Saturday, October 11, 2008

It's Saturday Night...

Do you know where your kids are?

Hell Yeah! Mine are in bed!!

Let's start with a small recap of my last 2 days.


I went to work and found out my caseload has been dropped to 5 patients total. Some partly because they have met their physical therapy goals and a couple because their Doctor never approved PT for them in the first place and there was a misunderstanding.
Whatever, you think I'm complaining? NOPE. I still get paid for a full day (everyday) either way.
So Monday, I have 2 patients to

After work I picked up the kids and took Miah over to my parents so that she can stay the night because she has been begging to stay the night. I get there and my mom tells my dad to close the house door because she had just turned on the A/C. He is standing 5 feet away from the door piddling with his keys and he looks up at here and yells "JUST FUCKING WAIT A MINUTE DOT!"


I look at my mom and then ask my dad "what's wrong?"


(input the sounds of brakes screeching here)

At this point we got into an argument because there was absolutely no reason for him to be yelling at me for..well..nothing really. This was obviously a time where he needed to be reminded about the phrase: Don't bite the hand that feeds you.

What I mean by that is...I do a crap load for my parents. I am the only one who really comes through and does things for them, provides for them and I am basically the one who cares for them. I take them wherever they need to go and I was mainly the one who helped them move all of their crap from one place to another. (with the exception of my brother in law who I had to call for help). Other than than. It's all me.
My Dad had the nerve to tell me one day that he is blessed with great friends.


Where are these great friends when he needed them?

Why didn't he say he was blessed with great family.

Whatever. The point is. He bitched at me for absolutely nothing and I wasn't going to put up with it.
I will not be return to helping my parents (my dad) for anything else until he apologizes. And being the stubborn black man that he could take awhile.


After that whole situation happened I proceeded to take Devyn to soccer practice. (he is getting so good). They practice for 2 1/2 hrs and the parents are there complaining because they want to leave already. I mentioned to one of the parents that I will stay as long as I need to so that Devyn gets the practice that he needs. If the coaches are willing to stay...I'll stay.

Angel was on his way home from Corpus and he came with about 45 min left of practice to see Devyn. He looks so proud when he watches him. It's very rare that he gets to see the kids in their sports because he is always sent away with the company to work in another city or another state. I'm so happy that he is here.


Maybe I spoke too soon. (about being happy Angel is here)

I just wanted to lounge this weekend and watch movies and do nothing but Angel was up talking about cleaning house and straightening out the yard and doing this and that.....blah blah blah.

Either way, we got to work. I cleaned Devyn's and Miah's room. He organized the kitchen and outside. Dom cleaned his own room and helped outside all the while talking on the phone (apparently he has a girlfriend).

We got a lot done and Angels mom called to say that she was picking up the kids. She decided to take them to Peter Piper Pizza and Angel and I decided to tag along (cause we love their pizza ....well, I do).

Then we came back and realized my washer was not working and called a man down the street and he came over and fixed it really quick (quickest 60 bucks anyone could make).

We practiced some soccer moves with Devyn such as hitting the ball with his head and stopping it with his chest. He is going to be AWESOME! (Angel still says I baby him...whatev.)

Now, the kids are in bed and he and I are drinking some beers and watching some UFC fights on Spike TV. The fact that he chose to stay home with me, despite his cousins calling him constantly to come over and hang out and drink some beers with them, mean a lot to me. Of course...I"m so frickin tired, I just want to hit the fucking hay instead, but, I'll spend some quality drinking time with him.

Next week is our birthday. I am constantly reminding myself not to expect a present from him because I already have SHITTY AND PISSY.
At least I won't have to worry about times like


At least tomorrow I won't have to worry about housework. YAY!


Mom Taxi Julie said...

Can you come clean my house now? When my kids have practice I drop them off and come back later. No way I'm sitting around for 2 1/2 hours! Maybe in a coffee shop...