Saturday, May 24, 2008


( know what you're thinking Jared...totally not what you think...)

A couple of days ago...

I spanked Dominique.

Now, I know what you're thinking...*gasp*.."you spank your children??"


I am a strong believer in spanking your children.
I was spanked when I was a child and I knew I didnt want to get spanked again so I refrained from repeating any crime I was spanked for.

Also, I've seen Maury and all those other show where these bad-ass kids are shown smoking and drinking and tellin their mommas off on TV. Mommas are sitting there crying about what a little hoodlum her 6 yr old has become.

Not gonna happen here.

I don't go around spanking my kids for every little offense.
In fact, Miah may have been spanked only 3 times in her life...and she's 8 now. (she's a good girl).

Devyn..maybe 5 and he's only 6 yrs old.

Dom..well..of course, more.

So here's the spanking story:

I rarely leave the kids alone in the house unless I am going to HEB or someplace that will only be a half hour trip. The kids know the rules and they follow them. I also leave an extra cell phone in the house for them to use to call me.

Well, I had just locked the door behind me and walked out to my truck and realized I left my cell on my bed. I go back in the house (unlocking the door quietly..cause we all like to sneak up on our kids to see what they are doing when they think you're not around) and I can hear Dom in the hallway talking (he's supposed to be in his room behind a closed door cause he was still grounded at this point). Miah sees me in the living room and I put my finger to my lips to signal a 'shhh'. I'm closer to the hall and I hear Dom telling Devyn, "It's the name of a song. Really. It's called F... me in the A..". (here he's actually saying the bad words) I'm thinking..WTF? I move closer and I can see Devyn on the floor (his back to me) on his knees sliding one of his hotwheels cars back and forth and Dom is standing by his doorway telling him this 3 times.

I step into the hall and Dom looks at me and just froze. Then his head drops and he looks at the floor.

Me: What did you just say?

Dom: I was just telling him about a song.

Me: What song?

Dom: in the A.. (he said it just like that too..without the bad words)

Me: That's not what I heard you telling Devyn.

Dom: Yes it is

Me: No isn't.

At this went back and forth with him denying saying any bad words.

Now..I'm not dumb. I know he is running around cussing with all his little friends, he's 13 for goodness sake.

I sent Devyn out of the hall and into his room and I closed all the doors. Dom finally repeated to me what he had been saying to Devyn (with the bad words). I yelled at him for continuously repeating that phrase to a 6 yr old.

This is also the point where Devyn chimed in behind his closed door, "Six and a half!"

After the spanking, I explained to him that there was no need for him to speak that kind of language to his sister or brother. I know they are hearing out in the real world, but I prefer to raise my children to show respect for each other. I sent him to bed (this is around 6pm) without dinner.

The next day, he decided to make quesadillas for them.


Heather said...

We spank too (and sometimes it IS what you're thinking Jared ;o)) Tee hee hee.

No, seriously, Sheila I'm a supporter of spanking and use it only with major offenses like you do. I was spanked and grew up relatively normal. Kind of...but it had nothing to do with being spanked as a child.

I love the picture of Dominique making quesadillas. He looks so humbled...and hungry.

Darrin said...

Way to go. Think how many less problems there would be in this world if more kids respected their parents, and were taught to have a better appreciation for doing the right thing. I'm sure many will say people spank out of anger, but it's not about that (for us anyway). You.. (like I) also explain in depth to your children WHY they shouldn't be doing what they're doing. I think your kids are going to turn out just fine.

insane mama said...

I am totally backing you up, I have had to spank the kids a few times, I agree that it should be for major issues and I think you were right on this one. Now as far as spanking my husband... that is another story....

Shelby said...

I go back and fourth on the spanking thing. I was spanked too, maybe two or three times throughout my WHOLE childhood. And it made an impact for sure. I guess we'll see when I have babies of my own and am at my wits end how I feel about it...