Thursday, April 17, 2008

Was this a rite of passage?....

Did I pass? Am I evolving?

The kids have been bugging me since early this week about going to McDonald's. Apparently there was some hype about their teachers from their school being there and cooking their meals for them. Allllll week long.
"Can we go to McDonald's?"

I decided to go ahead and take them.

What was I thinking? I knew that when we got there...and believe me, it started from 5pm to 8pm and we were there at 5. I knew there was going to be tons of kids there and I was right. We got our food right away and find a place to sit.


There were kids running allll over the place. Screaming, jumping, hitting, running, falling, crying. These kids were acting like they never had a momma. Lucky for me. None of this was happening with my children. They were complete angels. I wasn't even frustrated like I usually am when we all go someplace. It's like they were looking at all the other kids wondering what's wrong with them. We were sitting at the table eating and all we here is this *POP*.

A balloon popped and all the kids started yelling. Just like when girls are in the restroom in school and someone reaches in and turns off the light. AND...the dumb girls scream.."AAAAHHHH!" Sooo annoying.

Anyway, So Grimace and the Hamburgler show up. Little did I know that my children were not aware of these character's names. They just pointed and said "Look!" I told them the name Hamburgler and they all busted out laughing. Devyn especially thought it was funny. The kids finished their meals and wanted to go play in the playland (except Dom, he sat next to me cause he was definately too old to be scrambling around in there). Normally, I don't like for them to play in there cause I always have these horrible feelings that some irresponsible parent has been letting their little pissy ass children crawl around and streak pee down the slides. Truthfully, I'm not sure if any of the employees actually get up there with disinfectant to sanitize that area at all. Gross.

Finally we stayed there for an hour and it was time to go. I did what I usually do. I stood in front of the playland and called their names one time each. "MIAH! DEVYN!" Within seconds they were right in front of me. A little disappointed that we were leaving but gathered their shoes nontheless. All in all, it really was a good day. I didn't lose my temper once. Dom and I discussed his grades and what he has decided to do to make up a couple of zeros he has because he really wants to keep his hair.

We went home. Devyn being the sweetest kids in the world told me "Thank you for taking us to McDonald's Momma!" He always thanks me for little things. He also tells me "I love you." more times randomly in his lifetime than my husband has. He also takes things that he hears literally. He heard the words Serial killer and he scrunched up his face and said.."cereal killer, they kill cereal?" Miah being the smartalec that she is said "No silly, serial killers kill people, they just eat cereal for strength."

On another note. I decided the kids were going to start washing, drying and folding their own clothes. Dom got his together and took care of it, Miah gathered hers and completed her chores. Angel was in charge of Devyn's teachings of laundry. (remember, Devyn is 6). He called out to devyn to gather his dirty clothes and put them in the washer. done. 12 min later he called out for devyn to put them in the dryer. done. Devyn is in bed now and Angel decided to put a load of his own work clothes in the wash, then dry. He comes in the room snickering and tells me that Devyn washed 1 pair of pants, 2 underware and 1 shirt. Hey..whatever dude...Devyn washed some clothes. He's happy.

We finished watching a movie...Lars and the Real Girl. It was .......interesting. The kids got a kick out of it.

Time for bed. Friday Eve is almost over. Tomorrow party.

Looking forward to it.


JokerOnMars said...

Mcdonals. Bunch of kids screaming. FUCK THAT.

JokerOnMars said...

I actually like Robot Chicken, family guy and futurama

Sheebs said...

3 things:

1st-Love & Basketball, without fail, ALWAYS makes me happy. So thanks for that. =)

2nd-GOOD CALL having the kids do their own laundry, I can't tell you how many 24 year-olds I know who have zero idea how to do a load of laundry. Seriously folks, a basic life skill here.

3rd-McDonalds is almost NEVER a good idea unless you're driving through. You knew it would be packed! But heck, now you know. =D

Anonymous said... seems like every time I read one of your posts, I leave a comment, and somewhere ahead of me, somebody has posted some comment to the effect of "now you know better."

it's sad, but still, i disagree. yeah, you know McDonald's is packed, but what did that teach you? Not to take your kids there ever again? No way! You can't deprive your children of the complete waste of time of playing at McDonald's! My parents didn't take me all the time, but it was definitely a big part of my childhood. Of course the food isn't fantastic, but it's a place for kids and i think that you braving the McDonald's so your kids could be happy was the coolest things ever!