Wednesday, March 11, 2009

It's Time.

Well. The day has come!

I've finally convinced Angel that it is time to get laser eye surgery.

We've talked about wanting to do this for a long time but we were never able to afford it.

Now we can.

My company has a deal with the Surgeon's office. Employees and their family members automatically get $1300 off the top of the price. The Dr also provides financing.

Angel has been struggling with his contacts for the longest time. When I say "struggling" I means STRUGGLING. His eyes must be allergic to contacts because they kept producing mucous "eye buggers". His eyes were always red and irritated. He couldn't stop rubbing them or messing with them.

All the time, everyday, he would be walking around looking like a new born kitten. We had bought him some glasses before and they were like $300.00. They were soooo thick. It was like living with Mr. Magoo. (I love that cartoon, by the way)

Then his company sent him to work in Laredo and he forgot his glasses. I asked him to give me the address where to send them and a pair of keys and they never got to their destination.

Glasses gone.

I'm not trying to make fun of him. I'm just saying..It's finally time.

I had been telling him since last year that as soon as we got our income tax, we'd get his eyes fixed. He kept telling me to wait. Wait.

Naw,'s time.

I called the eye place, confirmed the $1300 discount + free consultation and then set up the appointment.

Today is the consultation.

Tomorrow is the surgery.

I can't wait. I know Angel must be worried because of how much he had to deal with his eyes. ALSO, the thought of someone cutting your eyes??? Ugh.

I've rearranged my patients so that I can do what I have to do with him.

Jenn's pretty happy for him too.

She says, "Oh Awesome! Now he can tell us how pretty we are ALL THE TIME instead of saying that his contacts were dirty."

Now...when he opens his eyes...he will be able to see my Honey-Do List....PERFECTLY.

It's win-win people.


Now, It's also that time of the week.

Scale Time!!

Lets see...Today the scale says.....

Starting weight: 185

Current Weight: 164.4

Previous Weight:168.8

Total lost since last week: 4.4lbs

Total lost in all: 20.6 lbs

I found that if I take my weight on Wednesday the I won't have to worry about what may be left over from being consumed from the weekend! It seems to be working out for me that way.


Let's play a game...

Can you spot the kitty....?


Mom Taxi Julie said...

Congrats on the weight loss! I need to have that surgery too. My contacts just don't want to work lately.

Nick James said...

Best of luck with the surgery tomorrow. It will go great, I just know it!

I found the cat's tail--score!

Let me know how the cooking adventures go!

Life in Beverly Hills said...

Congrats on the weight loss. It's tough...I've been there. Lost the weight and then got pregnant again. :)

Good luck with the eye surgery tomorrow for Angel.

Where in TX do you live? We spent time in Dallas and McAllen.

~Sheila~ said...

Thank You!!
I will let you know how it goes..maybe you will want to get it done also.

Thank you. I know it will too.
Can you see the whole cat? My cat (I mean Miah's cat) is weird!

I will. We may stop today and get a book.

Thank you!!..and..OMG! DON'T JINX ME!! That's it. I'm cutting my husband off!!

Thank you for the luck on the surgery..

I live between Harlingen and McAllen. The surgery will be done in McAllen. What were you here for? Did you go to Mexico?

Life in Beverly Hills said...

We lived there. For a year. My hubby worked for a friend there - a car dealer. Our daughter was born at Rio Grande Regional. But after she was born, we moved back to MI since our family was here.

Mom2FiveBratz said...

congrats on your weight loss!!

Ace C said...

Sounds fun. Seeing is always one of the best things in the world. Hopefully it all goes right for you.