Sunday, March 1, 2009

So I went to Mexico....

...for a root canal.

Yeah, fun...I know.

Angel and I took Devyn with us because he was the only child that was with us this weekend.

Miah and Dom stayed at my parents most of the weekend.

I didn't even get to eat or drink any alcohol like I usually do when I go.
What a BUMMER of a trip.

It's okay because we can always go. I would prefer to go when I don't or didn't just recently have surgery done.

Here's what you see when you cross our border into Progresso, Mexico.

This is a vehicle Angel would LOVE to take to the beach.

If we had it..I would allow it.

Of course, without the huge gun and the trigger-happy looking dude in it.
These guys were just hanging out looking like they had nothing much to do.

I prefer not to test them though.

Next weekend we are going to Corpus for a friend of mine's party. (Well, actually, I'll be going to the party with Jenn and Angel will hang out with the kids at the beach...those are ANGEL'S wishes).

My friend just passes his State Boards to be a Physical Therapist Assistant. He graduated along with me in 2007 but it's a fricken hard test.
I personally believe that it doesn't matter WHEN you achieve your goals...just that you DO achieve them.

I'm proud of him for sticking with it and not giving up on the test even though he has taken it and failed it before.

My mouth is feeling a little strange so I'm going to go put on my pajamas and crawl in the bed.


I can't eat or drink anything so what better excuse do I have for "GROUP NAP"?

I have a loooong week of patients ahead of me so I need to rest...there, that's my excuse!

I totally appreciate everyone who came to comment on my blog this weekend. I know it's hard for anyone to crawl out from under their rocks on weekends to comment's been AWESOME!!
KEEP IT UP and I will do the same!!


Dom is continuing to write in his blog. I'M MAKING HIM!!


Mom Taxi Julie said...

Do you make an appt there or just walk in somewhere?

If I ever make it to Texas I want to come party with you lol. I don't have a passport though so we can't go to Mexico.

Nick James said...

How is your tooth?

Glad your trip was safe...I've been warned against visiting there lately.

Take care!

~Sheila~ said...

Mom Taxi Julie:
We just cross the border and find a dentist. No appt. necessary. There are a TON of Dentists and Pharmacies in Mexico. Most are open and operating on Saturday and Sunday.
You don't really need a passport (I don't have one) just a birth certificate and I.D. so come so we can go to Mexico.

Nick James:
My tooth is kicking my butt right now but I think it will be alright.

We don't go too deep into Mexico, just on the strip as you enter. I don't like to go without my husband.

Capricorn said...

That does not sound very safe. I mean...well, you know what I mean.

I hope you dont end up with something like staff!!

Andy said...

Well, if it worked out, then good, but you're a brave soul.

Thanks for the link love :)

~Sheila~ said...

I know what you mean. I hope I don't get an infection too. Of course, we know it will be cause I'm not eating FOOD!!!


Yeah, I know. I'm hoping that the mild pain that I have from the numbing injections will stop being so sore. THEN..I will consider myself in the clear.

You're welcome.

honkeie2 said...

why do i have the urge to come up behind these guys with a paper bag full of air and BANG it right next to their ears????

Ace C said...

I did not know that's what you did for a living. I'm thinking of going down the same path.