Sunday, December 21, 2008

More sweets!!!

I have found a solution to a small problem I have been having.

Since I drive all day for my job, I tend to attract the strange men who like to drive along side me to gawk at me and try to persuade me to roll my window down.

Honestly, I don't think they have anything important to say. If they are trying to ask for directions...they are better off asking some one who's car isn't in motion.

Anyway, what I was getting at was this guy was driving beside me for at least 5 miles. I mean he (and his buddy) were making sure they were right beside me and this means slowing down and speeding up when necessary to maintain their position.


I tried to shake them off but they wouldn't go.


I took out my camera (phone) and took a picture of them.

After that, they made sure they weren't next to me anymore.

I guess they thought I was going to report them or something.

Hey! I only wanted to gawk at them too!



How nice am I?!

So, earlier this week a lady came knocking on my door while the kids and I were watching the movie Bolt....or was it Beverly Hills Chihuahua?? (don't ask) anyway, This lady was from an elementary school and wanted to know if they could borrow my Santa train because they are going to be showing the movie "The Polar Express" at their school.

Hell Yeah! Sure. Why Not?

When Dom was in the 5th grade, his school took him to the movie theater to watch it. His class was given permission to wear their pajamas with robes and slippers if they would like. So, I went out and bought my kids some.

When it came time for them to head to the theater, I loaded up Miah and Devyn with our robes and slippers on and we went and joined them. We had a ball. They still talk about it. Even Dom gets excited when it's mentioned.

I told this story to the teacher and she said that they would like to do the same. Dom and I gave her some more ideas and then she left.

The next day she came back and picked up the train.

Friday, she comes back and drops the train back off along with this:

Awww, that was soo sweet of them. They didn't have to thank me with COOKIES and CAKE!!

I'm so glad they did though.

It stays right beside my bed.


honkeie2 said...

I love the camera idea of getting creepy people away. But know this, that wont work with me lol!
I have given more cakes and cookies away this season to try and save myself from myself.

Andy said...

You are amazing for taking a photo of gawkers. You should market this idea- "The Gawker Cameraphone."

Mom Taxi Julie said...

LOL too funny! When I was commuting on back roads I would get pissed when people would tail gate me so I would start to drift over to the side on purpose. That got them to either back up or pass me almost every time!

Capricorn said...

If only they knew you were just wanting to blog about them. lol.