Saturday, January 9, 2010

Happy New Year!

OH, I'm late...again...aren't I?

Dang. Sorry. It's becoming a habit.

How was your New Years? Did you all drink a lot and party? I didn't

Did you make resolutions that you may or may not keep? I did.

I got to spend the New Years with family. We all went to Angel's uncle's house and hung out there. It's a tradition to go to his house and bring in the new year. This year seemed especially long. I think Angel was there early (like 5 pm) already drinking. I needed to come home and take a nap. I never got that nap. I showered and did my hair and got ready. Then Angel started calling me to hurry up and come over. I did and from then the drinking began.

We all had a good time, the New Years was here and the kids were popping fireworks.

Around 12:30 am of the new year....I was home in bed.

I'm getting old...

This picture was taken several days BEFORE New Years at another Uncle/Aunt's house. Angel is in the background surrounded by his cousins, uncle and extended family. We had a great time this night too.

This next picture is a cake that Devyn WON at the Boys and Girl's Club. Do you see ALL OF THAT CANDY?!

Yeah, it's a candy land cake. Every time I blinked and looked at it some of the candy was missing and the cake looked ravaged.

Trust was! The kids tore it up! I was getting a stomach ache just looking at it.

The candy land cake came two days AFTER the kids and I made a gingerbread house.
All that candy all at once!
I swear, I probably have a dozen cavities....and I didn't even eat ANY of it.

The kids have a PS2 so I found Dance Dance Revolution for the kids for just 15.00. WOW. They love it. Especially Miah.

This picture was taken right after New Years. We packed up the kids and took off to the beach again to our new favorite hideaway.
Here is me and my baby girl.
Dom is peeking his head up in the background.

The weather in January is so nice, the kids had a great time at the beach. We parked close to the dunes so the kids could play.

How they can roll around in all that sand and not have a care in the world.....
Sand in their eyes, mouth and

YES, that's a bike. We took a bike to the beach and Devyn rode it for awhile. The sand was hard enough where the cars drive to ride the bike.
Notice the BBQ pit. There is always a way to get nice hot food even if we are far away.

I know I said the weather was nice and all but my ass is OLD. I was cold and bundled up. I had to sit on the Queen's chair in the back of the truck because the air was hitting me and I thought I was going to turn into a Popsicle.
Damn, aging sucks.

If you read my last post then you know about my Christmas gift from Angel. What better time to try it out, huh?

So, I took my present into the dunes and almost got my nether regions all stung up by mosquitoes. Not pretty. Nevertheless, my present served it's purpose!
I hope everyone had a great and safe Holiday weekend. I will keep you updated when I can.


Mom Taxi Julie said...

Have you done the dance dance revolution? I had to work a booth at the kids school carnival 2 years ago that they had that set up in. I think like ONE kid could do it lol.

Looks like you had a good new years even though you were tired :)

~Sheila~ said...

MOMTJ: I had a GREAT new years. The getaway is what made it so special. Just spending time with the kids is what makes all the difference.

Beyond Danielle said...

omg bathing suits in January I'm so jealous!

tha unpretentious narcissist © said...

wow@ you actually posting something..considering you just abandoned us for facebook.

it's funny every time i see angel do the rock out pose. i expect to see you daughter do it too. like literally when i scrolled down i expected to see her posed

glad yall had a great new years eve & happy new year to you & family. probably won't see a new post or tweet till 2011 though, at the rate you're going lol

~Sheila~ said...

Beyond Danielle:
Yes Girl! My kids were strutting their stuff. Notice though, I'm still fully clothed. My old ass was cold.

Sorry man. I'm tryin to get back here. I have no excuse. I'm gonna work on it. I try to get on twitter too but I've been training another therapist so I can't be on my phone as often throughout the day as I would like.
I know, I know...excuses. I'm promise to work on it. Gonna designate a day to come back and read/comment on all my favorite blogs.

Miah has taken on a style all her own. I bought her some boots so she's been rocking those. Pics soon.

We had an excellent New Years. Hope your's was great too. Of course, we get those "negative" type pics of you so we never really see what you look like and we get borrowed pics for your blog.