Thursday, April 3, 2008

Why do I even try?

I think I can attribute my crappy mood earlier this week to the fact that I knew my husband was going to forget our wedding anniversary...again...even after 9 yrs.

Why didn't I just remind him?

I have been. I even have one of those big desk calenders posted on the wall RIGHT next to the door so you see it on your way out of the room written in RED and yes...with the date circled. It read..."OUR ANNIVERSARY".

I bought him a $50.00 fishing pole (go ahead...laugh) and a card and he came home empty handed and sat on the couch. When he came across his pole and card...(cause I left it in our restroom, where I knew he'd find it) that is when he realized what the day was.

My disappointment must have been obvious...what, with the tears and all. Then he had THE NERVE to get mad at ME for being upset with HIM because he forgot.

Needless to say...I had plenty of room on the the bed last night.

I am really not looking forward to Mother's Day.


JokerOnMars said...

First of all...One word...CALENDAR. Preferably, a nude girl one, this way he wont stop looking at it.
Second, If my wife got me a fishing pole, I would be the one crying.