Sunday, December 7, 2008

Better than I thought...

Before I start, I would just like to mention at this time that Miah has changed her cat's name from Tattoo to Tattoo White Tiger.
She was insistent.

My life financially is.....better than I thought.

A few years ago, I actually considered myself as "poor", financially.
I was a stay at home mom of 3 kids. Angel was traveling all over Texas (and a couple of other states). We were living only on his income as a laborer in construction.

We already know about Dom not being his biological son from THIS STORY.

We had Miah and Devyn together and we both decided that I was going to stay at home with them until they were old enough to communicate with us in a manner we could understand comfortably. We were both paranoid parents and didn't want to risk anything when it came to our children.

Once they were old enough, I picked up some info from a local college and found a list of careers. I decided what I wanted to become, went to school for a few years (with the help of financial aid which paid for 95% of my schooling), graduated and am now a Physical Therapist Assistant.

The times of food stamps have been long gone. (It was hard adjusting to paying actual money for food when I had been used to using food stamps.) I figured it out.

Now, since I moved and started this Home Health job, I am actually starting to see a huge potential for saving. Seeing as I am the only one who does our budgeting. We've always had 2 separate bank accounts (we still do) where his check Auto drafts into his account and the same with mine. I also keep both accounts in case of identity theft.

Anyway, I was thinking today about how much better off we are. I mention to Angel lots of times how I remember when I used to waitress and the money was NO WHERE near as getting an actual CAREER. I could never have made a career out of waitressing (no offense to those who are out there).

My family life is...better than I thought.

Back then, I was a stay at home mom of three.
Now, well....still basically the same with the exception of a job.

Angel is still with the same company and he still travels where ever they send him but he hasn't been a laborer for a long time. He's a machine operator. Much better pay. I still get up in the mornings and get the kids up, make sure they have what they need and drop them off (yes I still drop off my 13, 9 and 7 yr old even though they could walk to school). I pick them up after school. Sometimes I have my parents walk around the corner to get Miah and Devyn because I haven't come to terms with letting them walk alone. Dom's school is 1 mile away and I won't let him walk...well I did one time and he didn't come straight home. He sealed his fate on that one.
Angel still tries to get me to let them walk to school and back home. Nope.
I'm still a protective mommy and I am scared to death of pedophiles so there's no talking me out of it. At least not now.

I've always had problems with Dom and his school and grades and behavior.
I finally did what I needed to do.
You can read about what I did HERE.

In public school...He got a 6 in science.
A 6!!

How do you get a 6 in science?

Here's how....he didn't do any of the journals he was supposed to do. But the teacher gave him a chance. She gave him instruction on the 6 journals and let him make them up. I made him sit and write ALL of those journals and he wasn't going to get up until he finished them ALL.
Within 30 minutes, he handed me his 6 journals. He turned them in the next day and got 70's on them (they are only allowed to get the minimum passing grade for make-up work). So he ended up with a 70 in science when I withdrew him from that school.

That's when I knew I made the right choice.

I've always been the one to manage these types of situations because Angel is always gone and now...I prefer to be the one to manage it. I like having control of the family. He comes home and throws a big fat wrench in my gears. Screws up the whole schedule (I still love him though).
I tried letting him handle "my duties" one time and THIS is what happened.

Anyway people, I'm pooped and It's 7:44 Dang. I promised the kids they can start staying up a little 9 *gasp* How am I ever going to make it till then???


shelia said...

I don't blame you for being a stay at home mom during your children's earlier years. It is so hard to trust people these days and unless the child can talk and tell you what's going on, you have to be real careful on where you take your kids. Even some of the daycares that you think are safe, may have personnel that can't be trusted.

Samantha said...

I'm glad to hear that the new school is working out!

~Sheila~ said...

shelia: (I still can't spell our name without having to go back and correct it)
I'm a super paranoid mom. I'm barely letting my 13 yr old stay with the 9 and 7 yr old for 30 minutes at the house alone. I still don't feel comfortable with that yet.

Samantha: Yeah. I'm so happy. I feel so relieved that I don't have to badger him about homework anymore.

honkeie2 said...

I wont even go into the problems we have with my son's school. But that is part of life.
I used to walk to and from school all the time, and I know it had to be alot more than one mile. I hated being dropped off, I love my alone time then and still do today. I dont give me enough me time but that is how it goes these days.