Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Poor Kitty!

Recently, something has happened to my Miah's kitty... Tattoo.

Saturday I had to take him to the vet (this is AFTER hunting down the vet for hours). I was freaking out because the cat's eye was watering and clear liquid was leaking from his nose. I looked it up on the Internet and there were comments that pointed to "allergies". I let it go for now because we went to Devyn's B-day party at Peter Piper Pizza.

(I will tell you a little story about that later in this post)

After the party, we came home and I checked on Tattoo and this is what I saw:

He was lethargic. I could hardly get him to move. I would pick him up and get him to stand but he would just drop where ever he was. His nose just kept dripping blood. I told Angel I was taking him to the vet and that I needed him to go with me.

The vet looked at him and said he suffered some kind of massive head trauma. His brain was swelling and it was causing the fluid to be squeezed out of his nose, mouth and eyes. He gave him a couple of shots to help reduce the swelling and I guess help with any pain he was in. He said he has a 50/50 chance. I needed to take him home and make him comfortable.


First the puppy and now this.

I don't think I can handle this.

It was Saturday so I was happy to stay at home in my room with the cat.
Poor thing had so much blood coming out of his nose that it finally dried and crusted up inside so the cat had to sleep with his mouth open.

He snores.

He's doing better. This picture is what he looks like all day long for the next few days. I took him back to the vet yesterday and the vet says he is doing much better because now he is aware of his surroundings. Last time, he had a concussion and was disoriented.

He gave him another shot and sent us home. He said he will be like this and getting better for the next 48 hours.

At least he's drinking water and this morning he ate a few bites of food. He won't eat because all he smells is blood.

Doc says, he should be ok.

I wonder what Bastard did this to my cat!


Devyn's birthday party was pretty fun. His cousins got to spend the weekend with him.

All Devyn came and asked me for his birthday was a little pool. I went right out and got it for him. I had a hell of a time blowing that thing up because I didn't have a pump and I didn't know how to turn the shop-vac into a blower. I couldn't find the instruction manual so I had to look it up online.

We ordered the party pack for Devyn's party which consisted of everything we needed ...even tokens. The kids got there, ate played I handed out tokens left and right. Devyn opened his presents and he got $20 in birthday money. He held out his wallet for me to put the money in and I did. I was so glad my son liked to walk around with money in his wallet in his pocket.

I still had half a cup of tokens left so any kid that was around got more tokens. I handed like 5 of them to Devyn and he said, "Um, no thank you, I already have some." And with that, he patted this BIG wad of tokens in his front pocket so that it made this jingling noise.

I was like a big kid when I saw that! I was like, "WOW, Where'd you get that from?" My mouth and eyes were wide open and I was in awe. I thought someone had given him more tokens. Then he said, "My money."

That's when my eyes drooped and my jaw dropped. I was like, "WHAT? YOU USED ALL OF YOUR 20 BUCK ON TOKENS?!?"

He said, "Umm hmmm."

I went to Angel to tell him that and Angel said he saw Devyn at a corner table divvying up a huge pile of tokens amongst his friends. He just didn't know it was from his birthday money.

Not much we could do about it after that. I came home and Angel stayed with the kids so that they could all play the games. Angel was having a ball on Devyn's birthday token money.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Another Devyn Post

In honor of Devyn's birthday, I thought I'd tell you one of my favorite Devyn stories.

For those of you who know Devyn, you know he talks with a LISP.
My brother and I used to have a lisp when we were children but we took a few lessons in our younger years and it was least, mine was.......


I was still attending college at the time and I had summer SPEECH classes. Devyn and Miah were curious about what my class was about. I tried to explain it to them as best as I could and it must have come off sounding like you needed help speaking.

This was also the time I was into making homemade sushi for the family and myself. The kids love it. They were always asking me to make it for them.
Well, one day, Miah came to me asking me if I was going to make some....SHUSHI.

I tried to correct her and tell her that it's pronounced...SU-shi. She tried and tried a few times but it still came out SHU-shi.

That's when Devyn came around the corner laughing at her and telling her, "THUTHI Miah?!
It'th not called thuthi! ....IT'S STHUUUSTHIIII! You can't even thay it right! You need Thpeech!"

We all busted out laughing at how Devyn was the one to dictate who needed speech.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009



My baby boy had just turned 8!
What am I going to do? My kids are all growing up!!
Who am I going to swaddle, NOW?

So you guys all know what happens on Birthdays!!
Please, please....contain your excitement!
I have it all set up for you!

Let's start....shall we?

I couldn't find any tiny baby pictures (and believe me, I looked) so I got the next best thing.

Baby in a costume...

Devyn was a DUCK for his first Halloween. We figured it was easier to throw a costume on him and just push him in the stroller.
I gotta tell you, he was the coolest and quietest duck I'd ever had.

We took him to the park after he turned 1 yr.
Yes, as you can see, he IS a lot lighter in skin color than the rest of us.
I was often mistaken as "the nanny" when I would take them with me places.

And like true babies do...they stick everything in their mouths.
This was also the age where he would take off his pamper in the middle of the night sending his little caca balls bouncing to the floor. Me, being the light sleeper would hear the velcro tabs being pulled off and would dash out of bed to catch him before it was too late....but I was always too late. By the time I'd get there, he's already bouncing in his crib naked and smiling while I tried to avoid the landmines he has just planted.

He has so much hair. It was beautiful and curly and light brown. He was the only one in the family who had that hair color. All of us have jet black hair.

My father in law would tease Devyn and tell him he looked like Lyle Lovett. This was after his first hair cut. He still had that curly hair.

His smile would light up my day. His cheeks were so puffy and he was always a sweetheart.

He still looks at me like this everyday before he gives me a hug or a kiss.

This picture was taken at his head start. He loved it so much and he was very smart. I'm lucky to have kids who NEVER fight to stay home from school. As soon as I wake them up, they are ready to go. Devyn usually has to be dragged out of the bed but once he's up, he's no problem.

Devyn was 6 yrs old in this picture. He looks so much older in this view. Thank goodness his skin color caught up with the rest of us so people could stop staring!

This was around the time that he HATED having any kind of long hair. He always wanted a haircut. So we played around with his hair before we cut it.

Here he's with the neighbor kid (Devyn's the one in the blue hat with his eyes closed throwing the "peace" sign) I don't know when he started doing that but I DO know that this is the first one that I actually captured. Then Devyn was on a spree of "peace"

His latest school pictures. He never felt self conscious about smiling in front of the camera...with or WITHOUT teeth!

Devyn TODAY with his momma, On his birthday.


We have a party planned for him this weekend so maybe I will let you in on some pics from there.


Tuesday, June 23, 2009


I would like to come home everyday and have something to write in here but by the time I get home...I'm exhausted!

Running up to people's houses and trying to get them motivated to work out after I've been in and out of the car 20+ times each day sure takes a toll on me.
But still, I get out of my car with my belt and my weights and my bike and we get to work. I also use a lot of energy just getting people MOTIVATED to do some of the exercises when they think their arms or legs feel like a ton.
Weak muscles will do that to you.

Sometimes I have to drag people from their beds and help them transfer from it to their wheel chair. Most times more than 3 times a day.

Which in turn, leaves me wiped out at the end of the day.

I didn't really have much to blog about today...

So..since I am here, I wanted to (re) intruduce a few family bloggers who had stepped away from blogging for awhile.

And....have graced us with their presence....again.

First is my cousin CYN over at THE QUEEN OF RANDOM.
This girlie has come to Corpus with me and given me a hand with the kids while I worked during the summer. She's AWESOME! I love her.
She's got her hands full taking care of family and I know it must really be taking a toll on her but she should know...I am here to help.

Then we have my SIL in NY at Vivrant-Thing.
This girl is a mirror image of me.
I can see why my brother loves her and married her....although...not in a perverted "I want to marry a girl EXACTLY like my sister" kind of way.

That would just be weird!

BUT, it's still pretty eerie how my brother found my fraternal twin.
Ummm hmmm.

I'm on to you, bro.

So...Just to give you guys a "heads up". Devyn will be turning 8 in 2 days and I of course will have one of my picture blogs for your viewing pleasure.


You know you love it. Who am I to deprive anyone of happiness?

See ya in a couple of days.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Princess and the Pea...

Are any of you familiar with the fairy tale?

The Princess and the Pea?

That's who I am.

I'm the Princess (in some odd twisted way) and I have a crap load of "peas in my bed" keeping me from sleeping soundly.

We got a new PT at work and now I have more work but he also chose to pick up some of the caseload.

My 1 yr is coming up and he is worried about me leaving the company for a better paying job and leaving him to be stuck there.

My company is working my ass to the bone. I get home EXHAUSTED and I barely have enough energy to eat. Plenty of energy to sleep but I just can't seem to get enough sleep.

Now that the summer is here, I haven't really been pushing the bedtime that the kids usually have. This, is mainly because I happen to pass out prior to their "bedtime" and I end up waking up wondering if the kids are still awake. This happens around midnight some nights. Then I have to usher them to bed so that I can try to sleep peacefully the rest of the night.

Doesn't happen either.

Angel has to wake up early and be at work by 5 or 5:30 so....he has his alarm set for 3:11 AM.

Why 3:11?

Cause the man is a little strange.
Other nights he would have it set for 4:52 or some odd time.


Since my parents are back and the kids wanted to stay Friday night with them, they took them all. I figured this was the chance I get to spend some "quality" time with Angel and just chill.

We had it all planned out.

We were going to eat dinner and watch Elite XC (<-- Ok so I didn't get to plan the night).

We had leftover steak and I made beanie wienies. We filled up. Actually, I filled up. I pigged out and my body shut me down (again). It wasn't the type of shut-down where I didn't wake up until the morning.


I wish I were that lucky. I'd pass out and wake up every 15 or 20 min. I'd glance at the TV and there would be a fight going on. Then I'd shift positions and pass out again. Wake up and different fighters would be on the screen. This went on for 2 hrs.

I had to finish some notes for work so I started them. It was 11 pm. Angel had to work this morning so again....his alarm goes off at some odd hour and he gets up to start getting ready. It's 4-something AM at this time. I had just fallen asleep at 2 because of my crappy "power nap/food coma" episode. I figured I'd get to sleep in because EVERYONE is gone.


Tattoo was with me and for some reason he started meowing really loudly and he nibbled my arm and wouldn't let go, then he made some move like he was going to straddle me...uhhhhh..I got up to put him outside and that was that.

I'm up...doing laundry.


Other examples of why I can't sleep:



Get the picture?

Thursday, June 18, 2009


Seeing as I now have MOM and DAD back home AND my mood is much better...I have a little game for you guys.

It's called:


How do you play?? You ask??

Well, I will show you a picture and you tell me what you think it is...

Simple enough, right?


Let the game begin...

Some of you are familiar with this picture, Some of you...not.

This is a baby picture of my brother. HE claims that my mom says it's "Chocolate".

I told him that I think Mom didn't want people to know she was raising her boy to "sling poo."


I just wanted to bring back some memories...JUST LIKE THESE! (<---click)

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sad Day.

I debated whether I wanted to write this post today.

It's pretty depressing.

If you're in a good mood....go somewhere else.

Yesterday was a sad day for me.

Miah woke me up in the morning at 7 AM to tell me that My dad's tiny dog was in the street in front of the house. Dead.
I jerked up and said, "WHAT?"

And I jumped over Angel, because our bed is pushed up against the wall and I sleep against the wall.

I ran out of the house with no shoes on and into the street. My sister was there in the street standing over the dog telling me to bring her something to pick her up with because she was still alive. . I just stood there for a minute with my mouth open, scared thinking "nooo...nooo."

I looked at her body up close and there was blood coming out of her mouth/nose but nowhere else on the body.
I told her, "I don't think she is."

Then I ran back to the house to grab something. What do I get? A bag? No. A towel? no. no.

I finally got one of those recyclable grocery bags and ran back out of the house. I swooped her up and carried her back to the house and laid her on the table and tried to see if she was breathing. I went and got my stethoscope to try to hear a heartbeat.

Her eyes were open but she wasn't flinching or blinking.

She wasn't moving.

She wasn't breathing.

It wasn't beating.

The first person I thought of was Dad.
"Oh No, Dad. He's going to be so sad."

My parents are still in NY with my Brother and SIL.
I had to call and tell him. I didn't want to call. I didn't want to tell him.

I called.

No answer to the house phone, the cell phone, or SIL's cell phone.

I called again.

Bobby answered the house phone. I told him what happened and he put mom on the phone.

I told her.

She told Dad.

I heard him say in the background, "Okay, the dog kept getting out so we knew it was bound to happen."

Mom said, "Well, she always dug under the fence to get out so that's what happens."

That was about it.

We hung up.

I was still stuck on this end with a poor dead doggie and then I started thinking about the kids.


She's the one who saw her first.
She's the one who told ME about it.

I went to Miah and asked her, "Baby, are you alright?"
She nods yes.

I asked her, "Were you scared."
She nods yes.

I hug her and tell her how sorry I am that she had to see that and she tells me, "It's Okay, I've seen dead things before."

Then I remembered we've had so many dead hamsters and the kids have shed a few tears over them and then they were fine.

I then had to go and tell Dom what happened to the poor doggie. He was asleep. I woke him up and told him and he said, "For real? She was supposed to be inside!"

I told him, "I know, but I let her back outside because I didn't know if she would poop in the house."

Miah and I had just given her a bath the day before because I had planned on letting her be in the house overnight since she was so small. I changed my mind at the last minute and put her back out because the flea bath we gave her wasn't all that effective and she had a tick earlier that we removed.

For this. I felt so guilty.

I felt so responsible.

Here I am, taking care of my parent's dogs. I actually went to their house and brought them over to mine so that no one would worry about the dogs.

I finally went and told Devyn. He was asleep and I told him. He frowned, gave me a hug and went back to sleep.

My dad called me again a little later and let me know that it wasn't my fault...that we all know the dog always got out of the yard...she was always in the was bound to happen..He doesn't blame me at all so there's no need to cry...I love are the kids? Okay, talk to you later...bye.

I cried a little bit and told him, "Yes, sir....yes, sir....okay...yes, sir... I love you too, kids are doing fine, okay...bye."

I had to take my sister back to her house so I put my shoes on and drove her home. As soon as I drove away...I busted out crying.

From then on, I couldn't stop.

All day long. We covered the dog in plastic and I just kept going back and petting her and telling her how sorry I was that I didn't let her sleep in the house.

I finally went to my room, crawled in the bed and cried.

Angel never left the room. He never left the bed. He was snoring so loud but it was good because no one could hear me cry.

Except for Miah.
She came in and climbed on the bed and hugged me.

Finally, I woke up Angel and asked him to please take the dog.

He got up and did as I asked, no questions asked.

When he got back, he was planning on going fishing overnight at the island and the kids were going to stay with me.

He changed his plans and stayed with me and the kids.

I cried all day.

I couldn't stop.

I tried to keep my composure. We were out running errands and I was crying in front of people but smiling to them as we exchanged money for a purchase. I was thankful for my large black skull glasses because they could hide the puffiness of my eyes.

Later in the day, Angel thought I had allergies but I had to tell him, "No, I'm still crying...I don't feel as sad as before but I can't stop."

Throughout the day, the kids hugged me and hugged me and showed me empathy.

When it was night and they were in the bed, I went to each of their rooms and thanked them for all of their compassion. I got another hug from each of them.

My children are the best.

My husband is the best.

He actually wrestled with the fact that he wanted to go on that overnight fishing trip but then he saw how I was and decided to stay home and be with me. I needed him and he was there.

He actually helped me rearrange my room last night.

I guess he figured he couldn't say no.

I'm feeling a little bit better as time goes on. I still cry a little bit today but that's what we go through when something happens.

I loved that little dog.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

A weight lifted.

I had a very stressful morning.

Today was the day Dom and I had to go to a MANDATORY Advisment Session this morning at 9 am at the school I am trying to sell my soul to get Dom into.


Now, if you refer back to THIS POST you will know about what our dilema was concerning this school.

I know that since Dom didn't complete 3 of his language arts packets prior to school ending that he wouldn't be considered a 9th grader.
School is out.
He won't be able to complete those packets until the beginning of the school year. Once he does, he will automatically (<--I'm hoping) be promoted to the 9th grade.

The thing is...I took Dom's TAKS scores along with his report card...along with Dominique to this advisement session.

It was further from my home than I was expecting so I had to refer to my GPS from my phone. I logged in the address and it showed me the destination and mapped out the route and tracked me ALLLLL the way.

We ended up at an intersection with flat acres of land all around me. I was starting to panic. There wasn't a complete building in site. Just run-down shacks.
This ain't right. We were almost running late. I hate being late!

I turned around and asked a couple of men who worked for the city where it was and it turns was right as we exited the highway, off to the right....THIS HUGE SCHOOL...that I couldn't see because I was too busy looking down at my phone following directions.

Anyway, we get there, park, grab our info and go in.
The whole time we were on our way, I kept thinking, "They won't accept him because he's not technically a 9th grader when the 1st day of school starts".
I'm shitting bricks over here because I'm really frustrated that Dom slacked off and isn't aware of the possibility he may have lost.

So...I approach one lady and explain briefly what the situation is and she cuts me off and says, "Is he in 9th grade? Does he have paperwork stating that he was promoted to the 9th grade?"

I say, "Well, we are waiting to see what the paperwork says when it comes in the mail......." (<---LIE! I really know what's going on.) Then she bluntly says, "If he isn't in the 9th grade when school starts then he isn't eligible for enrollment here. He will NOT be able to attend this school."

Then she just kind of...walks away.


I went and sat in one of the chairs they had set up for this session and tried to hold back my tears. Dom was asking/telling me to "calm down" because I was just getting upset thinking...what am I going to do now?
I don't know why, but we stayed through their little presentation and when everyone got up to go and take the tour of the school, we stayed behind and spoke with someone else.

A different lady.
Her nose wasn't so high in the air.

Again, I tried to explain the situation and was actually given the chance to explain fully that all Dom needs is a few days to complete and test over the packets to be classified as a 9th grader. They did have mid term enrollment that he was eligible for and that starts in Jan. but when she heard that he just needed a few days...She said that he could have the first 5 days to complete those packet (at the other school) test on them and receive his promotion info and then just pick up here (along with any make-up work) at MedTech.

I started crying right there.
I couldn't help it. I have been soooooo stressed about this whole thing and being rejected was really too much but to be told..."We'll work with you" was EXACTLY what I was hoping for. I was thanking and wiping tears because I can't stand to have my kids not be able to take advantage of every opportunity there is. They don't know how to look for it so I will show them. Never stop knocking.

We caught up with the people from the tour (we had our own tour guide until we caught up with the herd). We bought the books that are required summer reading. The list consists of:
1. The Hot Zone by Richard Preston
2. Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck
3. A Separate Peace by John Knowles

He also has a 150 vocabulary list that he has to know BEFORE the first day of school because he will be tested on it.
And he has to watch "I Am Legend". He will be tested on that too.

We went to the library and bought all of those books and I was so happy. I was probably more excited than he was.

He will be spending 4 days in July at this school learning about the school and doing activities and completing the second part of he enrollment. This is also Mandatory but I don't have to go this time.

I'm so happy.

I go out of my way as a parent to make sure that doors aren't closed unnecessarily. I like to make sure we've covered and explored every option.

I am going to call the Principal of his current school to make sure that it WILL be possible for him to complete those packets in the first week without complication.

I've been extremely stressed about making sure my kids have everything they need.
Don't make Momma mad, people.

Now, Dom needs to understand that I won't be doing this anymore. If he chooses to misbehave or not complete his work in this school after all of my efforts to provide opportunites for growth and knowledge, then he must understand that I will probably have no choice but to enroll him in a Military Academy.

I'm not even fucking around, people.

I'm feeling a litte bit better now.
This means that I will be able to work worry free because I won't have to pick him up from school at 2pm every Mon-Thurs and 12:30 on Fridays.
This means that he will be occupied from the hours of 7am to 5pm everyday.

Not to mention he will be getting a very good medical jump-start on college and careers.


This calls for a Chelada!!!

*If you are curious about what MedTech is....GO HERE.

Monday, June 8, 2009

I Love Family.

Earlier today, my BIL called and asked if he could borrow our electric screwdriver/drill to repair something. I told him sure and let him know that Dom was at the house by himself but that Miah and Devyn were at the Boys and Girls club until 5.

I called Dom to give him a head's up and continued on with work.

I got home around 4 PM and my MIL called to let me know she was picking up Miah and Devyn from the Club. I remember mentioning to Miah this morning about her room being a mess and her clean clothes were all over the floor. The clean clothes that I just handed her to fold and put away (I don't fold the kid's clothes anymore, they have to do it). I also reminded her that she was going to have to clean the whole room when she gets home.

Shortly after she arrived home, she started playing the video game.

I called out to her, "Miah, don't you have something to do in your room?"

She replied, "Sadie already did it."

Wait a minute... Now, I had totally forgotten about my BIL and the kids coming by and the whole screwdriver/drill bit and I started thinking, OH MY GOODNESS, there's probably MORE of a mess.

I went to Miah's room prepared for Armageddon and this is what I saw:

It's as if a Bandit broke in and stole the mess...

And left a note...
She even folded the clothes and put them away for Miah.

I thought that was the sweetest thing EVER!

Miah, being the sweetie that she is too, wrote a reply...

These girls are just the best cousins in the world. I hope that their relationship will continue to grow and they continue to be considerate of each other.

Miah and Sadie.

I love you girls!

I'm going to ask my sister if I can have my niece and nephew for the whole weekend.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Angel had me screaming and moaning the other night!



I knew that would bring you in here.

Nosey asses!

Naw...for real though.

I was sitting outside the other night while Angel was Q'n some pork chops and sausage. That was the same night as the lightning storm and all that heavy rain in some parts of Texas. We only got some sprinkles so he kept Q'n.

This shouldn't come as a surprise to some people who know Angel. He's Q'd during a hail storm before.

The man is relentless!

I was covering myself with a towel because it was just sprinkling. Angel casually leaned over and picked something off the towel just under my chin.

I told myself, "don't ask, just ignore and keep talking."

So I did. I ignored.

I could see out of the corner of my eyes....this fluttering....

"Don't look! You know you shouldn't look! Just keep talking!"

So I keep talking.

Blah Blah Blah.....I'm sitting in my chair talking to Angel and his eyes looked downward, toward the space under my chair.

I knew I would regret looking down to see what he was staring at.

*cringing* "DON'T LOOK!! C'MON, YOU KNOW BETTER!!!"

My stupid ass looked.

I saw them and screamed.


You know, one of those blood curdling scary movie screams, where the white girl gets slaughtered cause she keeps looking back. (What?!?!...she does!)

Now, Angel, he just laughs at me cause he knows I always scream.

Yet, he always asks in his chuckling voice, "Why do you always scream?"

I was screaming because there were June bugs under my chair.

They were upside down wiggling their feet at me.


I hate June bugs!!

Little brown bugs that fly around blindly bumping into things. Mostly......ME!

They always manage to aim right for my neck. The back of my neck. Kamikaze style.

Then there are those with slightly more flight skills that manage to hit my cheeks and my forehead when I'm not looking.

It just totally grosses me out.

They come at me looking just like that. They just bounce around waiting on me to send someone to stomp on them in order to save my life.
Another creature that is out to get me......

Nasty fuckers start coming out from all over when it's about to rain. They seek shelter under MY ROOF. Right in the corners of the rooms so that when you walk into the room they flutter their wings to make you look up at them and they, too, dive at you kamikaze style.

The only thing you can do is swat wildly into the air and try to get away.

They come straight for my neck too.

The roaches weren't out that night but the June bugs were gathering an army right outside my door. I knew that if we opened the door they would fly in and I would be running for my life all night!

I was just gathering the food to take inside and Angel said, "They're right behind you!!!"


More screams and tip-toeing to get away.

I scream during "scary" movies too. It doesn't have to be a super scary movie but if the scene is one that is supposed to make you scream supposed to be especially scary....I actually scream.

I get into the movies. I like to experience them fully.

My kids are used to it and so is Angel (I think).

Now, for those of you who wandered into my blog just because of the title.....welcome pervs!

I hope you come back!!

Monday, June 1, 2009


My SIL.......


Now, I won't go into detail about how old young she is. I will tell you this though, we are cruising on the same bus.

I've added some pictures because it wouldn't be true to tradition not to for the birthday blogs. She's gonna wanna kill me for this but...ehh...what can she do. I'm in Texas and she's waaaaaay over there!

So, for your viewing pleasure:


Here we are at my house. I believe it was Dom's birthday. It was time to munch!! I remember Sherlisa had to keep coming back to her food because she wasn't able to 'just sit and eat'.

Don't worry chica. Once the kids get bigger, they will be able to feed themselves and it will be awesome!

And when I say it was time to munch....I mean it. I think we hit the food as much as we could and especially before anyone else could get there...hee hee. You don't see any frowning faces here by the food.
Here she is with her baby girl and my baby girl. Aren't they all super cute!!

It's Easter! We were at the beach with all of the kids and as much of the family we could get together. It was awesome! We had tarps and chairs and all kinds of shade (cause you know how I get at the beach).

Alright, this picture is evidence for Angel that I wasn't the one who painted his nails black without his permission.

Lisa said, "Yeah, sure Dominique...let me paint those for you, here...sit down right here..."

I like to give credit....where credit is due!

That's all the pictures I have...well, not really have but all that I choose to use......right now. I may be feeling generous tomorrow and decide to extend the tribute!

We'll see.



You know how I keep complaining about Angel never bringing home fish from a regular fishing trip?

Well, guess what!!

We Have FEAST!
He and his cousin Jaime went fishing early yesterday morning and came back with all of this. They caught a few shark and Angel caught that huge fish. They finished fileting the fish and put them in baggies. I was hoping to be eating it last night but they drank too much and were very tired from lounging in the sun on the


Either way, we will be having fish. I can't wait. I need to get to the store to get the cilantro, tomatoes and other ingredients!.....mmmmmmm

Too bad I hurt my friggin ankle (for those of you who follow me on twitter...don't laugh just because you know why/how I hurt it). All I can say is that there is a hole in my backyard and my foot gravitated toward it uncontrollably (while sipping on Cheladas).I'm out of work for the next couple of days. I can barely walk but I know it will be alright come Wednesday to go back to work.

I will just enjoy these couple of days...alcohol free.