Saturday, April 5, 2008


Yesterday was my son's 13th birthday. For some reason, it seems like he matured overnight. He is actually taking the time to think about his response before he actually responds. I hope this keeps up.

Here's what we did:

I picked up the kids from school and we went grocery shopping. I told him he could pick out whatever he wanted to eat and a cake. He decided he wanted to make homemade pizza (we do that occasionally) and this is the cake he picked. It is actually delicious. Strawberries, kiwi, pineapple and grapes on top. My husband bought his gift..a Zen stone mp3 player. (which I didn't know is what he wanted) so Dom and I sat in front of the computer and downloaded songs onto it. It has a mini built-in speaker so we can hear the music too. He is happy. Even though we didn't take him someplace expensive, he said he really enjoyed his day.

As for me....My husband sent me a text earlier saying that he was still going to get me a gift for our anniversary. He got me a pair of sunglasses, a small potted plant and a choker. (I loooove chokers).

I guess I will have to continue to get used to all my gifts being late. In my's the after-thought that counts. He pointed out that he forgets to take his daily meds (he's had Rheumatoid Arthritis since he was 23 and now he takes as much meds as an elderly person) so if I can't get mad at him for forgetting his meds... I can't get mad at him for forgetting certain days of the year.

Today we are taking the kids to a park area where they can ride their ripstick, skateboards, bikes..etc.

Devyn is my athelete. He can throw anything, catch anything and is just always running.

Miah is the Diva, wants to sit and brush her hair, skips around in her skirts and has a crapload of lipgloss (more than I have).

Dominique is the brain. Always figuring things out and finishing games before anyone has a chance to play them on his xbox. He corrects me on some of the things I say or do (which can be really annoying sometimes).

Either way. I am in a better mood. I will be sad again come Mother's Day but that is my routine. I always let my husband off the hook when he shows up the next day with gifts.


JokerOnMars said...

Yes hampsters have weird feet, but I was wearing a shirt and thought it was Stormys fingers, because she does that know, draw imaginary pictures on my chest.
Cali Reese has a Zen, and did you know you can download videos to it? Its a video player also, just letting you know.
I didnt worry about the home owners thing because Ive dealt with that before just not as strict, and i liked the fact that my brother was going to be only 3 houses down.

~Just delirious~ said...

his is just a zen stone. just plays screen, (we're poor) but I did buy him those drumsticks he can plug into it and air