Friday, April 25, 2008

My Childhood Story..

Since everyone is telling stories about their childhood and I have plenty even though no one knows childhood was filled with games and laughter...

I have an older brother (by 1 yr) and a younger sister (by 4). My Dad was in the Air Force so we traveled a lot. At this time we were in Spokane Wa. I was in the 4th grade and my dad was overseas in Germany. My mom was taking care of us by herself. Her main priority at that time was clubbing. She was ALWAYS at the club. We were always alone.
We all know that in those days kids were left by themselves a lot and it wasn't a big deal. Well..we were alone at night and had no bedtime so we made up a few games. My poor little sister (who had to have been about 5 yrs old then) was always the object of our "fun".

1st game: Darts!
1) one long hallway
2) 3 doors (1 at the end and 2 across from each other near the end)
3) metal tipped darts
4) bandages

Here's how we played:

You tell the youngest person (who was my sister) to run from one of the doors to the other across the hall. The door at the end of the hall stays closed. She would run as fast as she could across the hall and we would throw the darts and they would land in the door. (occasionally a couple would hit her leg and I think 1 may have stuck one time).
She lives to tell the tale.

This game was varied a little depending on the weather. On nice days we would go outside and play 'lawn darts'....except she was the target.

2nd game: "Frostbite".
This game could only be played during the winter. (there must be snow on the ground)
Same place (Spokane, Wa). This time we targeted my older brother.

This is how you play:
First, you fill the tub with hot water. Then you step in (barefoot of course) and make a mad dash out of the house through the front door and run completely around the house (making sure you are running in the cheating). Then run back into the house and jump into the tub so your feet can get warm again. We all had a turn and we were on our second round when my sister and I ( was mostly my idea cause she was still 5) decided to lock my brother out of the house during his turn.
Oooooohhhh...he was mad. his banging on the door didn't make me want to open it up in any kind of hurry.
He lives to tell the tale.

3rd game: Bites
This game involves a Doberman Pincher (we had one)
A sheet (color not important) fitted was better.
You may need bandages here too..

Here's how you play:
You get the smallest person (which was my sister again) to lay on a sheet on the floor (hardwood preferably for better gliding and sliding). Then you have the dog ready and watching. You start dragging the person on the sheet and when she gets near the scratch the dog's belly (apparently these dogs don't liked their tummys rubbed or scratched). The dog would chase after her and you run like hell pulling the sheet (and her) while the dog is snapping at the victim on the sheet.

Those are only a few games we played...
Those were the days.
Such joy and fun.

I know, I know...we must be pretty delusional.

We were kids.


Jared said...

throwing darts at your 5yr old sister, your ticket to hell. shame shame.

your kids get the dark side from you.

TheLegendOfZen said...

Awesome. Very awesome.

We played, outrun the bull...once.
We played, How many ant bites can you take...once.
We also played, chicken, via bikes, once because we werent chicken. That was a bloody mess.

Mom Taxi Julie said...

Oh my God! I would have been huddled in the corner crying lol.