Saturday, March 7, 2009

I hate going to the mall.

Dom has been bugging me FOR-EV-ER about taking him to the mall to go to some store called "Hot Topic" (apparently, that's how it's spelled..with the strike-through because Dom made me correct it)

It took me a LOOOONG time to pry my lazy butt from my bed and just take him. Lucky for me the store was right by one of the entrances to the mall. We walked in and Voila! there it was.

We walked around the store taking in everything because it seems to be geared towards those kids who like darker clothing and skulls...

We fit right in.

Dom found some gloves that he wanted.
Angel and I were teasing Dom about wanting black mesh clothes and zippers last night.
Sure enough...He got zippers.
It's alright, though.

I used to be one of those parents who would see someone else's kids dressed in black and all goth-like and realized when my son wanted to dress the same that it's really....Okay.
I've explained to Dom that I'm not going to care how he chooses to a point..(still no skinny jeans and he knows exactly can ask him on his blog if you like).

I just had a discussion with him about his 70 in "individual sports" for his grade in school.

I asked him what that class is and he said it's like PE.

He only has it once a week and that he only got the 70 because "he didn't participate".


So, I told him that since he chose not to "participate" that he in not allowed to use the cell phone at school anymore.

Geez, these kids have it made.

I mean...look at the position Devyn takes when we get home:

I know that my son is very well behaved and has excellent manners. He does have respect for his elders because he was raised to be able to determine the difference between right and wrong.
How he dresses isn't going to change that. His choice in clothing is just an expression of is personality.

Now, I no longer judge people by the way they dress. Unless they disrespect me.

Besides...LOOK WHAT I GOT!!

It's a patch. I have this pair of jeans that have a rip in the *ahem* crotch area and I was looking for a patch to fix it.

Angel is going to love it.

For my newer readers..I developed a love for skulls after I met Angel. He is/was hardcore heavy metal and I am/was straight-up R&B. I used to think the music he was listening to was written by the Devil himself. I didn't know what I was getting myself into but we have adapted.

Since we've been together I've been drawn to lots of things that have skulls on them.
As I've said before, skulls to us are like any other character. I just like them to be kinda cute. kids know the difference between cute skulls and the skulls to notify you of poison.

HERE is an example of my love of skulls.

And another..

And one more just for good measure..

We had lunch at the mall. It was nice and the kids were behaving AWESOMELY.

Now, as a mother, I am always trying to teach my children life lessons. I mean, who isn't, right?

We came across this gentleman on the corner:

So, we gave him a dollar. He was nice enough to let us take a pic of him.

Then, the car behind him gave him money and took a pic too. He told us we were good luck.

See...Life Lessoned Learned: Honesty is what pays.

We're taking the kids to the beach tomorrow. Angel isn't going to be working so we will have a good time. I'll take pics. won't be in a bikini Honkeie2. I'm waaaay past the bikini stage since I've had my litter of children...( I know, I know....TMI!)


Mom Taxi Julie said...

Why no skinny jeans? Jess has a shirt that says I love boys in girl pants lol.

Nick James said...

Good post. Glad you let Dom dress how he chooses--I had to wear skinny jeans for a show I was on--YOWZA it was tight...too tight.

I like that guys sign. I was in San Francisco and someone had a sign that said "MONEY FOR WEEK."

I'm not a smoker, but I appreciated his honesty.

Ace C said...

The phases come and go. I have had a few really crazy stages in my life and my mom just let me work through them. They die hard and you move on to the next thing.

Mom2FiveBratz said...

My kids love hot topic. We go there often. Its so dark in there, not as dark as hollister (they hide their prices in that dark) side bonus: Our hot topic contains a jared leto cutie look alike. I go there to drool a little.

Mom2FiveBratz said...

oh, also, my oldest son is a skinny jean wearer. he even wears his sisters size 3 jeans. thats a little war in itself: 'mom ashtons wearing and stretching out my jeans with his big ass'!!
ash: thats not all thats big, whooooaaaaa.


honkeie2 said...

I love HOT Topic, however you spell it. Those gloves are kickass! I was goth and sitll love the look! I just dont put on make up anymore, I just end up looking like some creepy old dude in drag.
And I will tell you what, i will take a picture of me in a man thong if you take one of you in a bikini!

~Sheila~ said...

I'm super paranoid that pediphiles will be about to check out my son's "package" in those tight pants.
I worry waaay too much about pediphiles.

I'm learning. We have gotten passt the stage of me dictating what he wears.

I'm hoping this will be that only MAJOR phase...for awhile.
Hopefully he will pick up the "want to go to college" phase.

I told Dom that if he saves his money, I will take him back.
Like in 6 mo.
I really hate the mall.
I'm not sure if Dom will be wearing Miah's pants. Hopefully when he reads this..he won't think it's a good idea.
And Hopefully I won't walk in on him trying them on....

I hope in the future (if Dom chooses to continue to dress this way..he, too, will recognize that fine line between goth and old man in drag.
Also...not sure if I should/could prepare myself for ANYONE in a