Monday, October 27, 2008

Big Plans for Tattoo

So you all know that I have a new edition to the household.


This kitty is super cute. She loves to sleep with me. She loves to play and she's super lovable.

Then thing is....Everyone in this house is here for a purpose.

My kids are here for manual labor. They were age appropriate as soon as they could talk. They clean the house.

The hamsters are here to keep the kids occupied so that they don't constantly keep calling out to me when they are bored.

Venus and Serena are being trained as guard dogs to protect our property and our persons.

Tattoo....since she is a very quick learner and potty training cats is NO WHERE near as hard (or messy) as potty training dogs...

I have big plans for her.

She will become part of the of the protection crew.

She's already in training.

Today's Gas prices! It's getting better folks! (for now)


Brian in Mpls said...

Damn I need to get my cats into Ninja training that would be awesome!!

Andy said...

Ninja cats... I like that idea... I can't believe gas is under $2. Never thought I'd see that again.

Capricorn said...

Venus and Serena are being trained as guard dogs to protect our property and our persons.


I can bet within a week the dogs will be afraid of the ninja cat. You know..because of all her ninja stealthiness and all.

Dana said...

What I wouldn't give for gas prices like that! We are still over $3 here! These gas prices alone have basically put my family in the poor house! Can't wait for a turn around....

scargosun said...

i want a kitty. :( G-dog is not a snuggler. A snuggler/nija cat would be awesome.

Cherlyn said...

All cats are ninjas.

Ninjas with ADHD.

Moe Wanchuk said...

I love how you get the kids working.
Sick of all these cake eater kids in this country!

honkeie2 said...

I got all excited because I thought you were get some ink done....shame on you for gettting me all fired up like that!
Train that putty well, it will have to fight off those chinese food cooks some day!