Saturday, January 16, 2010

At the Movies with my girl.

Miah and I went to the movies today.

Angel had taken the boys with him to the Island to go fishing (which also included some 4-wheeling due to Devyn mentioning how "all 4 tires were off the ground, we were in the air" while Angel was trying to tell me about the fish that Dom caught).

Uh huh....

Yeah, my kids will tell on you. Don't be doing things you shouldn't. They'll come right to MOMMA!

Anyway, Miah said she wanted go see The Princess and the Frog. I told her to make a list of the snacks she wanted to take to the movies and she pointed out the exact purse I should use for the trip. That's how we roll.

She made her list, I handed her some baggies to put pickles in from our jars at home and I finished getting ready. I went online and checked for the next available showing. It starts at 4:50 and it was already 3:20 and we hadn't even left the house or stopped to get the snack. There were no showings in the theaters closer to home so we were going to have to drive a little ways.

We rushed out of the house and hit the road.

We forgot the list.

We forgot the pickles.

Miah wanted to go to Wendy's for frosties and I figured that was a good idea.

There wasn't a Wendy's close to the theaters but there was an HEB. We hit that bad boy's candy isle up and loaded up on snacks (and a couple of extra drinks just in case we run out of our drink there). We left HEB with a container of Gummie Worms, the movie sized box of NERDS, the variety pack of kit kat, some life savers sour gummies, sandwich bags (the container of gummies wouldn't fit in the purse) a sprite and a water (Miah is a water freak) and we were on our way.

We had to scratch the frostie idea because after packing my purse with every single thing we bought, the frosties weren't goint to fit. DANG!

We get to the theater and purchase the tickets. Geez, I forgot how much going to the theater cost.....cause I never go. We get inside and had told Miah we were going to buy a large bag of popcorn and some drinks. I'm looking at the menu and I'm just about to crap my pants...UGHHH. SOOOO EXPENSIVE!!

I ordered the 2 large drink and 1 large popcorn special. 16+ dollars.

I altered the order a little bit and got 1 large drink, 1 large ICEE and 1 large popcorn. 15 bucks even. Geez, good thing we got our snacks.

The movie was super cute and we enjoyed ourselves.

We got home and Angel was here with the boys and was headed to his Uncle's house. Miah wanted to go with them so that was the end of Girls Day.

I opted to stay home because that is the way I am. I'm not a fan of being out if I don't have to. I'm home in my pajamas eating leftover riblets, a salad and sipping on my Boones Farm .

Life is good.

I hope everyone is enjoying their days with their loved ones when you get a chance.

Here's a picture of Miah that I came across while I was digging up pics of my high school days.

She's a cave baby for Halloween. I had forgotten how chubby and cute she was back then.

My mother in law made the costume for her and it was adorable.

Not to mention the huge frickin bone we put in her hair!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


I'm home today.

I'm not feeling well ...*ahem*... so I took a personal day. I didn't have many patients anyway so I rescheduled them.

I've been feeling run down, defeated, name it, I am it.

I just need a day to call "MINE".


I'm sitting on my bed messing with my laptop, stuffing my face and watching TV.

It's rainy weather outside and the sky is gray. I love it. It's the best group nap weather EVA!

Unfortunately, no one is here to have group nap with me.

I thought Angel was going to get rained out so we can have lunch and nap but that excitement was shot down. He's still at work.

I do have the cats. Onyx and Tattoo are here as well as Chupa.

Chupa stinks so he's staying on the floor.

Onyx likes to sleep on my face, head and neck so I can't breathe and there is still Tattoo...

Well....Tattoo..maybe not such a good choice.

My poor Tattoo has taken to shooting snot rockets throughout the house. It's pretty gross and seems to be random.
We'll be sitting around, all doing our own thing and we'll hear..."pfffft...pffffffft....pfffffffffffftttttt".
He's sneezing.

Sure enough, there's either a big booger hanging from his nose and he's trying to lick it off or it was left streaked across the floor, wall, couch, TV.....on YOU!

It's really disgusting, especially when you sit on the couch and something scratches the back of your hand when you moved it. Yeah, it's a crusted petrified booger that has adhered itself to the cushion.

I'm not so sure I'm feeling so lucky with my sleeping companions. I may be actually fighting for my life if I nap with them.

Regardless, I'm home.

....and I'm about to curl back up in the fetal position because it's NAP TIME!!!

Have a good one you guys.


Alright.....Alright...just to make you feel a little bit better and not AT ALL jealous....

I've been crowned "QUEEN FOR THE DAY".

For those of you who know and have known me forever know that being QUEEN FOR THE DAY doesn't mean I'm getting the "Royal Treatment" from my kids and husband.


It means my ass is hugging "The Throne" throughout the day due to some crazy digestive problems.

There, no need to feel jealous!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Happy New Year!

OH, I'm late...again...aren't I?

Dang. Sorry. It's becoming a habit.

How was your New Years? Did you all drink a lot and party? I didn't

Did you make resolutions that you may or may not keep? I did.

I got to spend the New Years with family. We all went to Angel's uncle's house and hung out there. It's a tradition to go to his house and bring in the new year. This year seemed especially long. I think Angel was there early (like 5 pm) already drinking. I needed to come home and take a nap. I never got that nap. I showered and did my hair and got ready. Then Angel started calling me to hurry up and come over. I did and from then the drinking began.

We all had a good time, the New Years was here and the kids were popping fireworks.

Around 12:30 am of the new year....I was home in bed.

I'm getting old...

This picture was taken several days BEFORE New Years at another Uncle/Aunt's house. Angel is in the background surrounded by his cousins, uncle and extended family. We had a great time this night too.

This next picture is a cake that Devyn WON at the Boys and Girl's Club. Do you see ALL OF THAT CANDY?!

Yeah, it's a candy land cake. Every time I blinked and looked at it some of the candy was missing and the cake looked ravaged.

Trust was! The kids tore it up! I was getting a stomach ache just looking at it.

The candy land cake came two days AFTER the kids and I made a gingerbread house.
All that candy all at once!
I swear, I probably have a dozen cavities....and I didn't even eat ANY of it.

The kids have a PS2 so I found Dance Dance Revolution for the kids for just 15.00. WOW. They love it. Especially Miah.

This picture was taken right after New Years. We packed up the kids and took off to the beach again to our new favorite hideaway.
Here is me and my baby girl.
Dom is peeking his head up in the background.

The weather in January is so nice, the kids had a great time at the beach. We parked close to the dunes so the kids could play.

How they can roll around in all that sand and not have a care in the world.....
Sand in their eyes, mouth and

YES, that's a bike. We took a bike to the beach and Devyn rode it for awhile. The sand was hard enough where the cars drive to ride the bike.
Notice the BBQ pit. There is always a way to get nice hot food even if we are far away.

I know I said the weather was nice and all but my ass is OLD. I was cold and bundled up. I had to sit on the Queen's chair in the back of the truck because the air was hitting me and I thought I was going to turn into a Popsicle.
Damn, aging sucks.

If you read my last post then you know about my Christmas gift from Angel. What better time to try it out, huh?

So, I took my present into the dunes and almost got my nether regions all stung up by mosquitoes. Not pretty. Nevertheless, my present served it's purpose!
I hope everyone had a great and safe Holiday weekend. I will keep you updated when I can.