Friday, December 5, 2008

Got the tree up...finally. UPDATE: COME SEE!

I sent these pics to Angel on his phone. I use my cell phone to take pics because I don't have that Christmas gift I was waiting on since last year just yet. YUP, I've been waiting on Angel to get me a digital camera for the longest time now.

I have already done the whole "get my own damn present" thing too many times.


We've had the tree up for a couple of days now but we haven't gotten around to putting up the decorations. And by "We" I mean ME. I've just been passing out after work. I have just enough energy to make sure my kids are home safely and then I knock out.

Um....yeah...about the tree....

I took the pics to show Angel the tree lights and the 1 decoration we have up. This decoration isn't by'll see....

Click on the pictures to get a better look.

I don't expect the ornaments will be hanging on the tree for very long.

It's going to be a long Xmas with this cat.


So guess what we have here.


Gas has come down to $1.49 here, and that's without the gas card with the .03 discount.

I knew it!!

When I saw it I almost peed my pants a little. I know I let out a little squeak while I was driving and it's a good thing I was alone.

All is right with the world!


Samantha said...

Awww, so cute!

Moe Wanchuk said...

I have a honda civic and 11 gallons goes about 450's great...I just filled up for $ cool

Cherlyn said...

I got gas today for $1.57 per gallon. I was stoked.

Pretty tree! My ex and I didn't have a tree the whole time we were married because of the dog and cat.

Dana said...

OH my gosh! Tattoo is TOO funny! Quite the ornament there.....Your tree looks fabulous compared to ours. Ours looks like somebody just threw a bunch of ornaments at it! The kids did it themselves so I guess I'll resist my need to have it perfect and I'll just.....leave it as is!

Mom Taxi Julie said...

I've had a lot of cats and haven't had one do that YET lol.

Woohoo on gas, it's around $1.63 most places here.

shelia said...

Pets can make having a Christmas tree a challenge...have fun :)

honkeie2 said...

I bearly have enough patience with children attacking the tree. A cat attacking it to,,,,,well lets just say the day it broke one blub there would be chinese food on the table that night!