Wednesday, January 13, 2010


I'm home today.

I'm not feeling well ...*ahem*... so I took a personal day. I didn't have many patients anyway so I rescheduled them.

I've been feeling run down, defeated, name it, I am it.

I just need a day to call "MINE".


I'm sitting on my bed messing with my laptop, stuffing my face and watching TV.

It's rainy weather outside and the sky is gray. I love it. It's the best group nap weather EVA!

Unfortunately, no one is here to have group nap with me.

I thought Angel was going to get rained out so we can have lunch and nap but that excitement was shot down. He's still at work.

I do have the cats. Onyx and Tattoo are here as well as Chupa.

Chupa stinks so he's staying on the floor.

Onyx likes to sleep on my face, head and neck so I can't breathe and there is still Tattoo...

Well....Tattoo..maybe not such a good choice.

My poor Tattoo has taken to shooting snot rockets throughout the house. It's pretty gross and seems to be random.
We'll be sitting around, all doing our own thing and we'll hear..."pfffft...pffffffft....pfffffffffffftttttt".
He's sneezing.

Sure enough, there's either a big booger hanging from his nose and he's trying to lick it off or it was left streaked across the floor, wall, couch, TV.....on YOU!

It's really disgusting, especially when you sit on the couch and something scratches the back of your hand when you moved it. Yeah, it's a crusted petrified booger that has adhered itself to the cushion.

I'm not so sure I'm feeling so lucky with my sleeping companions. I may be actually fighting for my life if I nap with them.

Regardless, I'm home.

....and I'm about to curl back up in the fetal position because it's NAP TIME!!!

Have a good one you guys.


Alright.....Alright...just to make you feel a little bit better and not AT ALL jealous....

I've been crowned "QUEEN FOR THE DAY".

For those of you who know and have known me forever know that being QUEEN FOR THE DAY doesn't mean I'm getting the "Royal Treatment" from my kids and husband.


It means my ass is hugging "The Throne" throughout the day due to some crazy digestive problems.

There, no need to feel jealous!


Anonymous said...

Tattoo needs a nose hair trimmer.

~Sheila~ said...

Tattoo needs one of those blue newborn baby bulbs to suction those bad boys OUT!