Sunday, November 28, 2010

Happy Birthday Miah!!

So, I know I promised Miah's birthday post and I know her birthday was earlier this month but I didn't lie....I delayed.

Here it is.

My baby girl turned 11 on the 5th of this month and she wanted a (nother) slumber party. Who am I to turn down a birthday wish? We did it last year, why not do it again?

This time, we invited the whole volleyball team. There are 19 girls on the teams (thank goodness not all of them showed up).

Before the party, I was able to get a picture of Miah with her two brothers. Aren't they sweet?

The next few pics are basically the set-up of the table and goodies. Since Miah wanted a Halloween themed party, it was pretty easy to get most of the stuff 50% off.

Devyn made himself part of the party throughout the whole night. He was singing on the microphone while the girls played rock band.

The girls were all over the place. I'm not sure if you can see but there is another big screen TV past all of the girl's heads where they can play the Wii and there is a large TV in front of them to play the regular Xbox and the Playstation 2.
This Big screen TV had the Xbox 360 and the kinect. The girls danced ALLLL NIGHT! It was a never ending Lady Gaga song night too...
I passed out before the girls did and sometime around 5 am I got up to check on them and this is how they were laid out...

Yes, that is Devyn passed out with the girls.
The next morning one of the girls mentioned that they still had the gingerbread Halloween houses that weren't!!!!
Good thing there were 3 of the houses!!
Yeah, I know, just like last year where they had cake and ice cream for breakfast. What can I say?....

Unfortunately, a few of the girls weren't able to stay the night so their parent picked them up around 10 pm. OF COURSE, that didn't stop them from talking their parents into BRINGING THEM BACK the next morning cause that is exactly what happened. There they were, at the door, ready to dance some more. Devyn was not embarrassed to be performing in front of the girls at all. He wanted to be the center of attention even though it was Miah's party. Guess we're gonna have to have a sleep-over for his party...

As a bonus, I've put an embarrassing video of me dancing to the Kinect. If you listen closely, you will hear the comments that my volleyball girls say. They were cracking me up.

All in all...I would say it was a great birthday for Miah.


Friday, November 5, 2010


I know I promised a Halloween post...and it's coming...promise...(again).

Right now, I've been dead tired. I know I can't blame it on work because we all know that my work really isn't the issue. I'm tired of running around...all day, I'm tired of being on my feet...all day, and I would really like to just stay in bed and sleep....(yes, say it with me folks, all together now....)"ALL DAY".

But we know that isn't going to happen. I am able to get small cat naps here and there. I have to set my alarm to wake me up so that I don't miss the next what's next on my agenda. Which is usually coaching, picking up the kids, buying stuff (yes, unnecessary stuff) and just making sure the kids have what they need.

I just recently (yesterday) went and purchased the Xbox 360 Kinect. I don't usually buy game consoles. I let my brother Bobby give them to me cause he has an abundance (and cause he loves me...). But something told me he wasn't going to be sending one my way any time soon.

Anyway, I went to Best Buy, bought it, brought it home and stuck it in the closet.

Why the closet?

Cause I don't like to be bothered hooking anything up.

I usually let Dominique take care of all the installations.

Come to find out, it was super easy.

Hell yeah, it was super easy...cause Dom did it!

I watched the kids play and I was intrigued. They were laughing and moving and jumping around playing the game. Looked like a lot of fun.

I'll wait until the kids aren't around before I try it out.

Sure enough, today while the kids were in school and my mom was here at the house, I tried it.

Let me tell you, that game is the S-H-I-T!

I played 2 levels on just one of the games on there and I was tired and out of breath. This knocks the Wii fit and all the other games on it OUT OF THE PARK!

My legs were flying, knees bending, arms swinging all over the place, squating, jumping, turning, tired and finally...out of breath (nope, not talking about sex here).

I know this video doesn't do much justice but it's an example of how easy the game really is.

This is my mom.

She's playing the game for the very first time. She didn't realize I was behind her with the camera.

Check it out:

Yeah, she was right. I stopped filming and ran straight to my laptop and uploaded it for all the world to see.

It's honestly a good workout. I highly recommend it. I'm gonna be in shape in no time. Of course, I'll be doing this in private while the kids are at school cause Devyn mentioned how uncoordinated I was in my "old age".

Whatev....I'm about to have some BUNS OF STEEL!! (I'd settle for some less droopy boobs but I don't think this game performs miracles).

Miah had her 11th Birthday today so you know what's coming!


I'm gonna put all that together with the Halloween post because she wants her party to be "Halloween Themed" Hey, better for me. I can keep my decorations up longer (mainly cause I'm too lazy to take them down).

She's also going to have a slumber party. This year I think there will be more girls since we invited all of the Volleyball team to sleep over (where the heck am I going to put all these bodies?).

Anyway, that's something to look forward to.

Right now, I need to take my ass to sleep. I have 3 (count them...THREE) games in the morning and then the party in the evening, Gonna be a loooooong weekend.

I can almost guarantee that this is what I will look like by the time I publish this post:

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wondering what got me started coaching Volleyball?

Let me lay it out for you...

One day Miah came to me with a permission slip for Vball. She said she wanted to play. I have been actively been trying to keep my kids busy throughout the year with athletics in order to keep them in shape and to prevent them from getting bored/lazy (like me).

I've always encouraged my kids to try any and everything that catches their interest. My philosophy won't know if you like it or are even good at it unless you try.
So, they try...and I pay for each and every registration that comes across my lap.

Right now, Devyn is playing flag football (which he wanted to combine with soccer but the time frames would have overlapped) and Miah is playing Volleyball.

I went to the Boys and Girls Club to register Miah and the staff informed me that they were looking for parent volunteers to coach the girls for Miah's school. Come to find out, the surrounding schools are getting a head start on athletics and they aren't waiting until middle school. Elementary school is where it's at.

I was a little wide eyed and taken back but I asked Miah if she really wanted to play. She said, "YES" so I let them know that if the school gets enough members to make a team, I would be happy to coach.

No, I don't play volleyball on a daily basis (or even a yearly basis).
Last time I remember playing was round 7th or 8th grade.
Ehhh...what is there to teach? Just fundamentals, right?
No big deal...

I waited a week, almost two to find out if there were enough students.
Finally, I'm told that practice for my "team" would be taking place the following day at the school. I would meet up with the school P.E. coach (who would become my assistant coach) and we would get started.

I was happy to find out that we had a team.
Total girls on my team...19 girls.
They had to divide my girls into 2 teams., I have double the responsibility.

Practice has been good. Only took me about 3 weeks to learn every one's names. (gulp)
I think I'm more excited during the games than the girls are.

I'm the type of parent who will do anything for their kids. I think I'm liking this coaching thing...


We started decorating our house about a week ago for HALLOWEEN!!!
Ya'll know how I love my holidays!
My mom used to always decorate and I wanted to pass that memory on to my kids.

Here's what the house looks like so far. I still need to get my dang pumpkin carved ( I mean, I still need to purchase that damn pumpkin).

Here are some graves that I haven't finished. I haven't put up the tombstones yet because it's been windy and they get knocked down.

Dom usually helps me put up the decor.

This year, instead of putting the spider on the ground, I secured it on the side of the house like it was crawling. Its electric so the legs move.

Here we have most of the decor put up. Once we finish it all, I will post more pics.

Last, but not least, on Tuesday Devyn ran track for his elementary school. He was 1 of 4 people in the 400 meter relay. He's the first leg. Here's the video. He's counting down the days till May when they do the cross-country race. My boy loves to run.

That's it for now. I'll be back after Halloween!!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Happy Birthday

It's also my awesome husband's birthday!! Happy Birthday! I Love you with all my heart and I wish we could spend this day together.

Now, with that being said...
I'm not going to go into how old I am. That's just not lady-like (or some shit like that).

So, what do I want to post about on my birthday?

Do I want to do picture post like I do with the kids?

Ehh...not really.

I had mentioned to my brother some time back about some stories that Miah had written.
I decided to get off of my lazy ass, post them and get them stored away before something happens to them.

Here's the deal, Miah doesn't like to be in the spotlight. She pretty much keeps to herself. She's kind of quiet (unless she's in a funny mood).
So when I went to her class during open house and saw stories she had written, on the wall, I was amazed at how her personality is on paper.

These are a couple of stories she has written that included my brother Bobby. It's the same story but a variation of each other. I guess she was trying to get it right. I don't know which was written first so they are just up in the order I found them.

Here's Story #1

Here's Story #2

See what I mean?
I asked her to write me stories so that I can put them up here and you know what she tells me?
"I don't like to write."
I had to stand there for a minute with my mouth open just looking at her in disbelief.
I said, "What? What do you mean? Have you read your stories?"
I managed to work it out with her teacher so that she will save all the stories for me. I'm gonna post some more in the future.
For now, you guys have a good one, I'm gonna go and enjoy my piece and quiet on my birthday.
....until I have to go to work.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Here we go...again...

Hey Everyone...
I think I heard an echo.
.I definitely hear crickets.

I knew it, there isn't anyone here.
That's alright. It's my fault. I haven't been here in a long time anyway.
I'm still going to post an update anyway.

So...this is ME!
It's been awhile but I pretty much look the same!

The kids are getting much bigger and we have been super busy with sports. Devyn is currently playing flag football for his elementary school. All of the surrounding elementary schools have started getting the kids involved in sports at an earlier age.

Here's Devyn. He's pretty awesome!

My baby girl Miah!

Now, I know you never really expected to see Dom looking like THIS!
Especially with all the past posts with his PURPLE HAIR and his BLACK JACKET but check him out!

I've been keeping myself busy staying active in my kid's lives. Here I am, just call me Coach Hernandez. I now work until 2 or 2:30 each day and coach 3-5th grade girls volleyball for Miah's school. This picture only has a few of the girl on the team but now I currently have 19 girls and the school decided to make 2 teams for me.

We're at one of the scrimmage games.

This past weekend my girls had were in a tournament. We started at 11 am. We won that game and continued to win the next 5 or 6 games in a row (I lost count) and were finally defeated at the end giving us 2nd place overall in the tourney. We didn't finish until 7 PM and the girls were WORN OUT!
It was one of the best days....ever!

Here is a part of a video of one of the games. My team is on the opposite side of the net and Miah is the one serving.

ANYHOO...there's an update on our "activities".

I'm about to go outside and start putting up my halloween decorations.


I'm all about the free candy.

No one really knows that it's the reason I have 3 kids. I needed to increase my army of "candy getters" and attack their bags as soon as they get home and pour all the candy out on my bed.

I roll in it sometimes....

...just kidding.....

...well, maybe just a couple of rolls.

I'll be back, let me know what's going on with you guys!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Nothing I hate worse than...

Getting ready to prop my happy ass down on the toilet seat and it's...


Trust me.

Women, you know what I'm talking about, right?!

When you are in a mad rush to use the restroom and you are already unbuttoning and unzipping your pants during the mad sprint to the restroom in order to make it to the toilet in adequate time to aim the pee in the toilet and then, to your surprise... almost fall in.

That feeling of you almost falling in and that unbalanced dance that we do before our asses touch the water cold ass water that sends shivers up (and down) our spine. That crazy kick-your-legs in the air toilet dance that we do.

C' know what I mean..

Well, maybe not you, me.

I almost fell in.

Trust me, it's worse when you've been drinking, Dammit!!

I'm out-numbered.

I'm living in a household of 3 men and 2 women (so to speak).
This means that I can fully rely on one (1) person to actually keep the toilet lid down. Miah.
Other than that, me (and my Miah) are on our own.

We have to join forces and set up reminder arguments to tell the "boys" of the house that they need to put the toilet seat down.

We have to join forces, people.
(and by "people" I mean, "women").

Stop letting our asses touch that nasty ass water!

This has been a Public Service Announcement from "Your's Truly".

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Two more days people, then we are O-U-T!
Angel was able to get tomorrow and Friday off to tie off any loose ends before we hit the road.

We are almost all packed with the goodies to keep the kids quiet and us happy.
(by "goodies" I mean tranquilizers)....ok, so I'm just kidding., maybe I'm not...

But I might just pack some turkey sandwiches and make that all we have to eat during the journey. You know, sleepy-time foods. I don't really have any trouble with the kids riding and getting along. I just wish that they would be more like me. You know...just sleep. No need to be called upon to go to sleep, just do it naturally.

Devyn wants to be running and jumping and riding all the time.

Miah pretty much keeps to herself.

Dom wants to be watching TV with me all of the time (when he knows it's nap-time)..geez.

This Friday is the kid's 3rd track meet. As always, I'm excited and can't wait for my kids to do their stuff.

This post's focus is on Devyn...

Here is Devyn putting on his spikes getting ready to head over to the high jump mat.

Here he is again with his friend Bernie. They compete against each other during practice. It's so cool to watch them push to do better. They encourage each other without even realizing it.

(Devyn is on the right)

Here is a video of the boys jumping:

I know you can't tell that there is a video there but there is. Just click on the "play" triangle for those who are unsure of how to maneuver through this.

The boys cleared 3'6" at their last 2 meets. This time the bar was raised to 3'8" and they cleared it. Then...raised to 3'10" and they were struggling to get past it.


If you are like me....

You are curious about the people who are working so closely with you kids. SO...I did my research.

The coach in the videos is none other than....WILL LITTLETON (<---Click there)

Here is a video of him doing his THANG!

Yeah, I have to admit that it's pretty much an honor and a privilege to have this man and his status teaching my son everything he know.

Unfortunately, he won't be able to be at this week's meet because he will be competing in a meet of his own.


When I get to NY, I will post the results of the high jump as well as Miah's shot put results. The next post will be about her!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Go Kids Go!!


We've been busy guys.

Yeah, I know, you guys have been busy too but we are going to continue to be busy at least until we get to NY. (Unless my brother tries to put us to work).

So, here's what's going on with the kids...


The kids had a meet this Friday in Alamo.

Well, here we just have the field portion. My kids don't like to run, except for Devyn. He'll run ALL day. Then, he'll run to his bed. Crazy.

Devyn is usually a High Jumper but he wanted to also do the shot put. He didn't get to compete in Friday's shot put because he was already in place to start the high jump.

We'll get back to shot put for him later...

Let's focus on his favorite event...

High Jump.

His coach was impressed right from the start.

Okay, So...I'm biased...whatev...

Here's video of Devyn during this Friday's meet.

He got 1st place in High Jump

Last week, he came in 4th.


Miah has proven to be the SH!T in shot put. Yes, Devyn will brag that he came in and beat her mark but he's a boy...

Miah came in 2nd in last week's meet. She was beaten buy a girl who has been at this for a year. Last week was her second day EVER touching the shot put.

This week, she came in 2nd again. Beaten by the same girl. She beat her last week's mark by 6 inches. Her arch nemesis actually didn't throw as far as she did last week. I think it's intimidation. That's what we are going with. Miah's gonna come back and get her.
Just watch..


Dom, my newly interested in sports athlete (I honestly think he's there because of the girls but we'll see) has been doing his best in pole vault. He hasn't cleared the qualifying height of 6 ft yet. He's says he's not scared to go high but....

He looks very professional holding the equipment. I'm gonna have to push him farther. He's older so he's lazier. He keeps thinking of excuses why he can't run in leg hurts...I don't feel well...blah blah blah...

I've used them before when I was in track. I know how effective they are..

But they don't work with me.

We're gonna get him up there to pass that 6 ft mark. Hopefully before we leave for NY. I'm still proud of him for coming out at every practice (not that he has a choice) and making the most of it.



All of my kids make me proud. I'm anxious to see how their lives will unfold!

Six days from now we will be on the road to NY.

Six days from now is also Devyn's birthday. He will be 9. He's getting big. I'm not sure if he will let me swaddle him anymore.

I'm gonna try my best though.

Monday, June 7, 2010

If you ever need a pinata...***UPDATE***

I was driving along today and something caught my eye!


BUT....if you just want a laugh...

Continue on...


Ok, don't say I didn't warn you!

I had to hit the brakes and back up alllll the way cause I had only caught a glimpse of what this was. YOU KNOW I had to take a pic.

So I did....

That's right.
You see what they are.
Stripper pinatas.

As I ventured further...there were more. For a minute there, I felt surrounded and I thought someone was gonna throw on some music or that they would come to life.....creepy.

They even have men strippers.
Check out the buns on this one!

They have one almost dressed for those who are shy about walking through the lobby for the bachelor (or bachelorette) party. You as not to arouse suspicion.

I don't exactly know how to explain the butts on these things. I guess to hold more...candy?

I met the creator. Not quite sure what to think about what was going through his head when he decided to mold these but may need to advertise a little bit more.

Or...I could do it for him.

If (for any reason) you feel like you just HAVE to have one (or a couple) of these masterpieces..let me know. I'll put in an order for you.

Since I've posted about the pinatas, one of my friends pointed out that they saw a story about the ON THE LOCAL NEWS last night. I posted the days before.
Seems like they are attracting a lot of attention!