Friday, June 20, 2008

Fun Friday!

Well. It's here.

I always look forward to Friday. Even though the weekend flys by so quickly and Monday is here in a blink of an eye. Then it's back to work.

Angel's phone was messing up so I went online and ordered him a new one. Guess what he wanted.....

A blackberry...with internet.


I don't even have a blackberry and I take care of my phones. Angel must be dropkicking his when no-one is looking cause (I swear) his always looks like he wrestles it away from angry bears.

He got it. The blackberry. It came in today. A black Blackberry Pearl.
Lord know what he is planning to do with all that technology at his fingertips. I don't even think he knows what to do.
I just might go online and order one for me too since.................We got our stimulus check. I didn't even know that having the 3 kids would give me ** an extra $900.

Angel is already spending it in his head. He was looking at pictures of kayaks online and pricing them. He was also looking at tent cots.
Have you ever heard of them? Here's what they are:

To me, they look like coffins. I would feel smothered sleeping in these.

We (the whole family) is planning on spending the 4th weekend ON the beach. You guys know my feelings about that.

I don't know if I can survive a whole weekend ON the beach, again.

Anywhooo...gotta go and enjoy my weekend. You guys do the same!


Heather said...

My hubby LOVES his Blackberry. I can't say much about useless technology because I have an iPhone. It's way more than I need, but I got sucked in. I love it.

I agree with you and the cot tents. I'm not sure that I could sleep in one.

Darrin said...

Hmmm... I ADORE the beach! I could do a whole weekend eaaaazy!
Anyhoo, hang in there.. hopefully you'll have lotsa fun.

Shelby said...

Well we all know the unofficial Blackberry spokesman (jared) is thrilled right now, haha.

I don't want a Blackberry. I love my phone. It does everything I want it to, tee hee.

And I want a tent cot. It keeps all those creepy crawlies away from your sleeping area. Genius!