away for about a week and a half with minimal work but now, I'm a laborer and it's killing me.

They took so long getting me started that the first day I was just wandering the halls. I was sooo bored. That on top of me not taking my meds anymore was HELL. I left work that day at around 3:45 cause I was dying.

Office work isn't my style. I need to be running the streets!

I will be able to get back to that hopefully before the week is over. I'm getting more patients in now so I should be kept pretty busy....OUT OF THE OFFICE!!

Quit stalling and let us know how your time off went!
Also, I think I received your gift in the mail but I have to pick it up from the post office!

That's it for now.

SIL....get started!!!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Back to normal? Diet plan.

Sort of.

I'm actually getting ready to go to work and the whole getting ready process is kind of a waste of time.

Aside from getting the kids up, ready for school and dropping them off...

( I'm here trying to write this post and nosy ass Dom comes and reads the first couple of lines and has to "correct" me because I didn't "officially" wake the kids up today. He woke up and saw me feeding the cats and I told him to wake the kids up so he wanted me to write...."On occasion, Dom wakes the kids up."

He wants to make sure I don't take all the credit for getting the kids up.)

...ANYWHOOOO....moving on...

As I was saying...After I drop the kids off at school, I come back to the house, shower and get myself dressed for work. I wear scrubs everyday that I work. The only thing about getting ready now is that I only have one patient today. I see this patient early in the morning and then I'm done. So the whole dressing up in scrubs is a waste cause I gotta come back home and change an hour later for the rest of the day.

Whatever, I'm just procrastinating because I don't want to work today.

My SIL knows how hard I work everyday and how it takes every bit of energy I have to make it through the end of the work day. WHEW.


Anyway. I mentioned in THIS POST about how I might tell you about the weightloss plan Jenn and I have come up with. I'm not sure if anyone read that one but either way...

Oh...wait...first things first...DOM!....go do something else. This might be a little too TMI for you. Really, go. Go practice your guitar.....



So Jenn and I were talking last weekend about how we needed to find a better way to lose weight other than diet and exercise.

Yes, we are THAT lazy.

Since my SIL was visiting and she breastfeeds my nieces...we realized that BREASTFEEDING burns a crap load of calories and is said to shrink your tummies. What?! You mean all I have to do is breastfeed and I'm good to go?



(I told you DOM!!! Now...GO!!)

Now, I know what you're thinking:

Sheila? Didn't you breastfeed your kids when they were little?



Why, you ask??

Because they wouldn't latch on and I was in enormous *emphasizing the word ENORMOUS* pain. Every time I tried and failed, my breasts would continue to fill and they were tipping me over. It wasn't one of those sexy looking huge titted chicks that some men like. It was more like I can't breathe in bed if I lay on my back or sides cause they were smothering me and there was no way I could lay on my stomach because then I was looking more like a ramp.

So I binded them until they shrunk. It sucked and I'm glad it's over.

Now...back to our ingenious plan...

Jenn and I started brainstorming ideas and how it would work.

1) We would need to offer our "services" to willing friends and family (you know, like a momma kitten would nurse a few stray newborn pups).

2) Sign up for a group that provides Surrogate Nursing Mothers (and if there isn't one...create one) of course we wouldn't be able to use the initials for obvious reasons.

3) Start a babysitting company (no one has to know).

Anyway, so far that is all we've come up with on that part of the idea.

The other part is how are we going to get ourselves to start lactating?

I mean, the last time I had a child was almost 8 years ago. I may just as well be powdered up in here.

Wait...there may still be hope. They still feel liquidy. Cool.

So still the problem of how to lactate. Is there a pill?

Then I came across this:


Okay, for those of you who clicked on the link and read it, does that mean I have to call Angel home from work 8 times a day for 20 minutes to come and help me...lactate?

I don't know man...that seems like a lot of work and a lot of commuting.

My SIL was telling us about a woman in another country who was still breastfeeding her (10 yr old?) and that her older daughter was jealous of this one because she still wants the tit.

C'mon now.

There is NO WAY I'm going to snatch my kids and hurl them toward my bosom for feeding. I can't imagine DOM walking around with crusted milk on his upper lip like one of those "Got Milk" ads. (that's what you get for still being here, DOM)


AND THEN...I started to have second thoughts.

I thought about how unsexy it is to walk around with leaky boobs. I'd have a hell of a time trying to wear those dang circular maxi pads for your nipples (yes, they serve the same purpose...absorbtion.....I know, I know....ewww) WHATEVA!

Anyway, I'm not trying to be having to decide between only being able to wear a couple of tops because the others all have nipple stains.


I guess I'm going to have to opt out of this diet plan.

Damn. It started out as such a good idea too.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

I'm in my the post office!

So, my master plan to do nothing today was immediately thwarted by my mother. Thanks Mom!



That's what I least...right now.

Today, I won't be putting up any pictures.

Today, I won't be trying to put any effort into being cute or funny.

Today...I am going to lay in my bed all day (I will have to take a break to pick up Dom from school at noon but that's it).

I already showered.

I already brushed my teeth.

I'm just going to put my pajamas back on and watch EVERYTHING that I have dvr'd.

Now, if only I can tear myself away from this keyboard and start stripping on the way to my room.

I will be back next time with updates or whatever I feel like posting.

Maybe I will tell you about the plan Jenn and I came up with for losing weight. It's a doozie.


But for now...

I'm out.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The weekend was HELLA long!!

Ok. First...

I have tons of pics so this post might be pretty long....Sorry.

I'm already tired of celebrating.

There was a little unnecessary drama because my best friend Jenn was here this weekend and we all know how my sister is about her. (well, maybe you don't but HERE is an idea of what would have happened...again).

It got worked out (almost) but then it was just blowing up and getting out of control.

She was threatening not to come to Dom's party on Saturday but that really got the rest of the family a little upset.

She came. Jenn was here. There was mild tension but we got through the day.


We had Dom's party early Saturday. Unfortunately, none of the friends he invited showed up. That's ok. He had all of his family there. It was great. He got a couple of new shirts and some money.

Here is my sister with my nephew, my mom, my dad, my brother with my niece and Devyn

Here I am with Jenn and my SIL. Lord knows what we were laughing about!!
Here I am with Miah.

And me again with the Birthday Boy!

One thing that kept happening that had us cracking up all night.......people kept getting locked in the bathroom (see, I said "bathroom" instead of "restroom" ACE!!) . I don't know what was going on. You just have to turn the knob to the right after you unlock it but everyone seems to want to turn it to the left. We were kind of cruel about it too. We would wait until people went in and time them to see how long it took them to finally get out. We counted 5 minutes after we heard the first doorknob rattle when someone was trying to get out....hee hee.

Of course, this was AFTER we found out that people were getting stuck in the bathroom.

Then after everyone left my brother decided to play a joke of his own on his wife.

The kids stayed up late. I believe Devyn crashed out on the couch. Dom made it back to his bed. Miah was in hers. Everyone had a good time.


We all got up early to take all of the kids to the beach. They had their easter there. It was sooo much fun. It was a beautiful day. The kids had a wonderful time spending it with all of their cousins.

Dom with his basket. He put the pineapple in there (He and I love the TV series PSYCH).

My nephew, Aiden.

The girls!!

My niece!

All of the kids with their baskets!

The kids still didn't have school so we all just chilled at home. It was a busy weekend and we were all pooped.
Then we find out it was my husband's grandfather's birthday so we went to my uncle's house to have a little celebration there too.

Devyn had a game again and this time he hit a home-run and brought in two other runners. My brother didn't get to see this game but it was definitely the best one yet. Devyn is getting so much better at these sports. We're loving it. Even at the end of the night, Devyn told me, "I had a great game."

They won the game 16-9
Yeah, he did.

Today, I was supposed to be working but the ONE patient I have today is out of town so I'm off the hook. We are going to celebrate my niece's 2 yr. old birthday AND my brother and SIL's anniversary.

SEE...the partying isn't even over yet!!

Tomorrow and Thursday, my brother and SIL and I will be going to New Braunfels to visit some of our friends from high school AND scope out a potential residence because they will be moving here to Texas in about 4 years.

Devyn has another game on Thursday.

Friday, my brother and SIL will be heading back to New York and life as we know it will be returned to normal (or as normal as it originally was).

I hope everyone had a great Easter!!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


I. need. my. meds.

I'm serious.

I've become so bitchy and moody (part is PMS, part is ADD).

Angel finally told me that I needed to start taking my meds again. I can't settle down and I'm running 100 miles an hour. I notice that I can hardly breathe because I'm constantly moving.

Lucky for is slowing down because my supervising PT is going on vacation for a week and I probably won't be getting any new patients. My caseload will be very LOW.

Good. I need a few days to get myself in order.

I stopped taking my meds because I stopped going to school (which is when I really needed them to help me focus) and when I started working, I needed to be more spontaneous. Or so I thought.

I am becoming one of those people who are very "high strung". I hate it. I don't mean to be.

I have to go back to my ritual naps. They always helped me re-charge and re-focus.
Only thing is...I like my "naps" to be a few hours long.
Lately, I haven't had a few hours to nap so when I DO try to sneak one's only about 20 or so minutes.

Power naps don't work for me. It's a tease and I HATE teases.
We'll see what happens.

Yesterday Devyn had a baseball game.

It was AWESOME!!
Unfortunately, they the last 30 seconds.

We were actually ahead by 2 then they came back (in the last inning) and tied the score. Then the opposing team scored another 2 runs at the very last minute.

Devyn did great with his hitting. He didn't quite make it to 1st base both times that he hit because we still need to work on him not slowing down before he gets to the base.

My brother was there for Wednesday's game and yesterday's game. He was very entertained. Those were some extreme games (well, for pony baseball, anyway).

Devyn is coming a long way with this baseball. Especially a long way from THIS.

My brother says that he can't wait until he starts playing junior pitch baseball. Some of those kids looked like they meant business!!

After the game we took my niece to the park to play and the playground was lined with mulch.

She was wearing crocs and she kept getting mulch in her shoes. It was funny because EVERY TIME she would stop what she was doing and run to my brother saying "shoe...shoe...shoe" and he would try to send her to someone else to help her but she insisted that he fix it.

Daddy's Girl!!

Devyn was a little upset because he wanted to push the stroller that carried my infant niece. He's in love with all children. He's such a sweetheart. He loves to give them attention.

My older niece wanted him to run so she could chase him.

He didn't want to so Dom said that he needed an...

I had forgotten what we were talking about when I took this picture so I had to go wake up Dom this morning so he can remind me.

Well, we may have a busy day ahead of us if everything goes according to plan. I also hate when plans change....ughh.

We will be having Dom and my niece's birthday party this Saturday. I will take pics and let you know how it went!

This weekend...

Sooo...Dom's birthday came and went.
This is what he looked like on Sunday.
He got to stay up as late as he wanted to on Saturday. We had gone to Angel's Uncle's house and he was there hanging out with his cousin Brandy for most of the night.
He slept most of Sunday.

He had been asking me to dye his hair purple for a long time. We went to Hot Topic and let him buy some stuff. (My mom gave him $50 for his birthday).
Now, notice that we didn't use a bleaching kit before we did the dye. That's because me (dear old Mommy dearest) wouldn't let him do that just yet.
I was talking to the guy who was selling the stuff at Hot Topic and he said that if we put it on black hair before bleaching it that it would have a hint of purple.


That's all I wanted anyway. I didn't want (and am not ready) to have Dom running around looking like Barney! It's just too bright for me if we use the bleaching kit.
I like it this way.
In the house, his hair looks black.
Outside, his hair has a tint of purple.

Check it out:

It's vague...but it's there.
We had just finished rinsing it out and we ended up dying the concrete patio furniture and floor purple.
This is the jacket he bought at Hot Topic. I told him that Jared might like something like that.

Angel was telling him that he needs to change his shoes because he is still wearing his skater tennis shoes and he now needs some boots........
....and skinny jeans.

Trust me....not my idea.
BUT...he still has to EARN them!
Miah also found something she wanted at Hot Topic.
Pink mesh gloves.
Looks like she's following in her brother's footsteps.
The only person NOT going the punk route is Devyn.
He's doing great in baseball.
He is hitting the ball and running the bases.
Yesterday was their first game. They finally got their uniforms.
Their team is the Astros.
They are so cute.
Here's Devyn after his team got their 3rd strike and they were switching sides. He was just getting ready to go up to bat.

This is him after he ran in and made a run.
He's sooo cool.
They won their first game 7-1.
He has a couple more games this week.
Tomorrow my brother comes to visit.
Are we ready?
Pretty much. I already am seeing some of my patients that I would normally see on Thursday and Friday. I will only have about 1 or 2 patients on those day when they come. (Recently, I have only had about 1 or 2 patients a day).
Anyway..time to get the kids off to school!!