Saturday, April 12, 2008

The Tortoise and The Hare...

At least that is exactly what came to mind AND played out when my husband told me that his sister was coming into town to visit last night.
My house was a mess. Who'd think that with a whole family being out of the house the majority of the day that it would get messy? Keep in mind...I said "messy" not "dirty". There is a difference.
I just have random paper and clothing scattered everywhere. There aren't any dirty dishes under beds or in closets or anything like that. All of our dishes stay in the dining room and the kitchen..with the exception of an occasional glass of tea, water, or sprite here near my computer.

I was in total lack of control yesterday. I'm under a lot of stress from work because my boss (he hates when I call him my boss because he is at least 10 yrs younger than I am) has taken 3 weeks off to go and get married. This leaves me to handle all the patients in our Physical Therapy caseload. This is about 18 patients with varying treatment times ranging from 35 min. to 75 min. In our whole rehab department there is Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy and a Speech. No one from OT or Speech could come and help me with my patients because we address different 'areas' of the patient. I have been hustling the past couple of days to get my patients treated. I have 3 more weeks of this.

Now, when I clock out at the end of the day, I'm exhausted from pulling patients to help them stand, holding them up to keep them from falling, transfering them from their wheelchairs.. to their beds.. to mats..etc.
The last thing I wanted to have to do was come home and clean and go grocery shopping.

That's exactly what I did.
I got home and cleaned and scrubbed and vacuumed and dusted.

I knew my husband had a dr's appointment that morning and I figured he was going back to work. So I called him to see how it went at the Doctors and see if he made it to work on time.and guess what...he didn't go to work. Guess where he was.....

(yeah, I know you know)


He had just gotten there. He said he finished everything at the dr's at around 1 pm. He came home and "picked up" and went fishing.

"oh cool", I thought. I pictured walking in the house and everything was in it's place and the clothes (that should have been folded and put away) were actually folded and put away, the floor being vacuumed and at least the restroom wiped down.


I walked into exactly the same scene that I left from this morning MINUS a few papers here and there and the dining room table being a little bit more visible. The kitchen could have used a good once over too.

About an hour later, he comes in and just looks at me cause I had already gotten into work mode. I had come across this AOL music and found a station and turned it up loud on my computer and just started going. Like I mentioned before, I haven't been taking my meds. I still haven't take them and I've been off for about a month now. So here I am, moving in "fast mode" but because I can't really focus..I am pecking at things here and there.

Let's see...started collecting all the dirty clothes, then got sidetracked when I went to get a basket to put them in by wondering what was on the other stations to listen to so I'm going back and forth between the computer, the clothes, wiping the dining room table while sorting things in my bedroom because I was wondering what happened to that activesync cd that came with my phone so I can link my phone to my computer while vacuuming the living room, dining room, bedroom and hall, which led me to wonder if I have any more scented candles and if I should go to walmart while I'm cleaning my bathroom sink.

Now remember....Angel is still here. But all I remember is flashes of him here and there. I did spot him sitting on the couch watching that stupid fishing channel. I did make a remark about him helping me. I think he said he put the dishes away. But I didn't see him washing any.
I also had to go to HEB to get groceries (twice) so he can BBQ. I say "twice" because it's true. I had to go back a second time because my dumb ass didn't make a list of the items we needed. My instincts told me to make a list. I know cause I heard it. BUT...the 'dumb ass' side of me ALWAYS wins. I never listen to my instincts. So, there I was...walking around wondering OUT LOUD......"what else was there?...let's see...meat, charcoal, that it? ....what else? what else?"....
Hence..the second trip.
F.Y.I. - if you were wondering where all the elderly people in the world were yesterday....they were at my HEB. Every one of 'em.

Anyway, my sister in law came over, stayed for about 3 hrs last night and left.

Today, my house is clean.
Angel took the kids to the beach so I can be alone for while (and he took his damn time about it). Talkin about .."Hey, lets watch a movie" and "Oh, I gotta burn a CD before I go."

Dude, just go already.

Now I'm by myself.

Think I'll take a shower and go for a drive.


Anonymous said...

Jeeeezzzzzzzzzzzzzzz mf are u ok? That's one of the reasons I decided not to go into PT,all of the lifting and such. And I don't know if u are just joking about the meds or not , but if not, u know as well as I that u shouldn't stop taking them. Don't work yourself to death, it's not worth it, sister-in-law can deal with a little bit of mess, she'll get over it. Take care mf, ttus
Congrats to u also, school is tough eh? LOL

JokerOnMars said...

I saw my doctor on Thursday. He put me back on xanax. He says im too tense. Im going with "LOL".

JokerOnMars said...

Does Jen read my blog? God i hope not! I never thought about THAT. Thanks for giving me something to spaz about.