Wednesday, October 8, 2008

...and it just keeps getting better.

I have been up since 4 am.

Why you ask?

Let me tell you...

My precious little angels need to be taken outside to do their business nightly. So I get up without complaining and take them out. I had brought them back in and I noticed one of the dogs doing something.

Now if you guys are easily grossed out then stop reading NOW and proceed to the bottom of the page to the next picture.

Now before I tell you what happened, I'm going to show you who DID IT.


Alright, now that I called her out, let me get on with the story.

Venus came in the house and started dragging her butt across my floor. When I say dragging, I mean literally DRAGGING. I froze in my tracks. This obviously wasn't one of those funniest home video moments cause I was not running to get my camera. She stopped dragging and walked away and LEFT SOMETHING BEHIND.

Holy Crap. It was a little white worm. And it was moving!

Granted, it was the size of a grain of was still menacing.

That totally made me gag. I grabbed the dogs (yes both of them) and threw them back outside. I walked around the house looking for that dog worm medicine I bought and was putting off giving it to them. I couldn't find it anywhere. Around 4:45 I decided to call my mom. I was persistent. She didn't know where it was either. I texted Angel and he called me back at 5 and he didn't know where it was.

UGHHH....No one ever knows where anything is in this family!!!

I looked online to see if my walmart was 24hrs. NOPE.

I left the dogs outside because they were NOT coming back in here. They normally sleep in my closet in a basket but due to the current situation, their accommodations were temporarily relocated. OUTSIDE.

I took the kids to school and at 8 am went straight to walmart as soon as they opened and got them some more medicine.

I sure wish Angel was here with me he can do all of this instead of me.



For any of you who would like to come and visit...maybe even go for a cruise...feel free. You might be able to afford it here.

I filled up my company car this morning and this was the price. I got it even cheaper because if you ask for a walmart gift card (which they give you free) and put money on that card to use at the pump, you get an extra 3 cents off each a gallon.

So I put gas for $2.81 today.

I'm considering not putting any gas for a while to see how low it will get, but then with my luck I might miss all of my opportunities once the prices start going up again.


Devyn has soccer practice today. I hope I can keep my promise and run that mile with him today.....we'll see.


The Nice One said...

Go on and run that mile, that'd be fantastic!

Dogs...can be soooo gross. UGH!

~Sheila~ said...

I'm going to! I'm already dressed and got my running shoes on and put on my spandex.


I need to keep everything as close to me as possible while I run or I will knock myself out!

honkeie2 said...

I was thinking about getting a dog but I might not knowing dogs like to use the floor for TP.

Andy said...

My dog does weird, disgusting things a lot, too. We'll have that to bond over.

Capricorn said...

lol..I like how you go from 'my babies' to 'fuckin worm infested mutts' in like 2.5 seconds.

The Teenage Years said...

lol thats funny