Wednesday, April 30, 2008

It's Over!!

I was almost excited to go to work today. I knew that today was the last day that I have to carry the caseload by myself because tomorrow my supervisor comes back. I get to work and I ask the rehab director if 'for sure' he is coming back.
"Well, that's what he said." was her reply.

So now I'm looking around because I thought this was a sure thing.
"you mean, you didn't call to make sure?" I asked.

"no...I hope he remembers." she said.

"can't we send him a 'Hey, can't wait to see you back at work tomorrow' type of text?" I desperately asked.

Regardless. His ass better be there. I didn't skip and whistle around work all day for nothing!
I waited and busted my ass for 3 weeks Dammit!!


Last night my husband told me that he didn't want to move from Corpus. We have been discussing moving for more money and cheaper rent but he loves the beach and easy access to fishing so much.
The house we are going to move to is his mother's and she is giving it up to us. No central Air or Heat. We will be fixing it up. I will happily put in A/C window units in so that we won't suffocate but the only person who has a problem with the heat is Miah. She is just like her daddy. Always hot.
Right now we live in an apartment that has the bills included (they even throw in basic cable free). I don't know..I'm torn. I've already come to terms with moving and living closer to family and now he wants to stay.

Well..I can say's day 3 and the kids are eager to get home and start earning some money!!
I've made it a little more interesting for them. Dom wanted to keep the dishes chore cause it pays 75 cents but I made a list of all the chores and cut them out and put them in a jar so they can pick them at random.
I'll see how that works out. Devyn is loving the dining room chore and Miah loves the living room so I'm not sure...maybe I won't rock the boat.
Angel has been cooking for me lately...I wonder if he is expecting some kind of payment too....hmm.

Anyway...It's Hump Day (no pun intended).
I sure start looking forward to the weekend, don't I?


Jared said...

1.your kids need a yard.

2.texas is surrounded by water, he could GO AWAY to find fishing which means more happy time for you.