Thursday, May 1, 2008

Am I being punished? supervisor came back to work today...YAY!
Boy was I happy to see him. Wedding ring and all.
Now, don't get me wrong. I am not the least bit attracted to this dude. I was just happy that he came back to work to pick up half of this caseload of patients that I have been working myself to death over the past 3 weeks.

He was finally here.

I was super happy working and smiling in the patient's faces regardless of whatever alzheimic or demented remark came out of their mouth. I was so on a roll that I didn't even realize that I had worked halfway through lunch. I sat and ate and while I was eating...a bomb was dropped.

My supervisor came to me and said I might end up having to see his patients that are in assessment (this means either new patients or in a crucial time for insurance). Assessments were mandatory. I was like..."What? What are you talking about?"

He went on to explain some mumbo jumbo about registering online to renew his license to practice physical therapy................yesterday.
He blubbered something about looking online today and it states that it's not valid.
Of course we asked him if he received a conformation number and printed it out.
He continued to mumble something about printing something out but not really looking at it or reading it.

WHAT........THE........ FUCK?!?!

So here is what happened.
He got to go home at lunch and we don't really know if he will be eligible to work tomorrow or until whenever it will be that he gets his licensed renewed.
I wanted to jump him right then and there. I wanted to bust his little head in. He's a small guy (smaller than me) I can take him. The punk. He knew this date was coming up and instead of taking care of it before his 3 week vacation, he waits until he gets back a day before he goes back to work and does it.

Personally, I don't think the little bitch wants to work. He shows up in the morning draggin ass all day and by the time I leave he has barely halfway through his caseload. He's a traveling PT so he gets assignments for 3 months at a time at various facilities. I should have picked up on some type of laziness a long time ago. The first week he started with us he "got sick" 3 days into the job and was out for a week and a half.

His recruiting company needs to send someone who wants to frickin work!


I'm officially pissed. stressed. disgusted.

.........but, what can I do?


It's Friday more day to get through.


Tiffany said...

Your writing cracks me up.. I love that you call him a "little bitch"... I feel like I am sitting right there!

What a jerk. It sucks when people don't pull their weight at work.