Friday, December 12, 2008

Been Busy! Just like you guys!

A lot has been going on (I know everyone is busy so everyone is excused for not posting as often as they would have liked to....everyone except those getting paid for posting...hee hee).

Anyway, I have been dealing with the kids, family and working.


One of the Physical Therapists (PTs) that worked for the company on an "as needed" basis decided he didn't want to be needed by the company anymore so now we are down to 2 PTs. Both of them are working with the company on an "as needed" basis too. They are also working with other companies as needed so they are pretty busy.

This means that I will be getting my patient load from these 2 PTs only if they have time to accept patient evaluations from my company.

This means that I have just dropped my patient load from 6-8 patients a day to 4 patients a day (which is what I have now). I also looked at my schedule for next week and on Tuesday and Thursday I only have 1 patient.

I have to say. At a time like's a good thing I'm salary.


Devyn just finished his soccer league. We lost everyone of our games, except the one where the other team was a no-show. Whatever. The kids have fun and he is getting better in the sport.

Angel has done half of the Christmas shopping in Corpus and I did the other half here.

Dom was told that if he completes another packet in Science and gets a grade of 90 or above, then he doesn't have to complete any more science packets (he still has 4 more packets to complete). If he does that with all of the subjects then he will automatically be passed onto the 9th grade.

He's excited and I think that is what he is going for.


I have been trying SO hard to get my sister to be open to doing things more as a family. She has issues and likes to put the blame on everyone else. In case you missed it, THIS is what happened one time when she decided to put her issues first.

The last time we (her boyfriend, her and myself) decided to have a BBQ on a Saturday. Her kids had just stayed the night with mine that Friday. I figured all she had to do was come on over.

Well when I called and asked her about coming over on Saturday, she said "ohhh, I don't think we are going to go after all."


Come-on now.

For Real?

You don't want to spend a Saturday with your family even though you are STILL complaining that we don't do anything AS a family?

She did manage to come over and get her kids though.

Whatever chick.

SOOO...people. Here's my last ditch effort:

Devyn and Miah are going to be playing basketball. Just like I wanted to do with soccer (have my sister's kids come and play on the same teams and I would pay their registration fees) I want them to come and play on the same basketball teams (of course I offered to pay their fees, again).

I talked to the coach who is in charge of the whole program and he said we could get basketball underway if he can round up enough coaches (he had a little bit of a hard time getting coaches for soccer).

This is when I told him that maybe we could help him with that. I asked him how much experience he needed and he started saying "some" but ended up saying "none".


I played basketball in high school and well...that's all.

I proposed the idea to my sister and explained that she and I could coach the girls team and her boyfriend could coach the boys team with our boys and Dom could be the assistant coach for him.

She's excited about the idea. Maybe this time we will be able to do something together as a family cause this shit is killing me.

Her and her boyfriend argue A LOT and she lets that get in the way of everything she needs (or promised) she would do. I told her that she needs to put her personal issues aside when it comes to the kids. Lets see how that goes.

I'm thinking about buying us all some whistles to help them stay motivated.

What do you think?


So, guess what my friends! I'm sure you all are seeing the gas prices still dropping.

Here's what we have now down here:

P.S. Dom has a new post up. Check it out HERE.

Now that he's not grounded and has a ton of free time with no school work. I will have him posting more frequently again.


Andy said...

I'm glad other people are busy too, lol. As far as your sister- she can't complain if she doesn't make the effort. It's in the rulebook. And by rulebook, I mean the one I just made up.