Friday, April 18, 2008

Child labor and Devil toys.

I took Miah to work with me today because yesterday she was coughing and coughing. I honestly thought she was choking. 5 times I had to ask her if she was "OK". This was later in the evening so I had to check to see how she was this morning before I decided to send her to school. She was with me. I didnt have any worries about taking her to work. My job is pretty laid back when it comes to situations like that. They will accommodate my needs to keep their employees. Plus, I knew Miah would be a good girl. She always is. She hasn't fully crossed to the dark side yet.
So ...those who have (and don't have) children should know first hand:

  • Children will (without fail) make a liar out of you. Especially those children who are sick. They are comparable to cars and mechanics. You can take the kids/cars to the doctor/mechanic and once there...*poof* no evidence of malfunction.
This is what happened at work.
We get there, she's coughing and coughing. I bought her breakfast, sat her in a corner and started my work. After breakfast she started to become restless.
  • Children are unable to resist the temptation of stools with wheels. They will sit and glide across the floor making a continuous rolling noise throughout the time they are on or around them.

I had to tell her several times not to play on the stools because my co-workers and I use/need them to maneuver around patients when they are in a sitting position.

  • Children cannot sit still no matter how well behaved they are.

She would get up randomly and SKIP around the room.

Now, c'mon. I tried to explain to her numerous times that "sick kids don't skip around because they are sick", and "sick kids don't play outside if they didn't go to school because they are sick". This logic is lost to them.

I decided if she isn't going to be sick then I would put her to work. She followed me with wheelchairs and sat next to residents and helped them keep count during their exercises. For some reason, some elderly people thrive on the presence of children and pets. Yesterday there was a therapy dog there and today my daughter. It all made the day fly by.

On a side note...

Just exactly 1 minute ago, Miah and I were looking around the house for some stupid toy that was automatically playing it's own tune. You know..those musical toys that come on at random when no one's around? Well, we decided to trek through the house and look for it. We knew it was in one room and for some reason it automatically became a spooky toy hunt. There we are, creeping down the hall looking for the toy and we hear it, faintly. Then we creep closer and the stupid toy says "YEEHAW!" as loud as can be. Scared the shit out of me which made me scream, which in turn causes Miah to scream, and in a split second she clung to me like a baby monkey. I swear, she literally pounced on me and was velcroed to my torso. I had turned in that same instant and ran back to my room and she was balling with her head in my chest.

You know what happened then?...I had to pry her off me and go back down the hall to hunt it down (by myself) because SOMEONE had to shut that stupid toy up. So now, all is right with the world. Devil toy is in the trash and Miah and I have decided to take GROUP NAP. I sooooo love group nap. All the kids napping at the same time and you know already that no one is getting into anything they shouldn't be. friend just texted me saying she will be here shortly so that we can get ready to go on our girl hunt and my husband told me that he is going to the Valley this weekend and he is taking all the kids. he won't be back until Sun. afternoon.

That leaves us the apartment to ourselves and plenty of time to get into trouble.

I will keep you undated on how that goes.


JokerOnMars said...

the yeehaw too...compliments of mcdonalds. We have one too. It had a guy in a cowboy hat, and has an american idol thing on the front..most annoying toy EVER..well, most annoying toy for now.

JokerOnMars said...

that should read, yeehaw jaw is killing me from yesterday evenings football thing...well, my whole left side is killing me to be honest.