Monday, July 28, 2008


Obviously, my previous post wasn't finished.

I know I had to have put in there somewhere how grateful I was to Jared for posting the information and pictures I sent him via email about my painfully missed absence from Blogland...


I could have sworn I mentioned it somewhere in there about how he was my only outside form of communication and how he posted my whereabouts on his blog for me....


Man, what was I thinking?

Well, Jared ....I would like to humbly THANK YOU!

If it weren't for you and your posting for me...I don't think I would have made it. I persevered day by day knowing that there were people in Blogland that would at least know of the reason for my untimely demise...and would build a shrine in my honor. I know that I could count on you to be the leader of that shrine and make sure any statue of me would be cleaned and polished weekly (by you, of course, because we all know how anal you are about having things clean) and that you would make sure there was round-the-clock security to protect said shrine from vandals.

Again......THANK YOU!
(oh, and, Jared... I know you mentioned something in a reply email about saying "Thanks with small sexual favors" you be more specific please?)



I should be asleep right now because I have to get up and go to work but I can't sleep. I guess it must have something to do with the fact that I am not near my children. I have to come back to Corpus to stay for 3 more weeks to finish this job. I am staying with my friend Jenn in one of her rooms and there is no place for the children to stay with me. Angel has them in the Valley while he is out of work (BTW...the Presidio job fell through and now he is just waiting on another one).

I know there will be consecutive nights without my babies but I am used to being able to walk through the rooms and check on them. I can't now.

hmmm...or....could it be...

That I am STILL battling this stomach virus and I am still pronounce QUEEN! (see previous blog for details)

or....what about......

The fact that I sometimes have absent minded children who like to forget to close the dang hamster or gerbil cages and the rodents like to get out at all hours of the day or night.

It could also be the fact that my mother-in-law left her 2 cats there and one is an inside cat and the other an outside cat. I fear for the poor stupid rodent's lives.

Does anyone remember THIS?? Or even THIS???

Then you know it's highly probable that my fears could become reality. Those were times when we only had one dang we have 3.

I guess while I'm not'll have to be survival of the fittest amongst them.

Sunday, July 27, 2008


OKAY... so that sounded a little bit dramatic.

I know this was no Katrina..but still.

First, I want to thank all of you who came by to wish me safety while I was enduring this Hurricane Dolly or Dotty or whoever (I keep hearing different names on the radio and the weather channel).

It's all such a looooong story so I am going to give you the condensed version.

MONDAY: I only worked this one day this week because I requested off the rest of the week to move and get the kids settled in The Valley. As soon as I got out of work, I went with Angel to get a U-haul (which turned out to be more money than we thought) and (still in my scrubs) we (he and I) proceeded to load EVERYTHING from the apartment into it. We finished and drove off. We arrived at 1 am.

TUESDAY: We unloaded the U-haul and returned it. Unfortunately, my mother-in-law hadn't moved anything out of her house (the house we were moving into to) so we unloaded a house full of furniture INTO a house full of furniture. She claimed "she wasn't sure if we were really moving in or not"... Whatever. I wasn't able to set up the house and put things away so they are in boxes and just placed everywhere.

It was then, when I realized I couldn't do anything in the house, that I looked online on my phone and saw that I was featured on SITS. Talk about elated!! I tried to go through and read all of the comments but then it was getting late and around 4pm we lost all power around the Valley and cell phone communication was lost shortly after. It didn't matter. I was happy. I was able to get to a computer before all of that to write the previous post, though.

WEDNESDAY: Rain. Wind. Scary situations as the Hurricane came through. Here are a few pics: These were during the day.

Check out the palm trees.

This is the vision when trying to drive.

THURSDAY: I was scheduled for an interview with a home-health company right down the street from my house but the people who worked there lived in Harlingen. They were stuck there because the highway was flooded and they couldn't get through and their phone lines and electricity were still down. I went to check out how everyone (thing) got through the Hurricane.

This is a tree in my yard that crashed down into the fence.

This is a tree that was uprooted in my parent's yard right in front of the house.

FRIDAY: Came down with a horrible stomach virus that has me sitting on the throne pretty frequently and well, just consider me Queen for the weekend. If you don't know what I mean by sitting on the throne.... (toilet).

SATURDAY: Finally got a call that most of the stuff had been moved out and I went and started setting up so that we could sleep there.

SUNDAY: I got my computer set up so that I could post and NOW...I have to drive back to Corpus for 3 more weeks to finish work. Then I will be home for good.

Thank you all for my SITS day!! I really needed a pick me up during my moving time and that stupid Hurricane. I see now how people can become comment junkies. I was totally excited to see how many people came and commented.


I will tell you about my new job offer as soon as I finish my interview with them. I am super excited about this job. Best thing about it so far.......COMPANY VEHICLE! Also, it lets me continue working with the elderly but in their own homes...which means they are higher level patients and I just need to make sure they continue to be safe and not laze around doing nothing.

I will try to make time to visit each and everyone of your blogs so that I can get a chance to check you all out and comment back.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Hey everyone.

I was so excited to know that I was the featured SITS blogger yesterday. I actually found out by accident (I will explain all that later on....). I don't have much time to post anything right now because at the last minute we (Angel and I) decided to pack the apartment and we moved (To the Valley) on Monday. I don't have Internet or cable.

I know, I know!!!!


We just unloaded the U-haul yesterday so nothing is set up. I am on my mother-in-law's computer so I thought I would post a "quickie".

Well, now we are all waiting to see what's going to happen to us and how bad this Hurricane Dolly is going to get. I live about 150 miles from South Padre Island. It's already raining and going to be raining for at least 24 hrs.

I will DEFINITELY write an embarrassingly gushing post about being in the spotlight.

I will make this crappy post up to you guys.

Right now...I need to make sure we have enough supplies.


Saturday, July 19, 2008


( on the words in white lettering to go to the link please. I do believe there are some people who haven't picked up on this just yet).

Has anyone seen those Enzyte commercials? Those commercials about "BOB"

I was trying to figure out how to put those videos from Youtube on here but was unsuccessful. I just wanted to mention what I have noticed about them lately.

For anyone who doesn't know, Enzyte is a male enhancement. They show these commercials of "BOB" and his wife and how life has been so much better since "BOB" called and ordered himself some Enzyte. "BOB's" wife is all smiles now and he is constantly smiling.

Okay, we get it. "BOB" is now 'hung'. "BOB's" wife is super happy. So happy in fact that she's bragging to her girlfriends about how "BOB" is.

This may not be such a good idea.

There are a series of these commercials each letting us know how big "BOB" is and how happy his wife has become. Now in this commercial, "BOB" has become a "player". It's not all about "BOB" and his wife anymore. Is he considering expanding his horizons?
Notice how all of the women now want to sit on "BOB's" lap? These are some horny bitches to be getting in line all quick like that.

Obviously, "BOB" has become the shit.

Friday, July 18, 2008

It's Gone!!

I'm so pissed.

You remember that Blackberry I got for Angel?

It's gone.

He left it in the truck (in broad daylight) to bring his fishing poles into the apt (go figure) and someone must have just opened the door and took it right from the middle console (it was right on top).

At first, I thought it was just misplaced. But, after looking for it and calling it, we realized that someone took it. It was fully charged and when we called went straight to voicemail.

I know it's dumb but I started crying. Crying because I called my phone provider and told them what happened and of course we had insurance but we were going to have to pay $110.00 to replace it. Crying because when I looked online at our bill, I realized that we hadn't even PAID for the damn thing yet. Crying because I can't afford to get another (any) phone to replace it.

Finally, I stopped crying and went to sleep. I couldn't sleep very long because my mind was racing about where it might really be.

It's not anywhere here.

It's gone.

I wish I could be like my children. Oblivious to all of this.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Angel is having an affair

I KNOW he is.

We never get to do things together anymore (unless it's fishing). Any trips to Walmart or the grocery store are usually solitary (unless I have to take the kids).

Well, since my mom has been here, Angel and I got to go to HEB together to get the ingredients for the fish he was going to make last night. We get there and grab a few things then he says he needs to go check something out. Okay. He goes in one direction and I go in another direction to get more ingredients. I decided to follow him and see who he was going to rendezvous with.

When I finally find him, I see him....with her.

After all of these years of love and devotion. This is the thanks I get.

How could he?

Monday, July 14, 2008

Nothing new.

So we already know that my Mother is here.

I was so stoked to go to work and come back with half of my house packed up.

This didn't happen.

I got off of work and called her to let her know that I was on my way. She told me that she hasn't packed anything and for me not to worry because "you know how I am, I will have this all packed up for you in 2 days".

Well, that's what I was hoping for.

I got home and NOTHING was done.
She started telling me her "plan of action". How she was going to just got through rooms and put this here and stuff this there and in no time this would all be done. I felt like we were in a huddle and at any minute we would yell "Break!" and throw our hands in the air.

I know I must seem insensitive wanting my mom to do all of the work, but that's not the case. I just want her to do most of it. (kidding...well, not really).
Anyway...I walked in and started my daily routine (which consisted of me jump starting the kids on their chores). Everyone was just lounging around with blankets in the living room and they were sprawled out all over the floor. I started snapping my fingers and told everyone to get to work.
I've already explained to the kids that if I don't make the mess...I don't clean it up. They got to work washing the dishes, cleaning the dining room and cleaning the living room. In 2 hours it was all done (I know 2 hrs may seem like a long time but we are dealing with a 13, 8, and 7 yr old) and they all sat down while I made dinner. Normally, when my mom visits, she would cook for us all. I decided not to be so dependant on her for all of this.

I explained to her that, before, I was sooo tired and I would just come home and try to throw something together to eat then crash. The house would be a mess for days. Then I would get so overwhelmed with all of the housework and laundry that I had to do that I just wanted to break down and cry.
Now...I don't play that part anymore. The kids do it all. Sometimes, Dom volunteers to cook. I am going to have to start utilizing that skill of his more often when we move.

So, remember in the last post I mentioned that my mom likes to make up things? She told me some new info about her today that I didn't know before (in all of my life with her):

1. She never liked chicken all the while growing up.

2. She can't taste chicken or grapes (but she can taste everything else).

This is allllll news to me. I recall her telling me (all through my life) about the chicken she made and how good it is.... SEVERAL HUNDRED times.

She started telling me some stuff about my brother and his wife that I find a little hard to believe. She knows I'll call her bluff and call him to verify but I'll wait for a more ridiculous story to surface.

In the end, Everything was cleaned in the house and everyone was fed. This is starting to become a pattern. By 6:30 pm everyday..everything is getting done. I really like that. Such a feeling of accomplishment.

I knocked out at 7:30 pm.

I'm so lame.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

My mom is coming.

Let me start by saying..I LOVE MY MOM.

I'm going to tell you a little bit about her before I go on.

1. My mom is the most generous person in the world (she will also ask EVERYONE of my friends for money... on the DL of course). Um..for those of you..DL = Down Low

2. She loves to hang out with her friends at "work" (she calls going to BINGO "work").

3. She is a wealth of knowledge. Just ask her anything. (that's because she will totally make up, on the spot, every story she tells you).

Really, though.

She's a pretty crazy lady. I do actually have to warn my friends, in advance, not to lend my mother any money. No matter what her sob story is. She has continuously cornered a couple of my friends (along with my husband) and asked them for money for my dad's meds or something. I warn them ALL the time.

She is totally a Bingoholic. She never pays her bills on time because she never has any money, BUT...she will have to get to go to 'work' aka Bingo (she loves to call it work and claims that one of the ladies there pays her to help with the cleaning before and after work bingo). LIE.
Everyday..TWICE a day, she will be at work bingo.

Sometimes she says that one of her friends wants her to be there to play some of the cards for her and she will pay for her cards. LIE.

She gets to work bingo in time to buy her cards, sets them up and smokes several cigarettes and waits for work bingo to begin. When work bingo is over, she is out of there like bullet. There is no hanging around and cleaning up being done by her AT ALL.

She loves to make up stories and pretend she know the answers to everything.

One time she told my sister-in-law (who was pregnant at the time) that when I (me) was pregnant, she could hear my baby crying from inside the womb. WHAT?!? Oh please! Yea, my sister-in-law and I had a really good laugh about that one.

She'll go to NY and visit my brother and tell him all kinds of stuff and he will call me and confirm any information she tells him with me. We know how to handle these types of situations.

Yes, this is the type of woman I am telling you about, people. This is the woman that I deal with.

Still, this is the lady who is coming up to pack for me help me pack.

That's one (of the many) thing I can definitely count on my mom for. She can come and have this whole house packed in 2 days. She was married to a military man so moving is her thing.

I will keep you posted on our adventures or any more stories she makes up while she is here.


I paid the kids this morning for their chores.

Dom got paid the most. $18.00. Mainly because I started him back on his allowance...$15.00 a week plus $3.00 for working with me at work in the activities department.

Miah got paid $5.00 for her weekly allowance and $3.00 for chores.

Devyn got #5.00 for allowance and $4.00 for chores.

Right now, they are pretty happy kids.

I realized I'm gonna have to sit Dom down and explain the importance of not spending half of his money at the convenience store. Which he did. On junk.

Anyway, I need to get to work and start throwing stuff into boxes so it doesn't look like I haven't done anything when my mom gets here.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

I'm in a funk.

I don't want to do anything. I know I need to pack but I don't want to. I started but...well, I got the books put in a box and sealed up. But mainly, that's all.

I have too much on my mind right now. I have a ton of crap that needs to get done. I'm a little bit (a lot) irritable. I just want to sleep for days and THEN tackle everything that needs to be done then.

On top of this, Dom tells me he wants to buy SKINNY JEANS and I just can't see myself taking him to any type of department store to do this. Have you guys seen these kids with skinny jeans on? I know I have. I'm not seeing how this is attractive (not that I want to see my son in that way) but I'm just not ready for this transition.

So, I looked to Angel for some kind of insight on this topic. I figured we could converse and weigh the pros and cons of this whole thing with Dom and his fashion sense at the moment. I text Angel (he's at work).

ME: Dom wants skinny jeans.


See, told you we could get this straightened out like civilized adults. He saw it my way and we have decided.

At the moment, Dom will not be purchasing skinny jeans.

Why? You ask?

Well, I see the level of development that my child is at. I know he is 13 and 13 yr olds should be able to take on more responsibility concerning their attire. At this point, to me, his main responsibility is his grades (I know it's summertime and no one is in school). As long as year after year I have to stress over him and worry that he may not make it to the next grade because HE just decides not to do his schoolwork, I will be making clothing decisions.

He's been told. He is fully aware of the fact that all he has to do is keep his grades up (by actually completing his schoolwork) he will have full freedom to dress how he likes and wear his hair as long as he wants (within school guidelines).

Until then... Mommy dresses.



Cyn is going back to the valley. My live in "nanny" cousin is going to be returning to our grandmother's house. I'm really sad about it. I liked having her here with me and the kids. I have been running it over and over in my head to think of ways that she could stay longer. I can't come up with any productive reasoning.

I've been stalling on all of the specifics. She will be leaving with our van to the valley to pass the van off to my mother. My mother will then make a round trip back up here and come and stay with me for a week and a half. During this time, she will be packing my house for me (see, told you I'm a slacker).

Next week (the 22nd) We will be driving all of our vehicles to the Valley to start moving into our house there (which will formerly be my mother-in-law's). Once there, we will be setting up everything there. I will be out of town from the 22nd through the 27th. Then I will return and work for 3 more weeks with my job (until Aug. 15th).

During this time, I probably won't be blogging because I will be so busy.

Now, now.. you three people who read my post. No crying please. I will be back.

Remember, this is in the future so no crying right now.

One thing I am happy about is the fact that I am rarely doing any housework. I'm talking about dishes, dining room and living room. My kids are doing this for me. One of the reasons I love my kids.
The key is to get them while they are young and naive. They'll think doing dishes is fun.

See those nice smiles right there? That is their "doing the dishes is fun" look.

Although, lately, I'm starting to see them less frequently.

Do you think maybe they're catching on?

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

My little spies.

First...My latest addiction: Sweet tea from Sonic.

Kids are funny. They will innocently tell you when your spouse does something wrong. Not that they are running around saying, "guess what Daddy did!" or anything. Here's how I found out a couple of things.

First little bit of info: Yesterday the kids and I went shopping for shoes and on our way back we were coming up to a light that has one of those cameras that catch people committing traffic violations at the intersection. As we were getting closer, Miah says, "get ready to smile and say cheese". I instantly looked at her and said, "What?"

Miah: There's a camera right there and the lights will flash so you are supposed to smile.

(Now, I KNOW there's a camera there and I also know that when Angel takes the kids to a certain spot out in the boonies to go fishing and play in the sand, they go through an area that has cameras to keep track of when someone comes in and goes out. Those lights flash every time.)

Me: Miah, this is an intersection. These cameras aren't supposed to be flashing when you go through unless you do something wrong.

Miah: They flash for Daddy.

Me: They SHOULDN'T flash for Daddy!

Miah: Well, they do (and with this, she proceeded to smile as we went through the intersection. There were no flashes for me).

Looks like I'm going to have to have a 'sit-down' talk with Angel.

Second bit of info: Whenever (rarely) I go to the beach with the kids and Angel. We drive on the beach for what seems like FOREVER. One day, Devyn told Angel, "Do donuts again!!"

Of course Angel flashes me a quick guilty look and tells him, "The sand isn't good enough here for it, Devyn."


Anyway, I just learned that Shelby has given me (along with others) an award! YAY!!! I've never had an award before. Here it is:

So, I'd like to give my speech now. *ahem...ahem*

I'd like to thank my kids for making my life as hectic as it is even though you guys are the best kids in the world (strictly biasedly speaking, of course). (I know that really isn't a word..but it's my word)

My husband for not doing a stitch of housework and always coming up with some insane reason for having to go to the beach constantly (also, thank you for taking the kids with you).

Cyn for watching my heavenly children and being there with me for that random moment when Devyn decided to make the word "BOOYAH" his new saying (I've heard him say this more than once).

My readers, whoever and wherever you are, for continuing to inspire me to get over my photo shyness and post ridiculous pictures of myself.

Also, thanks to.......wait...what is that. Do you guys hear that? Is someone playing music? It sounds like that music that plays when someone is talking too much after they get an award and they start encouraging you to hurry up right before they.........

P.S. This is for Shelby:

These are the shoes I bought for Dom.

Thanks Again!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008 the RESCUE!

Alright, so, I went to work and Angel stayed home with the kids because Cyn was out of town for an appointment. Trust me, Angel was not crying about missing work. Guess where he took the kids.....YES, FISHING and to the beach. I swear, my kids are going to become fish.

I get out of work and just want to come home and lounge but the apartment managers are having brand new tubs installed. There is crap everywhere and there was no chance of lounging. I go to Jenn's house and hang out with her for awhile. Then Angel calls and asks me where I was.
I told him where and he was hinting that he wanted me to go over the beach. Now, has anyone been watching the weather channel? You would know about Bertha coming close or at least in our general direction. Hopefully it's a long shot, either way....Angel has my kids at the beach like some crazed surfers.

I tried to get out of going there but I felt bad because he said "I want you to come and keep me company". I know he is leaving next week Monday for Presidio and so I went. I never even got a chance to get out of my scrubs because there were so many guys in the house. Plus, I figured that if the weather started to get rough then mommy will be able to grab the kids and run.

This is what I saw as I came up on their spot:

Let me add that the weather was rainy off and on and it rained on me three times on my way over there. I asked Angel if it had rained there and he said "nope, it's been going all around us." I kept telling him while I was there that it was going to rain. I said it over and over. Do men actually listen....NO.

Yeah, Okay, lets see how long that will last.

I get there and there is seaweed EVERYWHERE. Gross. It's starting to get much cloudier and cooler. The tide is starting to rise and the kids are still playing in the water (I'm telling you, its going to rain, and my kids still look like crazed surfers looking for the killer wave).

Now, remember, I'm still in sneakers and scrubs so there is no way I was getting close to the water. The tide was still rising all the way to Angel's truck (I had moved mine far away so that it wouldn't get wet). I had an excuse not to get too close (I didn't want to get my sneakers wet) and I was happy about that.....until....

Angel found something that totally killed my excuse. It's my fault really. I was the one who put these things in the back of his truck in case of "emergencies".


In the end.

IT RAINED and Angel had to grab the kids and put them in HIS truck (wet) because they were getting cold. I was right. My words of wisdom wasted on the man who never listens. Of course. I was the one who had to help him gather up all the stuff and re-pack his truck because of my special galoshes. I came home to make sure the coast was clear and our tubs were ready. The kids stank.

Angel has two appointments tomorrow. I bet he runs off to the beach...again.

Sunday, July 6, 2008


Well, today I am just pooped.

Angel went to work this morning and I slept until almost 9. I tried to sneak around the house to see if the kids were asleep but they weren't. They weren't even in their beds (except for Devyn, he's gonna grow up to be like his mommy...a bum). Miah and Dom were in the living room watching cartoons. Something I learned about here.

I figured I would laze around all day bouncing from couch to bed and back as I saw fit. I would watch TV, veg-out, and snooze.

Didn't happen that way.

Miah came to me showing me Devyn's hamster tail. She had been bitten by her roommate and the tail looked bad. So bad in fact, that I looked online at my bank statement to check out the date I purchased her (I couldn't find my receipt and I only had 2 weeks in which to return her or the other if need be). I didn't want this rodent getting all infected on us and kicking the bucket and making my kids sad.

Instead...I opted to go to the pet store we bought her from and just buy another cage (there goes $35 bucks) to make the kids happy and let the hamsters be apart.

There goes my lazy day.

I get up and shower, make the kids breakfast (french toast and scrambled eggs), then the kids and I head out. We get there, get what we need and leave. I'm thinking, "that was easy" but then I'm looking at my kids (mainly the boys) in the mirror and realize that we needed to make an emergency stop. We had to get to the barber shop. These boys needed a haircut BAD!

Usually, I let Angel take care of these types of situations that concerns the boys and their hair.

but..........ANGEL IS A SLACKER! I've been 'mentioning' to him about the boys and their hair for weeks now.

I couldn't look at them anymore without thinking they were going to run away at any second and put together a 'Beatles cover band'. I was really a little worried.

See what I mean??

Anyway, here's what the boys look like now:
Ahhhhh.....much better!

I also found this old picture of Devyn when he used to have lots of hair.

I get home wit the kids and we watch a movie. Angel calls me and tells me that he is out of work and he's at the Jettys catching bait (that actually means that he was fishing). Whatever.

Now I can actually lay down and take a nap knowing that, at least, something got done this weekend.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Our Holiday.

How was everyones Holiday?
I'm still coming down off of my Santa high (visit the post before this one).
I know lots of you are still vacationing. So are we. We've been vacationing at the beach.
If you've been reading my blog, then you know that going to the beach is a pain in the ass for me. Sand everywhere. I can't really stand it. It annoys me and there's no escape from it. You end up taking it home with you. Kids bring 3x as much.

Angel told me one time that I've gotten spoiled. WHAT?!? Please! I had to set him straight.
I told him: " I have NOT gotten spoiled. When you met me, I had NEVER gone fishing. I was a homebody who liked to stay indoors and watch movies all of the time. All I wanted to do was sleep..taking naps was my favorite past time. You remember those times, I had you watching movies with me. I CHOSE to spend time doing the things that YOU like to do even if that meant going fishing and spending days at the beach. Yes, I enjoyed it and did it quite often 'back in the day' with you but now that I'm working and always tired...I'd rather spend most nights indoors doing what I like best. I still go to the beach and fishing with you, just not as often as I did before. So do realize that I am NOT spoiled, I'm the same Sheila you met and married. "

We went to the beach.
FORTUNATELY...we live about 15-20 minutes from the Gulf of Mexico so we can spend the day at the beach and spend the night at my favorite place...HOME. UNFORTUNATELY...because we live 15-20 minutes from the Gulf of Mexico...we have to abandon ship constantly, just like rats, during hurricane season. We don't care, we love it here.

So here is what we did during the day...

Angel woke me up early. 5:45. Now, normally I would be getting up around this time to get ready for work but I (and my body) knew it was a holiday which meant that there was a high possibility of me getting to sleep in. I was trying to reject the wake-up call. I would have to get up and immediately put on my bathing suit. That isn't a very common thing for me to do. And it was the last thing I wanted to do.

I did it, got my ass in gear, and we took off for the beach.

This is me:

I know that some of you may be looking at my hairdo and wondering what's up with the two buns on the side of my head...

Not exactly a fashion statement...and believe me, I wasn't trying to make one. There's a method to my madness...

They are strategically placed to prevent my head from rolling from side to side while I'm trying to nap. They serve their purpose.

Moving on..



DOM Dom didn't want to smile for the camera. That's fine, I told him these pics were going into the post and he wanted to stay like that. No biggie. He just looks so grown up.

Guess what I saw here..remember this post? Well check it out:

No, we didn't go out and get one...remember?...coffin...ughh. BUT...we did drive by someone who did get one and I made Angel pull a U-y so I can get a pic.

We also saw some small sculptures someone carved in the sand.

Miah decided she could do the same:
Miah, Devyn and I decided we were going to go walk to the end of the Jetty:

We're almost there. It gets scarier as you get closer to the end. There are waves crashing up against the rocks along the wall of the Jetty and we get wet. Not to mention the seaweed that lines the cement under our feet.

We touched that end rail and quickly turned around and went back because we were scared. We had fun though.

Devyn was trying to give me a heart attack by crawling up and down the jetty wall.

He agreed to "stay low" so that I wouldn't worry about him slipping and rolling down the rocks.

Dom mostly just kept to himself and fished so Angel took Miah closer to him so she could watch him and they could look out over the water.

Devyn likes to just sit and play with his toys in the sand.

The weather started getting cooler so we packed up and took off to visit Angel's Dad and step mother. I don't have pics of the kids there because as soon as I got there I passed out (I had a few beers and I was in the sun all day). I woke up a couple of hours later and found out that I felt nauseated. I didn't know what was wrong with me. I felt like I was bloated and I couldn't walk. I looked in the mirror and realized I was super sun-burned. I MEAN RED. I know you are all thinking..big deal, so what, you got sun-burned. Listen...I'm a black person. I don't get burned. I may get "darker" but actually getting burned to the point of looking pink has never happened to me.

We were on the Jetties. I kept smelling BBQ but when I looked around, I didn't see anyone que-ing. Low and was ME! I was literally baking out in the sun. See, that's why I don't like to go to the beach! maybe I don't look like I'm burnt and in agony. Take my word for it.


Thursday, July 3, 2008

Guess who I saw!!!!!

First let me start the story out this way:

I get home from work and take a nap. Cyn has already left for the valley for this holiday to visit with our family. We had major plans to go too but it would cost so much to spend the whole weekend at the beach there. (especially taking two vehicles...we would have to take two because if at any time I get swarmed by mosquitoes...I AM OUT OF THERE).

Anyway, regardless, we didn't go.
After she left, I watched TV with the kids and then decided to take a nap. As I was napping, Angel called me, while he was on his way home from work, saying that he was hungry and wondering if I were too. (his way of saying he wants to go OUT to eat). We went to a restaurant (buffet) and this is who we saw:


Yes, it is SO him!

Golden Corral must be the place where he comes and stuffs his face so that he can fit into that red suit. Now, the thing about me is that I see Santa ALL THE TIME. I often let people know that they remind me of Santa. Yeah, so what that I'm 35 and I see Santa....jealous? Yes, Christmas is my favorite time of year and when I see Santa anywhere else (no matter what my mood is that day) it gets changed to sheer happiness.

Santa lights up my life. The moment I saw him there walking around I KNEW I had to get a pic as proof. I tried to send Dom with my camera phone to take a pic, I even tried to explain how to be inconspicuous...he didn't get it. He walked over there giggling and came back with no pic saying, "You're turning me into a STALKER!"

I tried to send him again but Santa walked right past him and sat down at his table to eat his dessert. (cookies probably). Anyway, I couldn't take the chance of not getting a pic so I told Dom, "Give me the phone, I'll do it." Angel kept looking at me like I was crazy but never said a word. (nothing he could do would stop me anyway).

I walked over and tried to act nonchalant while messing with my camera. I finally got behind a juice maker and snapped this photo. GOT HIM!!

It took everything inside me not go bum rush the guy, sit on his lap and tell him about what a good girl I've been. I respected his privacy...I do want presents!


NOW...people won't think I'm crazy!