Monday, May 19, 2008

Will it ever end???

Okay...So you know what's going to happen right? We are all going to get stuck tagging each other over and over again till one (or half a dozen more) of us decided we need to fake sick just to get out of playing "Tag".

We like "Tag"?
Oh, Okay.
Carry on...

I'm glad Kathy detailed this last one. Instead of thinking of some random dumb line of info, I get to rack my brain thinking about all sorts of unorganized crap in my hippocampus. But still..when you put it like..."Five people I want to get to know better:" just makes it allllllll better.

So..moving on...

What I was doing 10 years ago?
In 1998 I was a cocktail waitress in a pool hall. I had 1 child (Dom) at the time and I was single. I have the same story as Kathy when it comes to the man and the girlie dressing. Met Angel and was learning to dress more girlie cause I always wore caps and jeans...etc. I hung around boys all the time.

Five Snacks I Enjoy:
-Ice cream...I like to try all kinds of new flavors but Blue Bell Chocolate Chip is my favorite.
-Sweet Tarts...especially the easter edition with the bunny and the chicks.
-Lasagna..I make spinach and mushroom lasagna
-Cereal...sugar smacks, apple jacks, strawberry cream frosted mini wheats.
-Milk Shakes...Strawberry banana..if not..Chocolate/strawberry.

Five Things On My To Do List Today:
-Pick up kids from latchkey
-make sure they do their chores/homework
-help Angel prepare for our fish fry tonight (mmmmm, fish..Jared..lots of it)
-make sure kids shower and brush their teeth
-Make Angel watch Medium with me (cause he says he hates it but he ALWAYS watches it with me...he loves it).

Things I would do if I were a billionaire:
-Buy a house, boat for Angel
-Buy my immediate family houses and distribute a reasonable amount of money to family members
-Trusts for kids
-private school...(maybe even military academy for Dom if he don't shape up.)

Five jobs I have had:
-*ahem* massages in lingerie (I think I've mentioned that before)
-blockbuster video...(loved it),Movie Gallery -( store and loved it too)
-Sirloin stockade-waitress (among many other restaurants)
-Stay at home mom..who eventually went to school leading to....
-Physical Therapist Assistant ...which I am currently

Five of my bad habits:
-Falling asleep while watching a movie after telling Angel he better not fall asleep while watching the movie
-Crashing out RIGHT after I just ate.
-Eating ice cream, feeling cold, cuddling up in blanket, falling asleep.
-rushing home to take a nap.
-longing for my bed

Five places I have lived:
-Abilene, Texas
-Spokane, Washington
-Alamogordo, New Mexico
-Richmond, Virginia
-New Braunfels...McAllen...San Antonio...Corpus Christi, Texas

Five People I want to get to know better:

-CJ at CJ's Story

-Erika at Mom 2 Five Bratz

-Jared at Chaotic Pantheon

-Shelby at Its a Wonderful Lie

-Heather at Mindless Junque

6 Random things about me:

-I can't stand whiney children or kids who run wild in public places
-My kids are the best (despite mild behavior problems)
-I wanna take showers with my husband but the Punk won't let me.
-I freak out a little every time my lesbian friend visits and she gets out of the shower and sits on my bed shocks me every time.
-I leave work 2 hours early just so that I can have "ME" time before I have to get the kids
-I love when my kids visit their Aunts and Uncles for a WHOLE summer.

There ya have it.
Do with it what you will.

Now..if you don't mind.. I need to make sure we have all of the ingredients for tonight's fish fry before Angel gets home from work. No sense making him stop and get them..we'd never eat.


Jah Air Red said...

very cool. now i get to read all the other posts you wrote!
I dont see why women dress girly if it isnt in them, i mean, were gonnna find out eventually.

Mrs. Romero said...

I love your analogy of the tags.. so true. Thank you for stopping the cycle. Your restraint and sanity is appreciated!

I need to go do mine... it's big pressure to be funny and interesting.. big pressure.