Sunday, May 25, 2008


Well, not really but ....yeah.

We had a BBQ yesterday. We had a few of my friends that I graduated from the PTA program over. We made lots of food and grilled corn...also stuffed jalapenos..mmmm. We watched the UFC fights while we ate.
Note to self: stuffed jalapenos should be eaten in moderation.

I'm starting to feel that now...during #2 time.

Miah had gotten an invitation to a slumber party so she wasn't there with us.
Here's what the invitation looked like:

I thought it was super cute. So of course she had to go. The invite said the party started at 6:30pm but she had been watching the clock since 7:30 am. She kept telling me that her little friend (the birthday girl-V) said she could go over early.

I didn't know if that was true. So Miah wanted to call and talk to her friend. I let Miah make the call and I sat by her to feed her her lines. Miah is 8 yrs old, It's time for her to start making her own calls.

I did it with Dom. If he wanted to ask someone something and it required making a phone call...I used to tell him that HE had to call them and ask himself. At first, he would just sit on the phone in silence and I would just look at him....wondering if he was going to say something. The other party would get tired of saying "Hello? Hello?". Then Dom would look at me and say.."What do I say?" Ughhh...used to drive me crazy. Now he knows and it's Miah's turn.

B-Day girl's(V) dad answers phone: Hello?

Miah...looks at me...: What do I say?

Me: Say..Hello is V there?

Miah: Is V there?

Dad: Who is this?

Miah: Her friend.

Dad: V!!!

V: hello?

Miah: Hi

V: Oh hi!

Miah: hi........................... Hello?

V: Hello?

Miah: I can still hear her...

Me: to her

V: Hello?

Miah: Um, what time can we come over?

V: Oh!! HI MIAH!!

Miah: hi, what time can we come over?

V: Let me ask:

Miah: ok

V: (in the background of her phone) Mom! (bang, bang,bang) Mom!

Dad: DON'T BOTHER HER, SHE'S IN THE SHOWER! (never fails, huh?)

Mom: WHAT?

V: (yelling through bathroom door) Can Miah come over at five?

Mom: WHAT?


Mom: YEAH...OK.

V: (back on the phone with Miah) She said you can come over at five.

Miah: Ok

V: It's about time you call me Miah (then she hangs up).

Miah: Hello? ...She hung up.

So this all happened around 4:15. From then until 5pm I got a minute by minute update of the time from Miah.

She was like.."27 minutes.....25 minutes......22 minutes..."

I was like..."girl...go get your stuff together and take a quick shower so you can be ready"

She completed the countdown all the way to the last minute.

I took her and V's mother told me that V had been counting down since this morning too.

Little girls and slumber parties. They can't miss out on that.

I missed her last night (I miss her now). I missed hearing her laugh at Devyn's random comments. Devyn curled up and slept with me last night. Then I put him in his bed.

This morning Angel got the boys ready cause he and his friend were taking the boys with them fishing. As they were loading up everything I started to think....Oh good. Miah and I will have a girlie day and go eat breakfast.

But she's not here. And I pouted for a little bit.

I can't go pick her up early cause she would like to stay til the end. I pick her up at 1pm. It's 8:20 now.

Guess I'll start my countdown.


Mrs. Romero said...

This is such a great post. I love how in then end you brought it back to counting down to see her.

That invitation is SO cute.. did V make it?

I remember the excitement of slumber parties...Pizza, Dorritos and all the Oreos you could eat. Then , being totally grumpy the next day.

~Sheila~ said...

Thank You


13 minutes!!!!

Heather said...

That was some good eight year old telephone conversation there. We haven't started calling our friends yet, but I was just thinking it was time for some phone etiquette lessons. I can't get my kids to even answer the phone...except for the twins. And you can imagine how helpful they are.

It sounds like you really miss her. Maybe you two can still go do something girlie.

Jah Air Red said...

More skulls. sigh.

Mom2FiveBratz said...

My 9 yr old is clueless on the phone with his friends.
My oldest kids? They prefer text messaging, and they can do it really fast! you would think theyd wash the dishes fast, but..nope.

My 11 yr old refuses to talk on the phone to anyone.

Darrin said...

What's the deal with the phone thing? My son is phone dislexic. I love it when he answers the phone by saying "What?" or.. "Mom?" Then there's the times he picks up and says nothing at all. Geez... I could go on and on.

Kathy said...

I'm totally not ready for slumber parties...I'm hoping I've got a few more years to prepare.

Mama Dawg said...

Man, my daughter's been a pro on the phone since she was about 5. But only because I'm too lazy to do it for her!

That was a sweet post.

Shelby said...

Oh man I remember slumber parties. What I don't remember is a fear of making phone calls. I did a lot of mom-imitation, so that probably helped. I'm pretty sure I spent about 98% of the time I wasn't in school on the phone when I was in middle school. Eek! Enjoy the quiet while you can!