Thursday, December 4, 2008

Maybe...JUST Maybe....

I'll be able to stick to doing something.

AFRo was just talking about making time to do something for yourself.


Honkeie2 over at feeling stoopid is wanting to get back into shape again.

I guess I could do a little getting fit of my own for myself.

I'm going to have to drag these babies back in from the back porch.


My two babies, Venus and Serena that I got a little while back ....

are now growing up to be muscular and beautiful.

Of course, Snowball, the cat isn't scared of them at all. He's going to just keep on eating his food and ignore the beast on his left.

Tattoo, the kitten, is still a little scared of them and..... they know he's iiiinnnn heeeerrrreeeee.

Those dang dogs tear up EVERYTHING in the back yard!


I withdrew Dom from the public school he was attending here. It was just too slow for him. He was always getting in trouble because of his grades but I know he is just bored. I put him in an alternative school that is from 8-2p, and on Fridays 8-12:30. It sort of puts a kink in my work day but I think it will be worth it.

He gets to complete his work at his own pace and if he just keeps on working and completing the 8th grade work. He will automatically be moved into the 9th grade. If he works at the pace that I know he is capable of working at...He will be able to graduate in 2 1/2-3 yrs.

Today was his first day and he seemed to like it. Now I can't get after him for coming home and getting on the XBOX right away because he does all of his work at school. (Almost like a home school program...away from home).

I'm excited and he's excited so there is excitement to be had around THIS household.


So guess what people!!!

Gas around here is getting close to hitting the mark I hoped it would!!!


Dana said...

That's an awesome move for Dom! I hope he likes it and does well. I know my kids get bored sometimes at school too but there's nothing like that available out here except homeschooling which I don't think I have the patience for. (I tried it once but there were only 3 boys then so it was very different!)

Gas prices are dropping steadily here too! It's $1.84 today. Getting better all the time! YEAH! I can ALMOST afford Christmas now!