Monday, March 30, 2009


So, It's baseball season for Devyn now and you know what that means?

I finally had to crack down and go out and buy Devyn the necessities for baseball. It was pretty rough seeing him at practice and he was completely lost. I had to explain to the coach that he has NEVER played on a team before BUT he knows how to throw, catch and hit.

Or so I thought...

First game came and he was psyched!!!

Here's a play-by-play for ya:

Devyn is up to bat. The pitch is thrown. He swings. He hits. He runs. He's headed to first, the opponents pick up the ball and throws it to first. First baseman doesn't catch...doesn't matter...Devyn isn't watching the ball anyway. He's past first and on to second. The opponents are scrambling to get the ball and throw it to second. Doesn't matter...Devyn is coming up to second and he's there...............wait................he's passing second. Devyn still isn't concerned about where the ball is...he passes second and is headed to third. The opponents have gotten control of the ball and are chasing Devyn. He's oblivious. He's headed to third and there's NO STOPPING HIM. The opponents have tagged him out before he get's to third. He doesn't care...he's headed home......regardless.

Yeah...that's how it pretty much went. Devyn had no idea that the ball was still in play after you hit it. I assume he thought it was about how fast you can round the bases after you hit the ball...

We have some work to do.

Guess what we like about baseball season?



What are Raspas???

Oh...let me say it in a language we can all understand...


There. Is that better?

We have them cheap here. I mean...super cheap!!

Check it out...

I don't know if you all know this but Dom is going to be 14 on the 4th of April.
And just for him...(an early birthday present) I am posting this pic for all of you to see JUST WHAT A SOON TO BE 14 YR OLD LOOKS LIKE...

Actually, he was sitting in the truck with me while we were waiting for our raspas/snow cones and he kept saying "mine, mine, mine...". I didn't know what he was talking about so when I looked over...that's what I saw.

I've already ordered his present.
Now, for you Rockers out there...I don't want to hear any smack about this being a cheap guitar and cheap equipment because I have no idea what I'm supposed to buy.
If it's cheap....consider it "beginner".

Angel's cousin helped me and Dom pick it out because we are clueless. (Thanks Freddy!!)

Dom is a little bit down because he says he can't use his microphones because he doesn't have a PA system.

Sorry Charlie. Gonna have to wait until we hit the lotto for that one.

Miah and Devyn are some funny kids.

They jump at the chance to do things (well, Miah is getting wiser in her increasing age and is learning to resist) but here's the latest activity that was performed without having to twist any one's arm.

I simply said, "I need to wash my car(s)".

They JUMPED UP and said, "I'LL DO IT!!"


We are getting some work done in and around the house before my brother comes. Here's a sample of what we've been doing..

We also bought some furniture to make this place look more "lived in".
More pictures when it's completed.....Promise.
(I know, I one asked for pictures but...TOUGH TITTIES!!! YOU'RE GONNA GET 'EM ANYWAY).


Capricorn said...

raspas in tamarindo flavor. gag.

im going to start calling you mommy dearest.

Capricorn said...

that guitar, your going to have to upgrade in a year...maybe u should go to a pawn shop and get something better.

~Sheila~ said...

Friggin tamarindo is a big-time favorite around here...Not for me though. I hate all of that chile stuff.

It's alright. I'll upgrade. Maybe Devyn can join Dom's band and use this one in the future. (I think I just heard Dom *gasp* as I was typing this).
Thanks for the info!

Mom2FiveBratz said...

I hate tamarindo, its my husbands favorite though.
I LOVE the coconut raspas. Viva la Mexico when it comes to raspas, and mexican corn.

Good luck with the guitar thing! We just bought Ashton a 1200.00 Ovation acoustic. This is to add to his 450.00 Gibson, and 800.00 fender strat.

Mom2FiveBratz said...

Oh and we just got Dakota the cutest hello kitty fender. Shes 14 and learning to play..ashton refuses to teach her, stating: learn on your own like i did.

~Sheila~ said...

I think it's just Dom that likes the tamarindo.
He also likes a pickle shot and lucas in it....eww...gross.
Dom is right here (like a fly in my ear) and he says it's yummy.
I like the pina colada flavored ones.

The guitar set we bought Dom only cost about 220.00-total.
That's about it for that.

He will have to learn on his own.

Justa Hillbilly said...

I have a lot to learn as well. You seem like a pretty daggone cool mom to me! Lookin forward.. ;`-)

You and your kids are beautiful :)

honkeie2 said...

My 6 year old is now starting teeball and the funniess just keep coming....
I lived in Baton Rouge and now all about snow has been years since I had one though....
Never give a budding rocker new clean stuff, they need to suffer to make music! Joey Ramone never had a clean shiney instrument and he did fine....until he died....
I am no where near as handy as I would like to be, I always make it worse!

Andy said...

I'm definitely in the mood for baseball now. It's always funny watching kids play it, because so few understand the rules.

~Sheila~ said...

Justa Hillbilly:
I don't know if I'm a cool mom... I just want my kids to have as much as I didn't so that they can pass on their experiences to their children. I'm also a very strict mom because I'm super paranoid about pedophiles so my phobia about it causes me to keep my kids close to my bosom...

Thank you for the comment!

I want to videotape all of the stuff that happens but I get so caught up and forget to bring my camera.
We have Raspas just about everytime we go to practice...gotta get them for the games too.
Raspas and Sunflower seeds.
Dom gets new stuff because if he doesn't use it anymore (like his violin) it can be passed down to his brother or sister in very good condition. (My kids don't tear up their stuff or I will tear up their butts).
I'm only as handy (nowadays) enough to tell everyone what I want fixed here and there. I'm not doing the work...guess I should have pointed that out...

I used to play when I was younger and it's almost making me feel like I would/could join a league or something.

Uh...who the hell am I kidding?!
I can't even keep up with Devyn and he hardly knows how to play!

Mom Taxi Julie said...

That's just too funny about him running the bases!! We have a couple girls that have never played on Jessica's team. They strike out EVERYTIME they get up to bat. It's like a guaranteed out. I don't think they even try they just go up and swing swing swing and your out.