Friday, December 25, 2009


So...I've been really busy these past few days/weeks. I've really been stressing over Christmas for the kids and the family.

I like buying gift bags at this particular store because they are super CHEAP! I'm talking 25 and 50 cent super large gift bags. I'm a sucker for easy wrapping even if it means sticking gifts in a bag and handing them off to someone.

Well, as I was heading to my favorite store, I'm pulling out of this parking lot and get into the right side of the exit (to turn right). Another car pulls up to the left side of me and it appears to be going to turn to the left. This car did NOT have a signal light to let me know. All of a sudden, this car starts going forward a little bit and then....turns to the RIGHT!!!

Right into the left front bumper of my truck. The car keeps driving and ultimately scrapes the whole right side of the car with this looooong line of damage left from my vehicle.....and then....keeps driving.


This person turns into a road and then immediately makes a U-turn I guess to try to shake me off. When this person saw me pull right up beside HER and motion for her to PULL HER ASS OVER, she was PISSED!

She pulled over and got out of her car, looked at her damage, came over and looked at my damage and starated cussing ME out! This girl was very hostile. She was waving her hands in the air and yelling all kinds of obscenities at me as well as throwing the "N" word around a few times. She starts yelling to me, "GIVE ME YOUR INFO SO I CAN GO HOME!"


I told her we were going to call the police, and I did.

She tried to lie to the cops about how the incident happened but he knew she was a crazy bioooch lying.

I've submitted my claim but I have to wait for after the holidays in order for this to get settled.

Here's the damage:

Now, How was everyone's Christmas??

My kids are pretty happy with what they got.

Angel took on the responsibility of getting the kids some of their presents. Guess what Santa Daddy got them? Gaming Chairs. They hook up to the game system or their MP3 players and they have built in speakers. Poor Dom, the one he chose didn't work so Angel has to take it back and get a new one but Miah's has some pretty loud speakers.

The Boys got some Ripstick Gs and All the kids are receiving new bikes.


What did I get?

Oh, let me show you...



I actually love it! For those of you who know me and the fact that I am always complaining about going camping/fishing/to the beach, you know that I am not comfortable if I have to go and squat in the bushes/dunes/in the water <---just kidding (am I?)

Angel saw it and knew it was for me!

That's LOVE!

That's not all my soulmate got for me!

Check this out!!!.....

It is soooo big I couldn't fit the whole thing on my camera for the picture.

I mean,'s HUGE!











Okay, maybe, I overexaggerated a tad.

Not quite as enormous as I made it out to be but still. It's for the kitchen. I was cooking one day and ..... (yes, I said ONE DAY) I was missing a show I wanted to watch during that time. We started talking about how we could "benefit" from a TV right there in the kitchen and BAM!! The decision was made.
It's only a 15 inch but I really don't need a massive one crowding my counter.

Miah and Devyn got their snuggies and they are super happy campers!

We spent quality time with family who drove in from different areas of Texas so we are feeling please and blessed to be loved.


Thursday, December 17, 2009

All because I think the cat peed on my poncho

My day was pretty crappy today.


And, yes, I'm blaming it on the cat.

Not Tattoo. Tattoo knows better. I think.

Onyx is this week's culprit.

Let me start from the beginning.

Last night, Dom pointed out that the sink wasn't draining right (at all) so we poured some Drano down the sink and waited.

All we managed was a slow drain.

I had drank a few beers and eaten some of Angel's homemade chili so that was a recipe for a sleep coma.

I was watching the movie "Fighting" with him and fell asleep on the couch so by the end of the movie I had grabbed my blanket, pillow and Onyx and made my way to bed. Angel stayed awake and drank a few beers and put the chili away.

Let me get on with the point.....

By morning time, I got up and grabbed my poncho from the basket at the end of my bed. The sleeve and the hood was wet. I smelled it and it didn't smell funny but I wasn't taking any chances. I grabbed it and a few other items and threw them in the washer. For some reason there was still water in the washer but ......duh....didn't think twice about it. I put it on spin to clear the water and then put in my load.

I'm in my room (harvesting my crops) and I hear this water splashing. I know it has been raining here these past few days so I figured it started raining again....hard. I peek out and it's the drain hose to the washing machine spitting out water (the machines are outside by my window). I run outside and turn off the machine but then that's when I *snapped* OH CRAP!! The water is backing up because of the sink not draining!!!

I ran into the kitchen and sure enough...I hear water splashing onto the floor and I was now swimming. BOTH sinks were full, the counter was full, the kitchen floor was flooded and I saw the water making a bee-line for one of the living rooms straight to the computer tower.


Something had to be done quick! So...I ran and woke up Angel (lucky for me he was rained out of work, not so lucky for him though).

I grabbed a blanket that was on the couch and threw it on the kitchen floor. Angel came running out of the bed, still in a buzzed haze from drinking the rest of the bud lights, and ran straight to the restroom. Then he got control of his senses and came to the kitchen. He almost slipped and fell because of the water.

He broke out the Wet/Dry Vac we have and...I got to work vacuuming the water and emptying the vac over and over.

Once most of the water was up, I had to go to work and leave Angel with the rest of the clean-up.

I felt bad.

As I was driving to work...I see these men on the side of the road with shovels filling in pothole with dirt from the back of a truck.

I'm thinking...Oh, ok, they are filling in pot-*BAM*......that's when it happened.

I grab my steering wheel with both hands and slowly drive to the next intersection. I had to drive slow...there were a million potholes everywhere. I pass the intersection and relax my grip on the wheel and automatically, my car starts veering to the right.



I pull over and sure enough...I have a flat!

I hit that hole and it busted my tire immediately.

I had to call my office for them to send someone to assist me. The guy came out and changed the tire to the awful donut spare and I had to follow him to a tire center where he had to purchase a new tire.

Set my whole day back by a few hours.

When I got back home, Angel was still working on the pipe that was apparently clogged due to my awesome cooking-and-pouring-grease-down-the-drain skills. He had to cut the pipe and place a new one........outside.


All because I think the cat probably peed on my poncho!

I'm gonna get to those posts I promised soon enough.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

What happens if you overdose on...


You have all seen the commercials, Right?
Brooke Shields advertising a medication to help you grow longer, thicker eyelashes.
I don't know about you guys but there are some things I am a little bit skeptical about, especially when it comes to putting stuff near my eyes.

I'm not so sure about the potency of some medications. How do you actually know that the dosage is correct for you? What if you are accidentally putting on double the dose or even triple the dose?

Nuh, Uh....Not me people. I refuse to end up like this:


Angel says that when he sees those commercials, he automatically thinks of Mr. Snuffleupagus
I think I am content with the lashes I have...thankyouverymuch...


Now, on to the reason for this post.

Danielle over at A Matter of Time; Don't try this on your own has gotten on me because I have been neglecting my blog.


I have been addicted to facebook like a crack addict. Who can blame me? I've gotten in touch with so many people from my past as well as those many friends I have met recently. I'm in constant contact with my distant family.

I'm back though. Christmas is just around the corner and I'm super excited. The kids have already written a long list of demands gifts they would like. Let me tell you, these kids know how to make a list.

I went shopping for a few of the things and when I got back, they constantly asked about what I bought them. Sheesh....these kids have no faith in Santa. I ended up telling them that I had to rob Santa in order to get some of the items on their lists. They wanted to know what I robbed Santa of.....honestly.


Devyn finished his last football game a couple of Saturdays ago.

The coaches had a party for the team at Peter Piper Pizza. The kids had a great time, I ate a lot of pizza and then I came home to watch UFC 107 with Angel.

That was the point in time when Devyn came over to us and sat on the couch and said,"I've made my decision..."

THAT was the point in time when I paused the TV and made Angel hold off on watching the rest of the fight.....without me.

Devyn had me on the edge of my seat waiting for the answer.

He was unsure of whether he wanted to continue playing football next year because of how much contact there was for his little frame....but he has come to a decision...

He IS going to play next year.


I'm excited about his future athletic "career".

Miah and Devyn will both be playing Basketball soon so be prepared for those updates and pics on here.

They are both attending Sunday school with Devyn's former football coach as their teacher. How awesome is that?!

Dom is up to his usual self when it comes to school and disobedience. I wish there was a positive roll model who would be willing to take him under their wing and show him that peace comes with completing your school work.

Unfortunately, as much as I try to drill this into his dice.

We'll keep trying. We always will.

That's it for now..I will be back to keep you updated. If it seems like I'm taking too long...come over to facebook and give me a good swift kick in the ass!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving...(belated)

This Thanksgiving holiday we celebrated on Wednesday (the day before the actual holiday). We all went to my Sister-in-law's house and chomped and chomped and chomped. Angel and my Brother-n-law, Steve, both fried turkeys.
It was nice to be with family. There was a feeling of "something's missing" because there was.
Grandma Imelda isn't there for the holiday seasons anymore and I think we all felt that.
The day after, we packed up the kids (as usual) and took off to the beach to do some much needed fishing (as usual). This time, we booked an awesome room for 4 days and 3 nights. It had a separate room which consisted of the 2 queen beds and a TV in that room. There was a living room and a full kitchen and dining room.

Dom automatically made himself comfortable and I was jealous!

Miah was anxious to set up my laptop and get started harvesting my crops!
(ok, so she was coerced a little bit)

Angel sat in the chairs and didn't want to get up. I sat in mine and didn't want to get up either! Truth be told...we stayed in that night and just enjoyed being around each other.

The next day, we took the kids to a secluded place (which almost forced me to slam Angel's truck into 4 wheel drive). I swear, where Angel took us is where dead bodies usually end up. No Joke. It was eerie!
Miah was in a kick-boxing mood and decided to pretend to attack everyone.

Devyn was ready to fish!

There's Miah with a sneak attack on Dominique.

Dom hates taking pictures but we have a rule. He has to smile for any picture I want because otherwise I will throw a fit!

Miah was in such a loving mood. She was always hugging the boys.

I don't know what's up with Devyn's crazy smile but I still love this picture! They all look so happy.

The next day was another fishing expedition. This time we went to a more public fishing pier (that we will never go on again because the cost of just bringing our poles on the pier was outrageous).

Angel was prepared with his SUPER-ULTRA-MEGA fanny pack and his off roading ice chest.

In the distance was a pirate ship that took customers on cruises. It shot gun powder out of a cannon that made this loud BOOM!

It was windy that day and we were afraid that Miah's hat would fly off.

Daddy helping Miah set up her pole so she can start bringing home the grub. Everyone has to start earning their keep around here!

Devyn knows what to do...if he wants to eat tonight!

I'm not a professional but I love when I catch a fish.

ANY FISH! (I happened to be the only one to catch something at that time)

Dom is setting up his pole.

Miah stopped fishing first and then Devyn followed suit. We were supposed to go to the beach so that they could play in the sand but it was getting late and colder so we had to go straight back to the room.
We enjoyed ourselves there and it was a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend.
Thanks to our cousin CYN (<--click here) who house sat and fed the pets for us while we were gone. That alone took a load off of my mind.
We got the Christmas tree up.
What is it about this tree that causes this reaction???
(click on each tree picture to enlarge for full effect)

That is a copy cat (get it?....copy cat) of last year's tree episode. (<--click here)

I would kill for one of these. Of course, in my household, I would only manage to get a grape and the kids would tear the rest of it up!
That's it for now folks. I will keep you updated when my lazy ass kicks into gear!
Have a good one!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Major Update...Sorry so long..

My goodness people. Ya'll are gonna be mad at me for this long post instead of breaking it down in little posts...but, Oh well. (you can take naps in between if you like)...

I'm going to play a real quick game of "catch-up" for you starting with My birthday. Of course this was Angel's B-day too. We lost a our grandmother shortly before so we really weren't in the mood for celebrating. Our grandmother also shared the same birthday with us and it just didn't feel the same. We miss her and will always love her.

The next event was Halloween.

Dom, being Dom, didn't have the grades to allow him to participate in Halloween festivities this year.

In this pic, Miah and Devyn were in costume. Miah was a punk-rock princess and Devyn...Dracula. Devyn was Dracula last year. He's so easy to please...

Miah has the lashes, earrings (which are actually mine) and the fake nails. 1/3 through the night, the lashes had to go, the nails were popping off and I was pocketing my earrings so they didn't get lost.

Onyx decided to warm up some of the Halloween decorations before we put them out.

Dom is on top of the roof helping with the set-up.

I don't know who is buried here but I sure hope their decaying bodies fertilize my yard. I need grass BAD!

Naturally, Dom always finds a way to participate. The clothes...not a costume, he dresses like that normally.

OK, here I am. I know I look DRUNK but believe me, I'm not (yet). Gorilla Boy wanted to get his paws on my camera and there was a little bit of a struggle ( WHAT?! I thought he was going to run off with it!)

When I finally came to my senses and realized what he wanted..this was the result. WE FRICKIN LOOK LIKE TWINS!!! ughhhh!

Moving on...

The next event was Miah's 10th Birthday. She wanted a slumber party instead of a full blown-out party. Her our command.

I bought Miah about 20 invitations to give to her classmates.
THANK GOODNESS...only about 6 or 7 girls showed up. See folks! It's the effort that counts!

Girls played on the computer....

Some played on the Wii...

Cousin Sadie was Chillin!!

I figured the girls would settle down around 10pm after we made this whole set-up in my living room.

Popcorn, juices, candy, blankets, pillows, couch cushions, air mattresses and rowdy girls....not a good combination!!!

Stop watching me!! Watch the movie so I can get sneaky pics!!

PEOPLE! This is the scene AFTER the girls were running around at 4 am like Banshees AFTER the movie was over. This is at 6 am. Some of the poor girls didn't make it to their spots.

Early moring cleaning. Miah was informed that whatever mess was left after the girls left..she was going to have to clean. She told the girls to HOP TO IT!

In the morning...there was cake and Ice cream for breakfast.

What??! These children will go home happy and full of life after this slumber party!
Their parents will thank me for it later...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY GIRL! (even though you did decide to cut your own bangs!)

Dom (because of his grades) has been spending some time in the doghouse. But it's all good. He's doing his best to bring them up and we are rooting for him.
Devyn # 17
Devyn has been doing AWESOME in football. At the beginning he wasn't feeling it because he was getting hurt and because since he is so small, they had him as receiver, kickoff return and corner. Now he's playing Kickoff, kickoff return, receiver and corner.
He's loving it.
Their team hasn't won any games because the team is mainly made up of 1st year players. The coaches are highschool graduates. They are doing a great job with handling the kids. (even though some parents don't think so) I know that everytime Devyn walks off of the field he tells me "I had a great game." or "I had a great practice."
Him telling those words is all I need to hear.

Alright folks, that is the update so far. Tonight I am going to watch the UFC 106 fight with my best friend (Angel) and a few friends of ours here at the house. Drink a few (maybe more than a few) beers, there's gonna be BBQ wings and maybe even some Fajitas (for those of you fajita lovers).
For now, I leave you with Miah.
She's gonna be busy harvesting my crops on Farmville for me.