Tuesday, March 31, 2009


UH...Er....I was just reminded that.......Today is my 10 YEAR Anniversary.
Angel didn't remember.
My mom did. Check out what she (and my dad) got us.

Of course, I don't think my dad realizes he got it for us but that's just how my mom shops. She gives for the both of them and we say "Thank You" and he hardly ever knows why we are thanking him.
We love him anyway!

SO......Enough about me. Let's get on with the MAIN REASON I started this post.


I also have a post of Dom's birthday last year but keep in mind...I was an amateur at blogging and the pics are all clustered together until I figured it out.

Well, technically, it isn't really his birthday until tomorrow (Sat. April 4th) but I wanted to put this put there so that it would be seen.

We all know what happens to posts written over the weekends. It's like a ghost town around blogsville.


So you know how this post is going to go right?


WHAT?!? Don't act like you didn't know!

I did it on Miah's birthday..I will do it again!

You know you love it!


Here we have Dominique a few days I brought him home from the hospital. He was so PINK and so TINY!

And then I don't know what happened. He blew up and got a little round. Maybe we were feeding him too much!! What did I know? He was my first child.

Or, rather...he did.

NOW....for all of you pedophiles lurking around here on my site cause of this picture...please move along....nothing to see here..this is NOT baby porn!!

This is Dom's first school picture BEFORE we all realized he couldn't see because he needed glasses.

Look at those chubby cheeks (don't mention the ears...don't mention the ears)

Dom and I were brushing our teeth. I believe I was getting ready to go to work at a video rental store.
This should bring back some memories for Dom. I was always making him brush his teeth.
It shouldn't bring back memories.
I actually inspect their teeth. I'm a fanatic about it.
You can ask him.

Dom was so cute here. This was our first overnight outing with Angel at the beach. I was pregnant with Miah at the time. We were sleeping on the beach and then the rain came and started dripping in the tent and Angel and Dom were sound asleep.
I (being the light sleeper) can't actually sleep in pools of water.
I was left up all night to defend our fort and keep us from drowning.

This picture is Dom sleeping.
See that foot placement? He still sleeps like that to this day. I am going to take a picture of him and post it here. (He's probably freaking out right now about it but it's my blog so it's happening)

Around this time, Dom started taking some goofy assed pictures. Couldn't get him to keep a straight face for anything. It's still hard to get him to do it.

I don't know what happened here!!

I just know that he came home with the pics and I was like...OK...and paid for them.

Here he's sitting with Miah at the park.


I don't know what this is all about here either!! He has socks on his ears.

Yeah, he's random like that.

AHHHHH...That's better!

There's a nice handsome pic of my boy so that when people want me to show them a picture of Dom, I won't have to break out a pic of a hobbit! (see above pic)

This is a nice picture of him concentrating.

I really like this pic. This is where he played for the church who was having a chili dinner.

Here's Dom getting prepped to sleep with this machine on for 24 hrs. It monitors him for seizures. Thank goodness he doesn't have any.

Caught him when he didn't expect it.

Swimming. He's always happy when he's swimming.

This pic was taken a couple of days ago. His guitar came in and he is happy. Now, I just have to make sure that the shed has enough room so he can practice OUT THERE!

(actually, HE can make sure the shed has enough room...hee hee)

So that's it.


You are growing up to be a wonderful, responsible young man. I look forward to seeing you grow into adulthood. (and start working so you can take care of mommy dearest....kidding...or am I?)


P.S. 5 more days and my bro and his family will be here. I'm super excited!!

Monday, March 30, 2009


So, It's baseball season for Devyn now and you know what that means?

I finally had to crack down and go out and buy Devyn the necessities for baseball. It was pretty rough seeing him at practice and he was completely lost. I had to explain to the coach that he has NEVER played on a team before BUT he knows how to throw, catch and hit.

Or so I thought...

First game came and he was psyched!!!

Here's a play-by-play for ya:

Devyn is up to bat. The pitch is thrown. He swings. He hits. He runs. He's headed to first, the opponents pick up the ball and throws it to first. First baseman doesn't catch...doesn't matter...Devyn isn't watching the ball anyway. He's past first and on to second. The opponents are scrambling to get the ball and throw it to second. Doesn't matter...Devyn is coming up to second and he's there...............wait................he's passing second. Devyn still isn't concerned about where the ball is...he passes second and is headed to third. The opponents have gotten control of the ball and are chasing Devyn. He's oblivious. He's headed to third and there's NO STOPPING HIM. The opponents have tagged him out before he get's to third. He doesn't care...he's headed home......regardless.

Yeah...that's how it pretty much went. Devyn had no idea that the ball was still in play after you hit it. I assume he thought it was about how fast you can round the bases after you hit the ball...

We have some work to do.

Guess what we like about baseball season?



What are Raspas???

Oh...let me say it in a language we can all understand...


There. Is that better?

We have them cheap here. I mean...super cheap!!

Check it out...

I don't know if you all know this but Dom is going to be 14 on the 4th of April.
And just for him...(an early birthday present) I am posting this pic for all of you to see JUST WHAT A SOON TO BE 14 YR OLD LOOKS LIKE...

Actually, he was sitting in the truck with me while we were waiting for our raspas/snow cones and he kept saying "mine, mine, mine...". I didn't know what he was talking about so when I looked over...that's what I saw.

I've already ordered his present.
Now, for you Rockers out there...I don't want to hear any smack about this being a cheap guitar and cheap equipment because I have no idea what I'm supposed to buy.
If it's cheap....consider it "beginner".

Angel's cousin helped me and Dom pick it out because we are clueless. (Thanks Freddy!!)

Dom is a little bit down because he says he can't use his microphones because he doesn't have a PA system.

Sorry Charlie. Gonna have to wait until we hit the lotto for that one.

Miah and Devyn are some funny kids.

They jump at the chance to do things (well, Miah is getting wiser in her increasing age and is learning to resist) but here's the latest activity that was performed without having to twist any one's arm.

I simply said, "I need to wash my car(s)".

They JUMPED UP and said, "I'LL DO IT!!"


We are getting some work done in and around the house before my brother comes. Here's a sample of what we've been doing..

We also bought some furniture to make this place look more "lived in".
More pictures when it's completed.....Promise.
(I know, I one asked for pictures but...TOUGH TITTIES!!! YOU'RE GONNA GET 'EM ANYWAY).

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Let the games BEGIN!!!

When Dom was in the hospital, I decided it was the best time to start reading again.

I've had this book FOREVER.

It's really good and I'm about halfway through but my rugrats and the maker of the rugrats won't let me have a minute to myself to finish it.

If you get a chance...check it out.

A million little pieces by James Frey


I was thinking about (and becoming more and more excited about) my brother and SIL coming next month and then I started thinking about the new memories we could all make together.

As I said before, it's been a long time since my brother, my sister and I have all been in the same place at the same time.

I started to think about the games we used to play.

It brought me back to THIS POST.

See Bobby!

We can still play BITES!!

I know we are much bigger now are the dogs. AND...BONUS!!!

I have 2 dogs!!

Just look at that innocent face!!

The dogs just love to play!!
See how well they play together.

...we can re-live some memories!!

P.S. I have bigger sheets so you can play and we can actually pull you around this time!!



Today one of my patients offered me lunch....and I ate it!!! was good, too!!!

Chicken tacos!!

Want some??

That's it for now, I'm still tired and am still recovering.

I am sitting here with all of the kids around me yapping around my ears.....WHY?!?

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I just might make it...

I just need to shut down and recharge for.....a month.

I've been very busy and it's been very stressful.

On Thursday, Angel started to feel a little better from his eye surgery. He was up for a little bit during the day. But, only for a little bit.

That night, Dom complained about pain in his lower right side of his abdomen.

We called the Doctor and he said take him to the E.R.

We went, stayed there overnight and I called my work to let them know I wasn't going to be able to see my patients today. I would try to see some tomorrow.

Dom was admitted and spent the weekend there. Turns out he had a kidney infection.
I stayed with him Friday night and Saturday night.

He was doing well enough to come home on Sunday.

Angel is feeling better too.

He's gone back to work.

Honestly, you would think that when I suggested (insisted) that he get his eyes fixed that I was actually suggesting that we take a trip to HELL and get his eyes fixed there.

I can just imagine how much pain he was in but I can swear he was cursing me under his breath.....with every breath.

After like, day 1 of the surgery, he was complaining that something went wrong but he was still in recovery.

Yesterday, I took Angel for another follow-up and they took the protective contacts out of his eyes.

He's doing better. mom calls and says that my dad is having pain on HIS right side. So I take Angel home and pick up my parents and take them to HIS Doctor's office.
Turns's a kidney stone.
I took yesterday off (well, actually, I saw one person) so that I could rest a little, cry a little, breathe a little.....
Didn't work out that way.
Doesn't matter.
On a good note, we are getting some things around the house fixed.
My Uncle (you remember him) and his friend came by because I wanted to pull the tile up and put new tile down in the restroom and the room outside the restroom.
They came by and did that yesterday (they only pulled up the tile and patched the holes in the wall).
Pictures to come as the work progresses (cause we all know you like to see boring home improvement pics).
Too bad!
I'm gonna post them anyway.
Today, I have to take Dom for HIS follow-up appointment with his pediatrician.
Time to go.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Not quite over yet.

I was hoping that with the weekend coming already that I would get a chance to be able to rest and restore my energy.

No dice.

Angel is still laid out.

He claims to still not be able to see. I am now leaning toward the reason being that he's been so doped up since we've been home on all those meds that I mentioned that he hasn't been able to focus because.....he's high.

I sprung into action and proposed a plan.
Stop giving him the cocktail of Vicodin, Lunesta, Tylenol PM and sometimes...NyQuil (his request).

I've officially become Angel's pusher. I'm the worst enabler.


My new plan is too......not give him the sedatives.


Well. I can't finish this post right now because something just came up.
Dom called me from my mom's house complaining of pain in his lower right abdomen area.
We are concerned and are hoping it's not appendicitis.

Guess who we called?


The kid's pediatrician.

Dom called at 9:51 pm on Thursday night....AND HE ANSWERED...AGAIN!!!

He rocks!!
The situation...doesn't.

Of course he told me to take him into the E.R.
So....I need to go and get my mom so that she can stay here with Angel (cause he still can't see) and the kids so I can take Dom to the ER.

I can't think anymore.

P.S. I'll be the one in the E.R. waiting room. Twittering.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Oh Man...

These past few weeks have been crazy for me.

Dealing with Dom and his bladder infection.
Taking all of the kids to the Doctor's office.
Getting meds for Dom.
Taking Miah, Dom and Angel to get new glasses.
Taking Angel to the Consultation.
Taking Angel to the Surgery.
Everyday (except Sat. and Sun.) working .

It was inevitable.
I was going to burn out.
I don't think I have any more fuel left in me.

On Monday, I knew I only had a few patients this week on each day so I would be able to handle taking care of Angel during his recovery.
He's doing a little better..I think.
He hasn't actually gotten up to see anything so I can only guess.
The light hurts his eyes so he stays in the dark...all day. Vampirish.

Don't worry.

Tomorrow we aren't playing the same game.
Gonna have to get him up to make him start doing something or he won't be going back to work on Monday. office decided I wasn't doing enough or something and gave me 5 new patients (for this week). Some are repeat patients who just needed to be reassessed by the Physical Therapist before they can continue therapy and others are Brand Spankin new to me.

This means that I have to meet new people AND find out where they live.
I don't mind once I've been there then I can just go right there and not have to find them.
They have to get adjusted to me and my horrible Spanish.

Also, since Angel can't see and has taken to the Vampire lifestyle, I have to take Devyn to baseball practice alone.
Ooohhhh..I know, I know...All I do is sit there and wait for it to be over but I'm tired too.

I can't sleep at night because Angel moves a lot (Click here. It should explain why) and I worry about him crying out in pain (he hasn't yet, but I'm still worried).
Around 5 am is when I've been getting up because of the fact that I worry. I don't get to fall sleep until late for the same reason.
I drive around all day worrying because Angel is home alone and he can't see and he may be in pain. So I want to call him but I don't want to wake him in case he's sleeping comfortably and pain free. Then I will just cause pain if I call him...

So I come home from wherever I am and check on him......he's always sleeping.
No need to worry.

Between Doctor office visits, Dom's bladder infection/recovery, Angel's surgery/recovery, new patients, Devyn's baseball practices, lack of sleep and worrying all the time...

What else can I do?

This is my life.
On a more motivating note.....

My brother and sister-in-law WILL be coming next month.

It's going to be AWESOME!!

I was really pushing for his visit as soon as he mentioned it because I know it's probably going to be the only time ALL THREE of my parent's offspring will be in the same place at the same time....IN A LONG TIME.


I've gone with my children to NY to visit a few times but rarely have we gotten together with our younger sister who lives near me.

This also includes my 3 children, my sister's 3 children and my brother's 2 children.
My parents are going to be in grandparent heaven.


April is a very busy month for us.
April 3rd is my 10 year Anniversary.
April 4th is Dom's birthday.
April 11th is my parent's Anniversary.
April 14th is my niece's birthday AND my brother and sister-in-law's Anniversary.

There is no better month to get together. (unless you count November and December..hee hee).

They will be arriving April 8th.
Once I can figure out how to do it...I will put a countdown on the blog...just for them.

P.S. If anyone knows how to do it...make one with skulls for me and send me the code...THANKS!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009



As soon as I finished my patients, I met Angel at the house to take him for the procedure.

Angel had the surgery.

We went in there thinking that it was going to be really quick and then he comes home to let his eyes recover from the trauma.

TRAUMA is the correct word.


I'm getting ahead of myself.

We all know that I had to finally convince Angel to get this procedure done. I knew that as soon as we had the money we needed to do it because we were totally wasting money on contacts.

He was reluctant because it would take time away from work.

Long story short...the day has come.

I can never "read" Angel because he doesn't really convey much emotion unless it's frustration or anger (I know those emotions).

I can't tell if he was nervous or scared.

I mean, c'mon, they are SHOOTING LAZERS INTO YOUR EYES!!

Even if it is for a couple of minutes....each.

We could never have prepared ourselves for what Angel experienced today. (I say "we" cause, you know...we're in this "together").

Let's look at the pics..shall we?

Angel is being prepped for the surgery.

He's in. They placed him in position.

I was placed outside the surgery room looking into a huge window with a big TV on the wall showing me the procedure.

It was...gnarly.
Lucky for Angel, he wasn't wearing anything to enable him to see because I'm sure it was in his best interest NOT to see the tray full of torture devices that he had just passed.

Yup, they pryed his eyes open with those creepy claw like things.

I'm telling you.....

It was straight out of "A Clockwork Orange".

Only......worse. At least in the movie, no one was scraping away a layer of your eyes.

I was a little horrified and the guilt set in when I kept seeing Angel lifting his legs in the air at what I could only guess was a response to pain.

I thought they numb your eye or something for this shit.

Maybe that is a question we should have focused on?


I'm standing outside the room looking in and I hear the Doctor tell Angel to look directly at the red lazer.

Look straight at the red lazer...don't look away.

Now, that's the exact moment when I started to think..."Look into the what?? Oh No!!...ABORT!!...ABORT MISSION!!"

And then I hear this sizzling sound. Almost like a faint buzzing.

I'm watching the big TV and I then begin to realize exactly what's going on.
Also...Angel said he could SMELL it!!

More and more the area was getting bigger and then the Doctor placed this tiny white pad on it and rubbed it around. I was/am oblivious to the pain Angel must have been in then and now.

It was just utterly creepy. They kept pouring saline on his eyes and I was a little bit grossed out.

That metal ring was the worst. To have that just placed right on your eye and you can't blink.

He finished and I brought him home.
He bitched the whole way home about how much pain he is in and I don't blame him.
It looked like pure torture.

Right now, He's crashed out in bed hopped up on Valium, Tylenol PM, Vicodin, Lunesta and eye lubrication drops. I hope he sleeps well because I have to get him up and take him for the post op at 8am. Then he's back in bed for the rest of the day again.
It's a good thing my mom is keeping the kids for Spring Break (even if they ARE down the street) so that I can take care of Angel and work a little more worry free.
After Angel's surgery and I took him home, I had to go and pick up Devyn because he had just started Baseball practice yesterday and he had practice again today.
Here he is. He has never played on a team before but he knows how to throw, catch and hit.
That's about it...
He had to learn to round the bases from the coach....oops.
Looks like I was slippin in the sports department.
Yesterday after that first practice we went to Academy and got him all new Baseball gear!

Unfortunately, Devyn and I had to cut out of practice early because Angel called (I don't know how he found the phone, much less dial...he can't see...yet)
Anyway, he called because he was in so much pain that he really needed his pain meds. I had already taken the prescriptions and dropped them off. They just needed time to be filled.
I assume he's in heaven....until he wakes up and feels the pain.
Poor baby.
So how am I celebrating St. Patty's Day???
I'm writing here and chugging a couple of Bud Light Cheladas.
A little "ME" time after a hectic day.
P.S. Thank you all for wishing him well during this time.

Monday, March 16, 2009



I know, I know....

I'm stringing you guys along with this surgery thing. We all just want Angel to get it over with and SEE already!!!


Well, get this. He came to me the other night (while he was drinking) and was talking like he wanted to back out of this appointment and do it some other time.


When your eyes are completely damaged from the contacts rendering you "no longer eligible" for the surgery?

Sorry Charlie!!

It's happening on Tuesday and that's that!

Now, I will let you know how it all goes...tomorrow.

Dom is feeling better.

He was having some more pain from the bladder infection and I was feeling a little helpless because it was Sunday morning. The ibuprofen we have doesn't help with the pain. The Doctor had prescribed 6 pills specifically for this bladder pain but that was earlier in the week and Dom had already run out.

What the heck was I going to do??

I guess out of habit I called the Doctor's office and he answered.


The Doctor himself!

Dom talked to him and then I talked to him and he faxed over a prescription for the pain meds to a local pharmacy and Dom got his pain meds.

Just. Like. That.

It was Awesome!

My Pediatrician Rocks!!

Does yours?
I just got off the phone with my Sister-In-Law in New York. We always have a good time on the phone. We are always cracking up about something.

My brother had told us some time back that he was going to be planning a trip here in April because they were going to be scouting for a place to live.


And THEN...he calls a few weeks later and says that he may not be able to come because he has so much to do.


BOY! You betta brang yo ass down here to Texas and visit yo family!!!

Ain't nobody playin wichyu!!

Besides, you gotta come and see my babies! They are nothing like your dog, Zoe!

Zoe is a PUSSY.
Zoe is Scooby Doo!
My cat Tattoo is tougher than that chump. Check out Tattoo...

I can guarantee that MY DOGS won't be letting no cat dunk their heads in the pool in the middle of the night and go running into MY ARMS.

I've seen that dog in action.


She runs away very fast.

Check out Dom's blog. He posted an appropriate picture for you!!!
That's the beat-down my cat will give your dog right there brotha!

So you better start buying those tickets!!

You don't want to get me started on Jade!!
(Do you puree her cat food now? Cause we all know she ain't got no teeth!)

Friday, March 13, 2009

The Surgery was....


I'm a little bit annoyed and I know Angel is too.

We should have expected that we would have to wait. That it wasn't going to be a simple consultation one day and the next, the surgery.

Here's what happened.

We picked up the kids because Miah and Dom needed new glasses so we figured we would do that after his appointment.

We were there for 3 hrs.

They did the exams and measurements.

Turns out...

Angel has some scarring on his corneas from the contacts and from the constant rubbing.

The Dr. can't do the surgery right away because Angel has to wear glasses for a week in order to let his eyes heal enough for the surgery.

THIS means that all of the asking for time off for the consultation and the surgery the next day was, well, kind of a waste.

Okay...I admit the time for the consultation wasn't because now we have a definite time when the surgery can be performed. Next week Tuesday afternoon.

Here's ANOTHER thing...

Angel doesn't qualify for the Intralasik Eye Surgery that all of the rest of the world is now getting.


Because of the condition of his eyes, he only qualifies for the surgery that has a 4 DAY RECOVERY.


So that means..he will have the surgery but will have to be out of work for...4 days???

We were a little pissed because now he has to go BACK to work and ask for those days OR (if they don't allow the days just yet) postpone the surgery until he has a holiday coming up to work THAT into his recovery).

He spoke with the people at work and they gave him some grief about it but they told him to go ahead and get it done because they are going to need him these upcoming weeks.

So, the new date is the 17th.

Hopefully everything goes smoothly THEN.

Thank you all for wishing him well.
This is MY LIFE we are talking about sooo....

That's not all I'm dealing with.

My poor Dominique has been suffering through a bladder infection.

How he got that? No idea.

The Doctor was a little confused too.

I guess you can say it was perfect timing though. Monday afternoon Dom came to me complaining that he was having pain when he urinates. Then he said that there was some blood.

I know....EEEEEK.

I had already scheduled an appointment for the next day for ALL of the kids.

The next day came and we went to that appointment.

The kids didn't know what hit them.

ALL of them got shots of some sort.

Dom got a booster. Miah and Devyn got the TB. Devyn cried.

After the appointment we got home and Dom started taking the antibiotics and pain killers. The antibiotics turned his urine orange.

He was telling EVERYONE.
He thought it was cool.

I thought it was cool too...until....

I wake up at 4 am to use the restroom and see orange ALL OVER the toilet. Dom happens to be awake on the couch watching TV. I call him over to the restroom and he automatically knew what I was going to tell him because he started to say.."I know....".

I asked him "What? You know what? That you pissed all over the toilet?"

I was amazed at where it all was. It was disgusting.

I lifted the

On the side of the

On the back of the

On the lid of the

Now, c'mon man. You can't be doing stuff like that. I know you're sick and all but you can still aim for the water!

It was pretty gross.

I made Dom clean it up because I don't clean up after the kids anymore.

At least this time he couldn't say "It wasn't me!"

I don't understand.
Gentlemen, what else are you doing in the restroom that takes your concentration away from aiming directly into the bowl???
I can't be the only one who has to deal with this.

Ladies??? You too??

Maybe some guys need this sign:
(it's best to click this link to see it in action: )

Sorry Dom, If you don't want me to tell these stories...Don't piss on the toilet.

P.S. Thank all of you who have stopped by my son's blog to comment and give him advice. We appreciate that very much!!

He will be replying to all of you if he hasn't already.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

It's Time.

Well. The day has come!

I've finally convinced Angel that it is time to get laser eye surgery.

We've talked about wanting to do this for a long time but we were never able to afford it.

Now we can.

My company has a deal with the Surgeon's office. Employees and their family members automatically get $1300 off the top of the price. The Dr also provides financing.

Angel has been struggling with his contacts for the longest time. When I say "struggling" I means STRUGGLING. His eyes must be allergic to contacts because they kept producing mucous "eye buggers". His eyes were always red and irritated. He couldn't stop rubbing them or messing with them.

All the time, everyday, he would be walking around looking like a new born kitten. We had bought him some glasses before and they were like $300.00. They were soooo thick. It was like living with Mr. Magoo. (I love that cartoon, by the way)

Then his company sent him to work in Laredo and he forgot his glasses. I asked him to give me the address where to send them and a pair of keys and they never got to their destination.

Glasses gone.

I'm not trying to make fun of him. I'm just saying..It's finally time.

I had been telling him since last year that as soon as we got our income tax, we'd get his eyes fixed. He kept telling me to wait. Wait.

Naw,'s time.

I called the eye place, confirmed the $1300 discount + free consultation and then set up the appointment.

Today is the consultation.

Tomorrow is the surgery.

I can't wait. I know Angel must be worried because of how much he had to deal with his eyes. ALSO, the thought of someone cutting your eyes??? Ugh.

I've rearranged my patients so that I can do what I have to do with him.

Jenn's pretty happy for him too.

She says, "Oh Awesome! Now he can tell us how pretty we are ALL THE TIME instead of saying that his contacts were dirty."

Now...when he opens his eyes...he will be able to see my Honey-Do List....PERFECTLY.

It's win-win people.


Now, It's also that time of the week.

Scale Time!!

Lets see...Today the scale says.....

Starting weight: 185

Current Weight: 164.4

Previous Weight:168.8

Total lost since last week: 4.4lbs

Total lost in all: 20.6 lbs

I found that if I take my weight on Wednesday the I won't have to worry about what may be left over from being consumed from the weekend! It seems to be working out for me that way.


Let's play a game...

Can you spot the kitty....?