Tuesday, April 22, 2008

HAPPY 4/20!! (belated)

I have to go to work but I am getting out early today because my kids have an appointment for their coughs. I will be home lounging and looking online for a wallet for Dom's new income. One that will go with his new income. I dreampt about him last night. We were buying him some jeans. Why? I don't know...maybe he needs some. I got paid today so I guess I will go and get him some.

I started 'dieting' and exercising Sunday night. Angel is my partner in crime in this. We both walked on the treadclimber and we will be walking on it everyday and keep increasing the distance.
Well, guess who chumped out on me last night?! Guess who broke his pinky promise?!
He couldn't stop messing with his fishing poles. He said they were calling out to him cause he hasn't been fishing lately. Whatever. I'm not the one who decided to put some away in storage and cut down on fishing. I don't care. When he does go, he take the kids cause they have their own poles and they love it.
More ME time.
Anyway, I have to get dressed for work and make sure Devyn is awake and getting dressed.
Miah and Dominique pop right out of their beds like 'jack-in-the-boxes' and are in my room dressed and ready in less than 5 min.


Have a good day, guys.

p.s. how the heck do you place pics all over the page? My pics only come up at the top and if I try to move them my screen freezes?


JokerOnMars said...

pics on the page...copy and paste the code where you want it, and then delete the ones at the top of the page.


Hey u, been awhile , hope u are doing well, u sound alot better, not so much in the dumps, I've been working so much lately I haven't had a chance to read your blog so I'm playing "catch up" now!! LOL ummmm, if u understand what Jared means, let me know cause I dont know how to do the pics either!! Cya mf, tc , Julian


oh, I'm so sorry to hear that Shea, I know how u feel about report cards believe me ! He will do better next time, dont let it get u down to much, ok? Tc mf,Julian