Thursday, July 30, 2009

At the beach (And a little HNT)

For those of you wondering about the title.

HNT comes from one of my favorite bloggers. Honkeie2. He's a little odd but he's awesome!
HNT stands for Half Naked Thursday because on Thursday he posts a pic with some part of him.
......, not THAT part.


Go read his Blog!

Anyway, Since I'm rarely in the pics, I figured I will do one post that will update everything all at once.
This one gives an update on my dieting results via before and after posts.

So, let's get the diet one out of the way, huh?.

Recap: Beginning weight....185.0 lbs

current weight...160(ish) lbs.

HERE (BEFORE) is a post a while back of me at the beach with the kids.

Now, here are the pics from this weekend at the beach with the kids.
We took the dogs too because I don't know what I was thinking. I was feeling guilty that I don't do enough with the dogs and wanted to take them to the beach and walk them.

The kids.....well, we always walk them at the beach.

Here's our day:

Angel and I (mostly Angel) were loading up the Land Rover with our stuff so that we could take the kids (and the dogs) to the beach.

Here's Venus and Serena with Dom and Devyn.

The dogs were "fitted" into the back of the truck and they would growl at each other because they were leaning on or touching each other.

We went to my Dad and Mom's house because I told Angel that their dog "Rex" would like to go to the beach too. I know he thinks I'm a little off the deep end but whatev.... this is Rex.

No kid can resist sand and toys.

Here I am with Serena. Angel had bought some bones for the dogs to gnaw on while we were there.
('s your HNT....enjoy.)

Here I'm sitting with Serena.

Dom decided to take the chips and dip and sit by the water and eat.

He's silly...and that's gross.

The kids playing

Miah and I with Serena and Rex.

There was a lot of tar on the beach and it was a pain in the ass. The kids are here with a little puddle of beach water and tar foam. Gross.

Rex was the only dog who was allowed to be loose because Venus and Serena will run away into the dunes JUST LIKE BEFORE.

The kids knock out on the way home and Venus finds a place to put her head.

Devyn was O-U-T! Then we stopped because Angel had to use the restroom. He woke up and denied ever being asleep. Just like his Daddy.

Now here we have some video of me trying to get Venus to come and play with me in the water. Every dog we've had have all been pussies!! They never want to play in the water like the dogs do on TV. Maybe it's the loud crashing waves that was scaring them.

Either way, no dogs were hurt in the making of this film.
(So don't be trying to call PETA on me!)

Sorry about the "Blair Witch" type of filming. Dom was trying the best he could to keep it still between the waves and him cracking up.

P.S. Can you find the skull in the pictures?
It's there...
Have a good one you guys.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Movie Night

Now as you all know I like to have movie night with the kids as often as I can.

I try to spend quality time with the kids. Maybe this is why they fight for my kisses all of the time. I love it.

Right now the kids and I are waiting for Angel and Dom to get back from Corpus. They had to go for the day so that Angel could go see his rheumatologist and get his meds for his RA. Dom went along for the ride.

Miah and Devyn and I are waiting patiently here at home for them to arrive.


.........Sure wish they'd hurry up.

I'm hungry as hell and I don't want to have to start Movie Night without Dom.

Angel will probably fall asleep before the movie starts anyway.

What are we watching you ask?

Well, my dears,

Since we are a family who like to play a little bit on the dark side and since we have a couple of offspring who are so into the "dark" type stuff that we (Angel and I) like, We are watching:


Miah loves these types of cartoons.

None of that namby pamby Monsters Inc. or... (well, we DO love the Pixar movies) but still, like I said...a child of the dark side.

She asked me to buy her A Nightmare Before Christmas and The Corpse Bride.

I think my kids are coming out just fine considering the choice in cartoons they like.

Check out her clothing of choice to wear to the B&G Club:

Another opportunity to wear skulls. Gotta love 'em.

Now for anyone who is unfamiliar with my Movie Nights...Go Here.


What's on the menu this time you ask???

Let's see, there's:

1. Cakey like Snacks

2. pickles

3. popcorn

4. A fruit bowl

5. Pay no attention to that Chelada hiding behind the pickle jar (I don't know what that is doing there, geez)

6. Strawberry pink lemonade (Miah made)

7. Cotton Candy

8. Pizza.

Okay, so......Angel and Dom just got home (apparently they went fishing and Angel conveniently left his phone here at home so I couldn't call and nag about being home in time for Movie Night) and now it is time to start the evening.

Have a good weekend everyone.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Welcome to the dark side.

Well, I've been holding on to my children for as long as I can while trying to keep them from crossing over to the dark side.

And when I say crossing over, I mean keeping them from doing the same things that Dom does.

Don't get me wrong. Dom is a great kid. He's smart and funny. He just likes to stay in trouble a lot. You know, grounded for stuff. Dom is constantly grounded for one thing or another.

But this post isn't about him.

It's about Devyn.

I know what you are going to say LISA..."Not Baby D!"


Everyday the kids (Miah and Devyn) call me from the Boys and Girls Club to pick them up...early.

Miah called and I told her I would be there when I finish my patients and she says, "Oh yeah, Devyn got suspended."

Oh man.

So I go and pick them up. He hands me this paper that says he's suspended for 1 day. Apparently he was placed in time-out 3 times throughout the day for not listening, running on the bleachers after being told not to or misbehaving. This was on Wednesday. He can't go back on Thursday.

I don't play that.

I tell him that since he got himself suspended, he was grounded until the day he could go back to the B&G Club again (which was Friday).

I laid out the rules.

NO watching TV

NO crying about being grounded

Stay in your room and read.

Easy enough, right?

He thought first.

Then he kept coming out of his room wanting water.

Then he kept complaining that he was bored.

Then he started whining about having no one to play with.

Then, at night when I was sleeping, I get freaked out to find him standing on my side of the bed just staring at me talking about how he can't sleep and can he sleep with me.'s bed time, go to your bed little dude.

Then he starts crying and I have to threaten to get the belt.

The next day I had to take them to my mom's because he couldn't go to the B&G Club, he got to watch TV there and he didn't want to leave. I brought him home to finish out his punishment.

Geez, getting an 8 yr old to stay grounded is hard!

That night, as I was asleep again, Dom barges into my room talking about, "Devyn is standing in Miah's doorway yelling at us and telling us MOMMA SAID IT'S TIME FOR YOU TO GO TO BED!"

I had said no such thing. I was sleeping, geez.

Devyn was taking matters into his own hands because he was jealous that everyone else was still up and watching TV.

Maybe next time he won't get suspended!

Reminds me of when I thought Miah was crossing over too.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I'm living with a Wanted Man.



Remember when Angel was winning THIS GAME!

Well, we just received a letter in the mail (addressed to Angel...not Me) from the Municipal Court.
Naturally, I opened it and it was basically stating thaaaaaat......

The Municipal Court is in the process of issuing a warrant for your arrest based on this citation:


There were fine amounts for all of it totalling $649.00

The suspended Driver's license was $253.00

I could have sworn we had taken care of it a while back...right?
Didn't I go online to get this taken care of in that post linked above?

Well, turns wasn't just a warning Angel received, nope.... (Angel's eyes must have been still healing from THE SURGERY not to know the color of a ticket and the color of a warning) it was a real live ticket Angel got way back when.

Of course, in true Angel was disregarded and lost.

Sooo...since ANGEL LOST his ticket and didn't think to connect the fact that just because we paid for his license didn't mean we paid for and took care of his ticket.

As a result, he's soon to be a WANTED man.

Now, I've told him many times that we can't afford to be paying these tickets he keeps collecting.
I may actually have to divert his attention and make him forget to go to the court house to take care of this. I should actually be setting up to collect some reward money in order to regain what we are going to be losing. That will be once I convince him to go on the lamb for being a wanted man.

Plan aborted.....

Angel got out of work early today to go to the court house to take care of this.
They dismissed the "Failure to Appear" charge which still left us him owing $524.00.

He tried to pull that...It's "our" ticket..we're in this together...crap that I pull on him but he had to realized...I wasn't in the the vehicle with him at any time when he got those tickets.

What am I going to do with this man?
I need cop friends so that they can sympathize with me and let him go when he gets stopped.
I contemplated grounding him from driving but I'm not that cruel.
Maybe when Dom gets old enough to drive, I'll have him drive his Daddy to work...

We'll see.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Date Day/Night

Today Angel and I have the day to ourselves. My kids are at my parent's house for the weekend. They like to go over there because there is no chance that my mom will wake them up early to clean AND...they can stay up as late as they like.

Angel had to go to work this morning but he got rained out and came home early.

He wanted to take the trucks to get them cleaned and the oil changed and do all sorts of productive things...BUT I had other plans.

My mind was set on a NAP.


I know I just woke up a few hours ago but Angel came home and we went and ate lunch. You know what happens when I eat....I get sleepy.

He told me, "I don't want to take a nap, I won't fall asleep, you're the grumpy go take a nap."

SHOOT.....He didn't need to tell me twice.

In fact, I dove straight into the bed and Tattoo was already waiting for me, asleep, with his mouth open...snoring."
Then, after my nap, I wake up and look for Angel (cause you know, he had so much to do today that he didn't have time for a nap...)

I'm feeling a little bit gypped cause I didn't get to have GROUP NAP like I wanted. Oh well, I still got my sleep.

It's HOT outside. I don't even want to go outside at all. It's not considerably cool in my house either considering I don't have Central A/C.

I could have sworn someone was knocking on my window last night. I know it must have been the Devil asking to come in "just for a minute" cause it's so hot out there.

Tonight's date plans are simple.

We are going to make Steak with mushroom, grilled onions and bell peppers and watch the UFC 100 on Pay Per View. (I'm a sucker for grown men crawling around on the floor in tight ass shorts and each other's crotches in each other's faces trying to force the other to tap out).

I will have plenty of Cheladas or perhaps...I may just down some of those Boone's Farm bottles that I bought during the 4th of July....

...hmmm...decisions, decisions.

Either way, this looks like a promising night.

Provided Angel doesn't fall asleep on it....

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

4th of July (Lazy Post)

This post is a "Lazy Post". It mostly consists of pictures of our 4th of July. I'm exhausted. These pics are in no particular order (too much work).
Enjoy the pics.

Devyn and Angel on the way to the Island (I was driving Angel's green truck).

Miah with her firewords by the Land Rover.

The kids love the fire.

Yes, I'm a Diva. Miah and I slept in this little camper built for two. YES, that is an A/C unit on it. We had a couple of generators to use for the lights and A/C.
Don't Hate!
Angel and Steve "attempting" to kayak in the rough water. Steve was determined to catch a shark.

Cousin Johnny giving the boys a ride in the dune buggy.

Dom slept outside on a lawn chair after the first night.

The wood for the bonfire.

Angel and Johnny in the kitchen. Angel made bacon and egg tacos for everyone.

Uncle Benny standing next to his setup. That is a trailor he has converted into a kitchen/bedroom/canopy.

Poor Uncle Robert. He passed out while we were all awake and fell victim to black nail polish on his fingers and toes.

We actually made S'mores.

Hanging out with the cousins.

Angel making some "Q"

Everyone sitting around the fire.

The "kitchen" at night.