Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I'm raising my kids to be...

Just like me.

Tonight, while we were at Devyn's soccer practice, Miah and I were sitting on the side munching on some snacks. Dom had helped carry the stuff (like my chair and a blanket for Miah) before he took off for the skate park. We had a bunch of stuff that would have benefited from a bag or tote. Then, the mosquitos started attacking us and we had to run for shelter.
I gathered up all I could in my arms and started booking for the car.
Miah was struggling with a few things but I started getting some distance between us and yelled back to her, "Every woman for herself, Miah!"

Then the lid on my drink started coming off so I had to stop and resituate everything and that is when I saw Miah passing me up from the corner of my eye, dragging the blanket and yelling, "Every woman for herself, MAMA!

She laughed as she left me in the dust.
Dom has been attending this new school for less than a week and he already tested out on his Science packet. He got a total score of 110 (the extra 10 points are for the notes he took to prepare).
I'm so proud of him and I knew this was the type of setting he needed. No lectures...just work and the proper surrounding to help him focus.


Cherlyn said...

Sounds like Dom's doing great! That's awesome!

scargosun said...

He he he. I can totally see that scenrio. She had a big smile on her face too, didn't she, ? ;)

honkeie2 said...

How big are the mosquitos down there!?!
And good for Dom, I never did well in science, or math, or reading, or spelling but I always got A's in gym!

Samantha said...

Ha ha, that really made me laugh about you and your daughter!