Monday, December 29, 2008

Is it over yet???


I won't elaborate on my holiday but just so you know... we all had a great time.

I was fortunate to be able to spend Christmas with my sister and her family and my parents.

Everyone came to my house this year. The kids had a good time and were able to spend Christmas day together with their cousins. Everyone was happy.


AND......guess what I got????

Yup! A digital camera. Used it on the pics on this post. You like? (except for the cartoon, of course)

Only thing takes forever to upload pics from the computer via the camera as opposed to my cell phone pics.

I don't know about this one.

Of course, no Christmas is complete without SEVERAL complaints from the kids about what they got and didn't get.

I had asked all of the children to make out a Christmas list so that we know what they wanted. We tried to get as much on the list as possible (within reason).

Devyn's list had almost 50 items on it. He sat in front of the TV and watched the commercials to get ideas.
Miah was more rational.

Dom didn't make a list so we had to guess.

At one point, Devyn cried out that he only got 11 presents. WHAT? SERIOUSLY? I had to remind him that he has a brother and sister and trying to get presents for ALL of them was very hard.
He's very understanding and even thanked me for the presents he got.

Miah got a Wii (finally)
All of the kids got a PS2 (we only got it for them cause it was 50 bucks at the pawn shop with a few games.

Yes, I know. Cheap.
What do I care. Kids these days run through things faster than anyone.

That's Right Baby.

I was determined to get rid of Elmo Live cause he was freaking the shit out of me sitting on top of my closet peering at me through the cracks randomingly spitting out "Elmo loves you...mhm".
Merry Christmas Nephew!


All in all...we had an enjoyable holiday.

Jenn came down to visit for the weekend. She brought me a gift from ENGLAND!

She got matching pink and brown T-shirts with caps.
I love my best friend.

New Years???

Not really making any big plans. Just going to spend it with the family and a few friends.
I'm WAAAAY past the point of going clubbing and drinking till sunrise.

In fact, I've been going to bed before the kids have. I really need to work on my sleep schedule.

I went shopping for the after Christmas sales and got lots of stuff for next year. YES...I'm one of those shoppers who prepare for next year.

To wrap up....

I hope everyone has a GREAT, SAFE (not necessarily sober) New Years!


Andy said...

Hahahaha I love that Elmo scared you... Nice photos, too. Glad you had a nice holiday

Anonymous said...

GIrl, I haven't got passed this year- How can you even think about next year?
Have a great New Year!

scargosun said...

We are doing the quiet NYE thing this year. I am going to try to make something nice but that's about it.

Mom Taxi Julie said...

I think I'm having teenagers here for NYE. Heaven help me.

Great deal on the psps!

Capricorn said...

Thats awesome...glad you had a good time.