Tuesday, June 3, 2008

I have a minute...

Thanks to my new "Nanny". she's not really my "nanny" but in my mind..I like to think that. She's my husband's cousin (our cousin) and she has some spare time this summer and could make some easy money.

It was her idea and I am sooo greatful.

Hopefully my children will behave on a daily basis to make it easy money for her.
Now I can go to work knowing that my children will be supervised by a responsible adult who is also a family member. Not that my family members aren't responsible. I would just prefer to leave my kids with someone I can trust as opposed to a total stranger wanting to watch the kids at their houses. I freak out at the thought of that. I don't know what kind of people these strangers have trafficking through their houses.
That's what Angel wanted me to do. Find some service in the paper that offers childcare in their house.
No Offense Kathy! You allow us into your life on a daily basis so we feel safe just knowing you.
I just don't trust the people around here. I've actually gone to meet a few people at their house and I see hookers either getting off duty or just starting their shift.
No Thanks.

But now no worries for me for THE WHOLE SUMMER. She will be living here with us. (If she doesn't run screaming from the house like an insane person) Not necessarily because of the kids...but cause of Angel and I. We're retarded together.

So...back to the point of the post:

Ladies, Check it out.
Heather and Mrs. Romero created a new blog.
What better way to get to know someone but through their humorous side.

So let me see if I got this right..

It's a contest and a way to get to know about more bloggers and receive more comments.
You can win a nice Fuji Fine Pix Digital Camera Kit, A Blogger's Survival Kit, A Sony Digital Voice Recorder and more!

All the info is here
SITS. Click here...
Check it out and check out the other funny blogs listed on the site!
Make sure and enter the contest while you're there.

I am not an expert on posting links and such on here but I am learning.


Now, Let me tell you about Devyn.
He's a quirky one.
He's super scrawny and always active. Always running and jumping and scooting and boarding and playing. NON-STOP!
He also eats all the time.
The funny thing about him is he ALWAYS has to use the restroom DURING meals. The kids can be sitting at the table and in the middle of dinner I will look up and Devyn will be gone. I don't know why but I always yell out for him "DEVYN"! and Miah and Dom will crack up and tell me he's in the restroom. I always ask him why he's in the restroom and he just shrugs his shoulders and says, "I don't know". So I joke and tell him that he must be "making room".

Well. Today. Around 5 pm. He had made himself 2 sandwiches and ate them both. Then he wanted a third right after he finished those. I told him no cause we are going to get ready to eat dinner in a bit.
He turned to me and said, "You know I can make room."



Mrs. Romero said...

Hysterical. Is that what he is doing in the bathroom.. maing room?

Thanks for the SITS shout out! You jsut got 2 more contest entries and bloggy love from me.

christie said...

So cute! Making room!

found you on SITS!

Mama Dawg said...

I love that he's "making room". I, too, frequently find myself in the bathroom during meals and somehow always manage to be able to eat more when I get back...hmmm....