Friday, March 13, 2009

The Surgery was....


I'm a little bit annoyed and I know Angel is too.

We should have expected that we would have to wait. That it wasn't going to be a simple consultation one day and the next, the surgery.

Here's what happened.

We picked up the kids because Miah and Dom needed new glasses so we figured we would do that after his appointment.

We were there for 3 hrs.

They did the exams and measurements.

Turns out...

Angel has some scarring on his corneas from the contacts and from the constant rubbing.

The Dr. can't do the surgery right away because Angel has to wear glasses for a week in order to let his eyes heal enough for the surgery.

THIS means that all of the asking for time off for the consultation and the surgery the next day was, well, kind of a waste.

Okay...I admit the time for the consultation wasn't because now we have a definite time when the surgery can be performed. Next week Tuesday afternoon.

Here's ANOTHER thing...

Angel doesn't qualify for the Intralasik Eye Surgery that all of the rest of the world is now getting.


Because of the condition of his eyes, he only qualifies for the surgery that has a 4 DAY RECOVERY.


So that means..he will have the surgery but will have to be out of work for...4 days???

We were a little pissed because now he has to go BACK to work and ask for those days OR (if they don't allow the days just yet) postpone the surgery until he has a holiday coming up to work THAT into his recovery).

He spoke with the people at work and they gave him some grief about it but they told him to go ahead and get it done because they are going to need him these upcoming weeks.

So, the new date is the 17th.

Hopefully everything goes smoothly THEN.

Thank you all for wishing him well.
This is MY LIFE we are talking about sooo....

That's not all I'm dealing with.

My poor Dominique has been suffering through a bladder infection.

How he got that? No idea.

The Doctor was a little confused too.

I guess you can say it was perfect timing though. Monday afternoon Dom came to me complaining that he was having pain when he urinates. Then he said that there was some blood.

I know....EEEEEK.

I had already scheduled an appointment for the next day for ALL of the kids.

The next day came and we went to that appointment.

The kids didn't know what hit them.

ALL of them got shots of some sort.

Dom got a booster. Miah and Devyn got the TB. Devyn cried.

After the appointment we got home and Dom started taking the antibiotics and pain killers. The antibiotics turned his urine orange.

He was telling EVERYONE.
He thought it was cool.

I thought it was cool too...until....

I wake up at 4 am to use the restroom and see orange ALL OVER the toilet. Dom happens to be awake on the couch watching TV. I call him over to the restroom and he automatically knew what I was going to tell him because he started to say.."I know....".

I asked him "What? You know what? That you pissed all over the toilet?"

I was amazed at where it all was. It was disgusting.

I lifted the

On the side of the

On the back of the

On the lid of the

Now, c'mon man. You can't be doing stuff like that. I know you're sick and all but you can still aim for the water!

It was pretty gross.

I made Dom clean it up because I don't clean up after the kids anymore.

At least this time he couldn't say "It wasn't me!"

I don't understand.
Gentlemen, what else are you doing in the restroom that takes your concentration away from aiming directly into the bowl???
I can't be the only one who has to deal with this.

Ladies??? You too??

Maybe some guys need this sign:
(it's best to click this link to see it in action: )

Sorry Dom, If you don't want me to tell these stories...Don't piss on the toilet.

P.S. Thank all of you who have stopped by my son's blog to comment and give him advice. We appreciate that very much!!

He will be replying to all of you if he hasn't already.


Ace C said...

Lol. I'm cracking up. We know we pee on the toilet, we just like the fact that someone will eventually clean up after us. Lol.

Nick James said...

Orange ya glad he cleaned it himself. haha. He will be thrilled to read this post. Best of luck with the surgery.

~Sheila~ said...

That's gross!! You KNOW you pee on the toilet. Does your mom know you do it intentionally? lol.

Yeah, well he didn't have a choice about cleaning it up.
I hope he does well too. I just had a dream about him coming home with ONE EYE and and empty eye socket. How are we going to be able to have the surgery with one eye??

Superwoman said...

No multitasking goes on at our house, teehee. For JUST that reason.

Gross. Totally ick.