Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Vacation Over...

The vacation we took has come and gone. It was short. Like 4 days short. I feel like they flew right by after I blinked 4 times. We all had a great time. Especially the kids.

Here is our "base camp" on the beach. I know that every time we go we have a base camp where Angel sets up the canopy and has everything laid out for us. He's lounging there already.

Dom is just being silly. He's getting sooo big.

I tweeted that Angel is planning on bringing home our dinner (fish) so he was at it every chance he could get.

Devyn seemed to be the one who made the most progress with catching fish.

Unfortunately, there just wasn't enough fish to fill us up or even to go around.

Here is a pic of our "cottage" from the outside. Notice Angel's poles leaning against it? He never goes anywhere without them. If only they produced more fish than what they cost, maybe we'd break even.

Now, just because we're on vacation, it doesn't mean that the kids aren't going to continue to clean like they do at home.

Miah was a little upset because Devyn just isn't an expert on folding blankets. He ended up with the rounded edges part and she had the cornered edges.

She quickly saw that he didn't know what he was doing and made him switch sides with her. She's always been a pro when it came to folding blankets, towels and making up her bed. Even when she was very little.

I don't know why the boys never grasped the concept of a nice made-up bed. Miah and I totally get it!

Now, If you know me at know we won't make it far without Snow cone/Raspa stands along the way. Naturally, we had to pay $3 dollars each for a medium here in "vacation land" but back home...$3 buys you a JUMBO.
We're getting ours back home from now on.

If you are in need of an emergency (and I mean the #1 or #2 kind) you can always come into the beach outhouses.

Angel was fishing on the pier with the kids on the last day we were there. As I was driving home ahead of him I get a text from him telling me he lost his wallet. (GO FIGURE!)
Guess where it was? the Pier.

If only I could stay on vacation FOREVER*!

I don't know when our next vacation will be but I'm already looking forward to it. For now, it's back to the grind of everyday life (and getting the kids settled in school..ugh).

* Of course, that would mean I would need to have a little hut built NEAR the beach because I can't afford to pay each night where we stayed and continue to feed the children.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Heading out...

Today is the day we are heading out to our "camping" location.

I say "camping" like that because our plans have been modified a little bit. For instance, We won't actually be "camping" like real campers do even though that was the original plan. You know, sleep in a tent...on the ground...with NO A/C.


I happen "come across" some sites online and found some rooms for us to stay in the whole time we are there.
HEY..I want to be happy. You guys want me to be happy, right?
OKAY...that means a nice soft, comfy bed and clean running water to shower.

That's what we got.
It's right off of the beach just the way Angel likes. know that since we are going on "vacation" I was going to need some new luggage.

Okay, so I didn't really need any new luggage but as I was shopping yesterday with the kids and my cousin CYN for some things for the kids I saw these..

I had seen them several times before but could never bring myself to buy them because each one was around 34.99.
I'm cheap. I can't do that. So I waited.

And I waited....

And waited...

Then, they had them lined up just like that and I saw this little orange sticker on them.
$20.00 for each of the larger ones, the smaller one was priced at $9.99 and the tote on top was $3.

I called Angel and told him about the suitcases and the prices. He asked if I wanted them and said I could get them.


So, Cyn, the kids and I all grabbed one and headed to the register before someone else could snatch them up.

When we got there we noticed a black set. *GASP*

What the hell?

How am I going to choose now?

When we looked closer, we noticed that the black set was missing one of the pieces. So Cyn suggested that I alternate size and color and have the best of both worlds. GENIUS!!

So this is what I ended up with:

To make everything blissfully better, when the cashier rang up the luggage, the prices weren't even the same.

The largest piece rang up at $7.50

The next size down was $10.00

Next down was $10.00

The small black one was $9.99 and the tote was $3.00

So I went from almost paying $73.00 to actually paying $40.49.


Alright. That was the good, happy part of the post.

Now to the gruesome part...

You all know Chupa, right?

See how adorable he is....

Here he plays with the cat. Since the cat has recently been de-clawed, he's pretty much harmless and can't scratch but he can still bite and pounce like nobodies business.

Watch out, Tattoo is a mean bitch slapper.

But of course, Tattoo is not the focus here.

I've encountered the same problem with Chupa that I've had with the other dogs and it's really tripping me out.

I love the little puppy and would like to have him play with me on the bed BUUUUUT.....

HE HAS THE SAME PROBLEM THAT VENUS HAD. (<----Trust me, you want to read that!)

I could be loving on the puppy and playing with it and *snap* in an instant, I'm fixated on watching his butt to make sure nothing slithers out.

GROSS, I know, but still. Anytime I imagine (or see) those damn things this is the image I get:

Yeah, Okay, so it may not actually be THAT bad but still. Have any of you seen a worm's face up close?


I'm talking about the ones that come out of your pet's butts?


Well, then, take my word for it. THAT'S WHAT THEY LOOK LIKE!!
Yes, I know they are only the size of a grain of rice but as I've said before..Menacing.


Have a good one you guys. I'll be thinking of you as I sit on the beach sipping on Cheladas (and any other alcoholic beverage I can get my hands on).

Yes I know that the act of sipping on Cheladas doesn't necessarily need a beach and that I'm usually sipping on Cheladas anyway but, today, the beach offers a change of scenery. You know...not like my bedroom, living room or shower. <---what can I say. I get thirsty at random times.

P.S. Dom will be writing in his Blog again once school starts. Hopefully the curriculum isn't to strenuous on him and he will have time. Not like his lazy Mama!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Countdown Has Begun...

Three days before my "vacation" date starts.

So you all know I'm taking a few days off of work for "vacation". I've been working for a year straight with this company without taking any time off. (The two days off to heal my ankle doesn't count).

I am currently looking for a room to stay in for next weekend because I'm not sure if I can "rough" it for 4 days/nights in a tent. I've tried it before and I always run away pulling my hair out and screaming.

I know it's been awhile since I posted. Blame it on the fact that I'm getting old and tired. I've been working like crazy and passing out BEFORE Angel does. And to think, I used to get after him for not hanging with me. Not once has he gotten after me.

I have a TON of updated info to fill you in on.

For those of you who follow me on Twitter you know about what I had to do to Tattoo.
The dang cat kept scratching us and clawing at us. He even scratched me down the side of my face leaving me looking like Scarface.
I had to do something about it once and for all before he scratched all of our eyes out.


I took him to the vet to have him neutered and de-clawed.
I know, I know it sounds so inhumane but it had to be done. He was drawing blood.

Here he is after the visit. I thought he was dead. He was laying there sedated with his eyes open. It was creepy. They cut out his "berries" and the stench that was coming from there was almost unbearable. Almost skunk-like. He slept in my room in the basket (since I'm the light sleeper) so that I could take care of him.

Here, he is coming out of the anesthesia. He's cross-eyed because he's trying to focus. Poor kitty. He couldn't walk right for a few days and now he eats laying down. He kept jumping out of the basket and trying to run but he kept falling over because of the pain in his paws. You can see where one of the bandages came off early.

He's doing fine now. Just not as "Alpha Male" as he used to be.

We have a new addition to the family. His name is CHUPA. (Angel named him). Leave it to Angel to come up with the names. How do you think Miah got her stripper name (Miah Divine). I'm not asking questions about how he came up with that, I just went along with it.


Miah is giving the puppies a bath. There are 2 because one of them is a gift for my Dad (the white one). The puppies are Dachshunds mixed with something else. I don't know and it really doesn't matter. All our lives we've had mutts for animals and we loved them just the same. This dog is going to be an inside dog. (Good thing I have kids to clean up puppy messes, whew.)

Here they are after their baths and after Angel left for work. They sleep with me because I like to spoil the animals. The good thing is that Angel doesn't mind. Whatever makes me happy.

A little family picture before I take the white puppy to my Dad once and for all. There is one more brother puppy left and Angel was thinking about getting it and we keep it and have 2 puppies. Just waiting on the word and he's ours. Angel may not admit it but he's just as much an animal lover as I am. He's just not as emotional, though.


The school Dom was attending at the end of school was a charter school. If you have been following and keeping up with this blog then you know the dilemma I was having about trying to get him into a Medical Technology High School. He was still lacking some course work from the previous school and he wasn't classified as an 9th grader to be eligible for the Med school (MEDTECH).


A few days ago, I called the previous school to see what we can do about him catching up on that course work so that he can go to MEDTECH. The receptionist told me that I needed to come into the office to sign some withdrawal papers because since I had Dom enrolled at both school (as a precaution) that they already faxed over the withdrawal info to MEDTECH.

I was like, "REALLY?"
"What about the work?"
They were like, "Oh, yeah..we forgot."

So they gave me the packets to bring home to Dom and he JUST finished them and will be testing on them next week before our vacation and then he will be starting MEDTECH on the 24th.

Trust me, I'm going to be riding him throughout the whole school year. Be prepared to have plenty of post about my frustration during the school year. It's not something new. I'm just glad I only have 1 child that I have to deal with the school issues. Miah and Devyn are pretty much saints in school.

To read the other posts about this situation go HERE and HERE.

One of the reasons I haven't been sleeping well is because Angel gets up at 4 am (or rather, his alarm goes off at 4 am and I have to wake him up to tell him about his alarm going off) to get ready for work and then I am awake for the rest of the day. Sucks, I know.

What DIDN'T help is that a few nights ago, a neighbor told Angel that there was a man crouching by our fence in the back yard petting our mean and vicious doberman dogs.

*blink* *blink*

Yeah, I know. I was a little freaked out because I can't have people making nice with our killer dogs. It's really dark in the back and we can't see anything. I kept getting up in the middle of the night to check if anyone is out there so my paranoia got the best of me.

Angel went and bought some flood lights and we positioned them to light up the whole yard. I don't care if it looks like a baseball field at night out there.


They don't know we have a vicious attack cat inside. Beware!

Anyway, I know this post is lame but it's just an update. Maybe after my vacation my mind will be working right and I won't be walking around like a zombie.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


My motivation to blog has been low. I've been working and knocking out again. I will get to each and everyone of your posts A.S.A.P.


I have some vacation days saved up and I was planning on using them to either GO to NY and visit my Bro and SIL at Christmas time or use them when they CAME to visit.

It doesn't look like either is going to happen.

SO...Angel mentioned that he was taking 2 days off of work next week so that he can go to Corpus for his doctor visits. He asked if I could take a couple of days off so that the kids and I could go with him and we could stay up there for 4 days.

Guess what he wants to do.....

Go on..

Take a guess.

YUP. Fish and camp.

He actually thinks it will be "different" this time.

I don't see how.

We are still going to the BEACH. We are still going to set up CAMP. The only thing that may be different is that we won't actually be setting up the tent ON the sandy beach. We're going to set up in the background on a campsite with grass.
So that means, I won't be sleeping on sand, I will be sleeping on the ground. Okay, so knowing me it will actually be an inflatable mattress BUT still....

Angel is super excited as always.
He's running plans in his head about what we are going to do.
All I can think about is how fucking HOT it's going to be.

I know, I know...

Stop bitching and go enjoy your family.

I will...


Yesterday I took the kids and myself to the dentist. My company received dental insurance so I jumped on that train. Found a dentist here and set up an appointment (which happened to be for the next day). I got us all there and they took X-rays of all of us. None of the kids have cavities (AWESOME). That's something to be a proud Momma about. I can't stand to have my kids talking and smiling and I see stuff on their teeth. All conversation is halted immediately and the kids are ushered to the restroom to take care of business.

7 yrs straight and no cavities for either of them.

Okay, so the math isn't exact seeing as how Devyn is 8 and Dom is 14 but still...NO CAVITIES!



Wednesday, August 5, 2009




I have a great idea!
I know how much you love Raspas. I love them too.
When you guys move down to Texas we can buy it and start our own Raspa business. We may have to take turns working it since it's so small but I promise you I won't eat all of the supplies.
Of course, I know you can't actually make that same promise but we'll work on it as time goes on.
We will make a killing in the summer time because everyone loves Raspas. We can go to Sam's Club and get the supplies. All we really need is cups, spoons, straws and the flavored syrups.
Water for ice and it already comes with the ice machine and it has an A/C unit to keep us cool.
We'll be in Raspa heaven....
Think about it.
Even if we don't use it for a business.....
We can make Raspas FOR US!!!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Typical Text between Angel and I.

I bet you are wondering who's bright idea it was to start doing some yard work right when the devil wants to set the earth on fire?

Any ideas??

Let's see who the dipshit is...

First, let me set you up.

Angel is wanting to go to the Island (again) but this time just He and I. We can leave the kids with my parents (along with my vehicle) and do some pier fishing on Friday night and some wade fishing on the beach on Saturday. He wants to stay for 2 nights. The rooms are very expensive (around 169 a night) and I'm not trying to pay that much.

There is the other issue that he "promised" we could do this weekend. And that was to section off a part of my yard for the dogs to mainly stay in so that we could have a social part of the yard with some grass. That sounds like home improvment that would benefit because weather stays pretty good here in the fall and we can take advantage of our yard.

So, here's the texts:

Angel: Before we do anthing what would you like to do this weekend if I don't work

Angel: Let's go shoot pool let's go to fast eddies me u

ME: No, not into that anymore

Angel: Good, just making sure

Angel: Well if I don't work Sat. I want to leave Friday to the island for two nights to unwind

Me: OK

Angel: Or do you want me to do the fence this week

Me: Let's do the fence so we can enjoy the rest of summer in some of our yard

Me: I will help

Angel: Ok or we can measure it and get an estamit from fence people so we can buy a small gate door or ben might have one

Me: whatever

Angel: And we can start on the grass

Me: Yeah

Angel: It would have been perfect for me to go to P.I. to see if those rooms were there then come get u but i know we got work to do just imageing

Me: If you want to go then we can go. make up your mind.

Angel: You need to make up my mind please

Me: No, just decide

Angel: Don't want to make the wrong decision u help now

Me: No, u decide. Who is going to help get school supplies and when?

Angel: I will get them Sunday at walmart promise and cook. Now decide

Me: I want to get them when they are cheapest. Did you go to quest?

Angel: That tells me nuthang

Me: Are you still over there?

Me: My brother is coming at xmas time.

Angel: Yes just got here. decide

Me: Got where? Quest? Don't be bossing me around.

Angel: Yes, decide I am the boss of u

Me: Then we can stay and do yard work



Angel: Oooooookayyyyyyyyyyy

Me: See, why you make me decide?

Me: Going to cash my check

Angel: Can I over rule u with my powert

Me: Um...powert?

Angel: Power what if that was the wrong answer to me

Me: You made me decide. I used MY powert.

Angel: For real I was just testing your judgement and I think ur not on the same page thought you were my soul mate. Mate

Me: I am your soulmate, that's why my sensible judgement comes in and decides when needed. See, I look after you.

Angel: I think that's not right my soul mate would've pick the fun stuff

Angel: And sorry if I don't agree with ur poor judgement and feeble thinking process

Me: Did you price a room?

Angel: I was going to drive over there to find that place but we can still go.


....YUP, It was me.

What the hell is wrong with me?

Needless to say. These texts were between Angel and I this weekend and we NEVER went to the beach. We also never really got to work in the yard. We are "watering" the yard in order to moisten the soil because the metal rake we bought was sucking at pulling powdered dirt.

We will be planting grass for sure this Sept!!


Sunday, August 2, 2009

I need some GRASS! Who has some?



Not that kind of grass.

I swear, you people....

My yard has been looking like CRAP. I hate doing yard work. I like to leave the yard work to the guys. My dad did make us cut the grass when we were younger but now that I'm a parent/spouse, I like to leave it to the men in the family.

Also, this heat has been killer. It's been in the 100s for weeks straight. Nothing is growing around here. Good thing these orange groves have good irrigation.

ANYWAY, back to the point.

My yard is dreadful. The dogs have trampled it to hell.

Angel and I decided to isolate a part of the yard (which means install a fence, ughhh) so that we can actually try to grow some grass and have a decent place to sit outside. One of the main reasons for isolation?


Dom's job is to pick up the poop everyday (since he doesn't do anything all day) and make sure the yard looks presentable.


It's like trying to avoid land mines out there. I guess one of the pros about this heat (and believe me, there aren't many) is that when the shit is on the ground, the sun automatically dries it up and turns it into that white powdery looking shit.


Now it'll just blow right off the bottom of my shoe with a gust of wind instead of sticking on it in a mushy, stinky....well, you get the point.

Today is yard work day. We went to Home Depot yesterday and got a new water hose, 2 sprinklers, some grass seeds, fertilizer (we don't even know if it's the right type) a seed spreader, a metal rake and Reese"s Peanut Butter Cups <----his. We're going to see if we can grow some grass.

This is what the yard looks like now (remember, this is only PART of the yard, one side of the house).

Wish us luck.