Thursday, April 10, 2008

Might need to continue my meds...

I really shouldn't be allowed out of the house alone. At least, not without taking my meds.

Yesterday after work I went to HEB to get a few groceries before I picked up the kids from school. I was, again, listening to my music and getting tomatoes. I got my tomatoes and was still looking at the other tomatoes and their prices thinking...'ohhh, look at those, that's a pretty good price' and then I started looking at the other stuff from a distance...avocados, lettuce, cucumbers. All the while, I'm walking back to my cart.
at least I thought it was my cart. I grab ahold of the handle and start pushing. Then I realized it...
It's not my cart. It's the guys who works there and stocks the produce. It's not even a cart at all. more like a couple of shelves on wheels. He saw me pushing his "cart" and he came rushing over to me. After a few seconds of pushing, I noticed that the handle was different. I looked down and saw...well...exactly how dumb I looked.
The dude came over and started laughing at me.....out loud.
I said in my most innocent voice "oops, hee hee, that's not my cart, hee hee".

It's a good thing my kids weren't there. They would have made a big deal out of it.
There would have been more than 6 people to see me quietly trying to run off with a produce cart, the numbers would have increased drastically.

So, I guess I'm pulling my meds out of my drawer ...again.

Focus. Focus. Focus.


SabrinaT said...

HA HA! I do that all the time.