Saturday, November 29, 2008

It's the weekend...

And I'm sure no one wants to hear about Thanksgiving now that it is over. We all want to start on our Christmas posts..etc.

Well, tough titties!

Here's how my Thanksgiving went...

Wednesday Night:

My best friend Lisa and her husband Will came down from Houston for the weekend. They stopped by and we had a few drinks. My sister's family came by too.

Angel said he was "tired" and that he was just going to say "hello" to everyone and go straight to bed.


We all hung out and drank a few then we turned in for the night.

Angel was up longer than any one.

Thursday Morning:

I picked up my Mom and Dad EARLY because she was doing most of the cooking. My Dad likes to come over because he can sit at the computer all day. Well, when it came time to move some furniture around to make room for the tables, I disconnected the computer and we slid it over to the corner.

My dad was following me around the house asking when I was going to re-connect the computer and I told him that I wasn't going to today.

He got pissy after that.

Whatever. He didn't need to be on the computer all day with his back to everyone on a day like today.

Dom had made some ham for his brother and sister the other day and he decided he wanted to make ham for Thanksgiving.

Who was I to say NO?

Angel fried a turkey and my mom and I baked one in the oven.
Fry time: 43 min.

It was REALLY good. We usually fry one or two every year.

(no one focus on the gross looking part on the bottom of the turkey)

We had a ton of food (we still have a lot left over).

I ate and entertained for a brief period before I finally crashed out around ummm....4:30 and Angel woke me around 7:30. He had already put away the rest of the food in the containers I had bought and he left the dishes for me.

There were a TON of dishes!!

We had a good day.

How was yours?


Current gas prices around here:

It's getting closer to that $1.50 mark I was hoping for!!

Friday, November 28, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving.

Hey everyone.

I was soo busy yesterday that I never got a chance to come to the computer to tell everyone Happy Thanksgiving!!

How was everyone's?
Did you eat a crap-load of turkey and stuffing?
Did you pass out afterward? (I did)

I will go more into detail after I get out of work today.

Hope you all had a good one!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Why? People.....Why?!?

Since I live in Texas...I get to be annoyed by lots of things people do here.

I know, "Everything's bigger in Texas" but do the men's egos have to be too??

My current annoyance:

Truck Balls.

Yes. You heard me right.

I said Truck Balls.

For those of you who are confused...

I am talking about actual testicals designed for trucks solely for cosmetic purposes.
They are attached to the back of the truck (basically where the testicles of a dog would be)
AND they are usually on the more bigger, rugged trucks because, you know...they hang.

Still confused?

Here, let me help with that....

Truck Balls

As you can see, they come in an assortment of colors.
Red, Ivory, Black, Blue, Pink....flesh. I'm not kidding.

Above is brown and below is mocha.

For those big bold guys who really want to strut:

Here are a pair of BRASS ones for ya!

They also offer a "Special Process for Bright Shiny Effect":

Still confused???

Alright, Look:


Too inappropriate?

So what! It's my blog.

I'm just pointing out what I see everyday. Some more..ABOUT ME, for ya.

So, I'm just wondering what the actual purpose of these prostetic babies are for? I mean...on a truck?

Is this the driver's way of letting the public know that it's a BOY truck?

Cause you know....A truck is a truck.

To me.

I don't know about ya'll but I just see a truck.

I have yet to see a vehicle on the road with a pair of prosthetic boobies on it so I am just guessing this is a "man thing".

Why boys?



I am such an idiot.

I just did a little more digging and saw this.

I was wrong, apparently they aren't just for trucks.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

About Me-2

I am a light sleeper.

When I say "light", I actually mean "LIGHT"!

Which brings me to the reason I am writing this right now at 2:08 am.

Angel, my beloved husband, is home for the week. His cousins are here with him (yes, right now!) They were here since around 8:30 or so and they have been drinking since then.

Music is blaring because of them.

I can hear the beer bottles clinking around. It's just fucking noisy.

I was sound asleep and they made the bad decision to park themselves RIGHT OUTSIDE my bedroom window. They also decided to make a fire. No. Not just any fire.

They are using the propane tank, hose and round fire thing that you would use for deep frying a turkey (which we will be doing this Thanksgiving if he doesn't catch himself on fire).

I'm very pissed right now because since I don't have the ability to put myself back to sleep after being so rudely awakened, I will be awake until around 4 or 5 am. Then I will be trying to squeeze in as much sleep as I possibly can before I have to go and see my first patient around 7:30am.

To add insult to injury:

Angel the "king of rock" is blaring RAP music.

I hate rap music (<--another fun fact about me)

I just can never get into it.

Then he goes and downloads some Rap that I have never ever heard of before.


I knock on the window to let him know what a bad decision he made with the fire and the noise and the music.

He comes in, he listens, he understands.

They relocate.

To the....FRONT OF THE HOUSE! Music is even louder.

The damage is done. I'm already up.

Might as well steal a few of their beers.


Devyn had soccer practice yesterday and they scrimmaged against the girls.

It was a little hard to get the boys to concentrate on just watching the ball and following the ball and running after the ball.
There were girls on the field for goodness sake MOMMY!

Just my luck. I'm running around town treating patients and I see this:

I needed gas anyway because my car gas light came on and it even made a little "ding" noise to alert me that I was about empty.
I pull up to the pump and get my wallet.
I can't find my Debit card anywhere. I start rummaging through my purse and I still can't find it.
I call Angel cause he is at home with my truck and the jeans I wore yesterday. He checks them for me and he finds them in my pants. He is 2o miles away. I have to scrounge around my purse and the car to come up with $3.00 to put in gas.

That sucks.

Fortunately, as I was going to my next patient's house, I see several stations with the same price. I will fill up tomorrow.

Monday, November 24, 2008

About Me.

My friend Andy over at Wild ARS Chase would like to know more about his readers. I have time now that it's Sunday and I am not super busy today.
I, too, would like to know more about mine.

So here's a bit of information about me. They will be coming in separate blogs because I have ADD. Really. It's hard for me to concentrate on any one thing at a time so whenever I am thinking about exactly what I want to write I make a mental note and try to make it a point to remember before I go to bed to post about it. Problem is...I'm one of those people who misplace mental notes. A lot. It literally gets lost in the shuffle as the day goes on. Then come bedtime, I'm OUT.

Why don't you just write it down Sheila? You know, so you will have it and THEN you'll remember.

Cause I'll lose it too.
It's a fact.

I got my water bill in the mail. Since this house is a new surrounding to me and layout and furniture is situated differently than my old apartment in Corpus, I never remember where I place paperwork like that. I set it down somewhere (I keep picking different places confident that I will remember where I put it THIS TIME).
So, finally found it (I can't remember where) and I placed it right here next to my monitor making a mental note to pay this when I leave the house.
That was 2 weeks ago.
I'm looking at it right now.

So, you see, I am a little scatterbrained.

Why don't you take some meds to help you focus better Sheila?

I did. I am. I was.
I always forgot to take them.

That's one of the reasons I never opted to take birth control pills. I have to get the depo provera shot that covers me for 3 months. I still procrastinate on getting that.
But can you imagine? Me, trying to remember to take the pill every day and the consequences of because I forget?
OH MY GOD! I can't even think about it!!

Anyway people, without even realizing it, I just wrote a post. A small something about me. I actually started out wanting to write this post about how cheap I am.

I got sidetracked.

Remind me to write about that later, guys!

Saturday, November 22, 2008


Hey Guys

I have been working....they upped my patient load and are still sending me driving across the country to treat them. maybe not exactly across the country but it is a nice ride between patients.

Either way, by Friday, I just wanted to finish my patients, pick up the kids from school and come home to rest.

Didn't happen.

Devyn was supposed to have a soccer game but because of the weather it was cancelled. Goodie.

The church near my house was offering free chili dinner and we took advantage of that.

One of gentlemen from the church was talking to Dom and found out that he plays the violin. He Offered him $1 to play a song for him and another lady there at the church.

He gave Dom $10 bucks. That was really nice of him. Dom played so well.
AFTER THAT...I wanted to come home and relax because I've been on the go alllllll day.
Didn't happen.
I got a phone call from one of my good friends (ADAM) and he was on his way into the Valley. He and I were in the Physical Therapy Program together for 2 yrs. He had moved from the Valley to go to the program also.
He lives in Portland (where I used to work). He is planning on moving back to the Valley in about 4 months so I am going to hook him up with a job.
I told him he could come over and we could drink a few if he wants. So he came and we got some beer. Then he asked who else do I know that lives here. I mentioned our friend Carl who was 1 year behind us in the program. Carl just graduated this year and got a contract with a company here so he is here for a year.
Anyway, I called him up and we all got together at my house to play some bones and drink some drinks.
This is Adam. Obviously getting his ass kicked.

My mom played with us too cause we could use a 4th.
This is Carl. (<---- Click that link.) I don't know how well you guys know your NFL but he used to play for the NY Jets in 1995.
Of course no game is complete without MR. BOONES (that's for you Honkeie2)

I was tempted to place the scores of the game as proof that I could kick some ass but the looks on their faces should say it all. I am a total shit talker and these poor guys heard an earful. Yes..not even my mom was exempt.

Today's gas prices:

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


I am totally flattered that you have added me to your list. Thank You.
So you think we're cool like that enough to include me. Cool.

Since we're so close and all. I feel that I like we're buddies. And "buddies" always tell each other everything, right?!

Okay. So I was at work this morning just going about my day visiting/treating patients and all was cool. Then around lunchtime I take a break to read blogs (and check to see if anyone loves me enough to leave a comment) and I read yours (again) along with the reply comment.

Understand people, I don't mean any offense to anyone by my reference to mexican people.
Of course, again, I was wondering where your Mexicans came from. I couldn't think of anything else the rest of the day while I was treating. All that kept going through my mind while I was working on balance issues with my patients was "Where the heck are THESE mexicans from??"

So, tell me the truth...Did the beans and rice that was served to you look like the picture you displayed?? OR ...Are you just messing around and trying to create your own concoction??
You can tell me, I can take it.

I didn't even recognize the beans and rice. Anyway...I just wanted to mention that so that It'll be off my mind and of course, it was too long for a comment.

I think I'm going to stock up on some Boones right can't cause then I"ll be sipping all night and not be feeling like working tomorrow. BUT this weekend better WATCH OUT!!

Ima get some fo sho!

Check out the gas here:
I still hope it keeps going down.

When I read your comment, I started laughing because in my haste to post on my blog...I forgot to mention that I pretty much had my niece and nephew for 24 hrs. this weekend. They are the exact same age as Miah and Devyn so that was double the energy needed to maintain order around the house.
Not to mention that Angel is a big 'ol kid and it takes prompting and prodding to get him to move to do stuff for me, so that's like ANOTHER chore.

I also took a lot of naps.

Monday, November 17, 2008


I know!! I know!!
I've been a lazy bum and not getting my butt over to the computer to blog.
I have been super busy and super tired.

Here's why...

I bought these bookshelves that I have wanted for a long time and Walmart FINALLY had them in stock. I was super excited. I bought 3.

My kids have a ton of books and nowhere to display them.
Angel was here this weekend so guess how he helped??

Ummmmm............he charged the drill for me.
Yup, That's about it. I put all 3 of them together by myself. I set up Dom's on Sat. morning and this is what they look like. You can't beat the price for a 5 shelf bookcase ($29.00 each).
I may have to buy Dom another one cause he still has more books. I like that he loves to read. He is looking forward to seeing the Twilight movie. I'm going to have to take him.

Then, Sat. night, we went to my grandmother's house because it was my mother in law's birthday. I took my niece and nephew also because they were FINALLY going to spend the night with the kids. They had a good time and played for A REALLY LONG TIME.

Okay, people, don't laugh cause I had bought these cookie castles kits for the kids around Halloween time (actually, after Halloween because they were $2.50 each). I was expecting to let the kids put them together during Miah's birthday party sleepover but we all know how that turned out with my sister and her crap that she pulled.

Needless to say. This cookie wasn't living up to my little architect's standards.
I got them set up to to put it together and decorate it.

Then the sides started to give away and I was not trying to sit there and hold it together all day so I just decided that the kids were going to decorate a side each. I divided all of the candy evenly and let them decorate it as they pleased and ate till their heart's content.
I wasn't worried about my kids because I know that they have NO CAVITIES.

Sunday. I just wanted to sleep. Angel cut out back to Corpus as soon as he could. My sister came and picked up her kids around 4 pm and I just wanted to do nothing and sleep.
Today (Monday) I got up and went to work then came home, napped, then took Devyn to soccer practice. Now, I am here writing this to make up for the time lag since my last post.
Right's all I got.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Dom was tested...

for seizures.

I took him to a neurologist because of the problems we have been having with his behavior. She ordered a few blood tests (including drug testing). He thought it was gross that he had to pee in a cup. I told him that I hope it's the last time he has to.

This is him. The electrodes and leads were placed and glued onto his head along with this knit cap to keep everything in place. He's awake he just has his eyes closed.

The guy is getting all of the wires together and placing them in a sleeve so that they don't get tangled. Dom has to wear this for 24 hours which meant he couldn't go to school that day.

Which meant that he was stuck with me all day.

They put everything into a little backpack and locked it so that no one will tamper with it. He also had to sleep with the pack overnight.
The Doctor asked him to blink and this is what happened when he did (see the longer squiggly lines). I told him we needed to use it as a lie detector test.
This is the next day when it was being taken off. I had to take him at 7:20 am and then I took him straight to school.
I should be getting the results back soon.

Until's what the gas prices are in my neck of the woods. They have been this price for several days.

Are your gas prices going down at all?

P.S. My (I mean Miah's) cat a boy. Go figure.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Miah- in the beginning

Miah is our only little girl so for her birthday......a little picture album on display for your (our) viewing pleasure.

The day of her Birth (9 yrs ago)

Proud Daddy!
Proud Big Brother (Dom)

We're preparing her to defend herself
against her big brother when she gets older.

She's so cute when she stands.

She's a reader.

Just chillin at home!

Her hair was getting longer.
She's such a pretty girl.

She's such a BIG girl now.