Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Just Plain Proud.

Dom completed another packet. Social Studies.
He is working at a fast pace and I like that.
I honestly think he is actually working toward graduating at an earlier date.
I don't know how much prouder I could be.
His teacher is amazed with him and how fast he is completing his work and testing. She said that it usually takes the students "a while" to finish a packet because it's at the pace they want to work. Then it usually take some time before they would test on that packet. Dom completed the Science packet on the 3rd day there AND he tested on it the next day. He hasn't even been in this school 2 weeks.

So proud.

MIAH has been cracking me up lately. Angel and I bought some doors to install in Devyn's room (not real doors, just those accordion type doors). We were putting them up when I heard Miah yell at Devyn in the living room, "WHAT DID I SAY? NO GRENADE LAUNCHERS!"

She was playing the Xbox with him. She has been playing more and more lately. I'm afraid the boys are warping my little girl like HERE.

It's around 4 am right now and I'm a little restless due to lack of sleep. There are several factors contributing to that this very moment.

The dogs are driving me crazy. They wake up and play 4 or 5 am and all I hear is them banging up against my bedroom wall and barking and gnarling at each other right outside my bedroom window.
They are getting so big and getting into EVERYTHING!!!
Our washer and dryer are outside on the back porch and every time we go out there the dogs are all hyper and jumpy. They want to just stand on their hind legs, put all of their weight on you and just lick and lick and lick. If you happen to drop a sock or *gulp* your underwear, then you are shit outta luck. They gone. The dogs are playing tug-o-war with them in front of the neighbors. They chewed the seat off of Angel's bicycle. They've chewed up baby trees in the yard. They crap and piss every 10 seconds so it's not safe to venture out into the yard.
I love those puppies.

The cat (Tattoo) was laying on my head.
This friggin cat attacks us all every chance he gets. You can walk anywhere in the house and he will spring out on his hind legs and pounce on you. He attaches himself onto your legs and starts biting on it as you are walking. He chases you and ultimately causes you to dash to your room and dive on your bed so he can't get your ankles. Wanna pet the kitty? Sure, go ahead. If you really want to take the risk of retracting your limb with only a couple of fingers left not to mention your forearm getting all scratched up by his hind legs.

He pounced on my dad's poor puppy the whole time they were here visiting.
The cat plays hard but he also crashes hard. He sprawls out. He don't care.

He likes to stare us down for awhile right before he attacks!
He always finds his way into my room at night and curls up on my bed to sleep.
Cute kitty.

Snowball (the outside cat) came inside to get warm and crapped under my Christmas tree. That cat has plenty of fur so... outside he went.

The Hamsters are running in their wheels. RIGHT NOW.
They never stop running. THEY RUN ALL NIGHT.

There is this crazy squeaking noise coming from the top of the house. I think it's the vent from the stove and it's windy outside. The wind is making it spin and it squeaks.
I can't do anything about that.

I have a house full of crazy right now.
And the sun hasn't even come up.


Andy said...

That must be one angry kitty.... I wish I had a cat, but I'm terribly allergic. That didn't stop my parents from having cats my entire childhood, however

~Sheila~ said...

Miah and I are allergic to cats too. We don't care. We take allergens for it. We love kitty.

honkeie2 said...

Good for DOm! I would not have graduated earilier hell I wanted to stay in High school!
I am sorry i dont have the patience for animals. They would have been on the menu already.

Erin The Great said...

Your kitty is so cute. My cats used to do 'cat bowling' around 4 am and it would wake everyone in the house up. Luckily everyone would wander out into the house, grab a cat, shut the door so they would stop their shenanigans. Damn cats.

Capricorn said...

For the record, I tell my brother, NO GRENADE LAUNCHERS all the time, but he doesnt seem to get it.

Maternal Mirth said...

I want to sleep like your cat ... he looks rested.