Thursday, April 10, 2008

Mood Swings...yup....

That's what I'm having. Maybe I should be diagnosed as Bipolar. Last week..I was pretty down. This week...super happy. Not exactly knowing why. I was driving home thinking about how difficult my day could have gone at work without the help of our rehab tech, Elvira. I was the only staff member for the PT department there today and I had to treat a ton of patients....anywayyyyy...

I was driving home and I was thinking about my dentist (I don't even know why) and I instantly thought of the movie 'Flash Gordon'.
That's him in the pic. me, my dentist looks like the man who played Flash gordon. Either that...or Mr. Incredible. He has super shiny teeth and when he talks...I can't draw my eyes away from his teeth.

They do that on purpose you know. Shiny up their teeth.

Also...they love to ask you questions with your mouth WIDE open and watch you wiggle your tongue around trying to make words.

I asked him why "they" do that. Hes says he doesn't even think about it....

yeah right.

Also, one time, was injecting me with lidocain and he made a comment .."this must be the highlight of your day."

I told him, "What? Having some strange man's finger in my mouth?"

He obviously didn't know what I was thinking till then.

So anyway, I took a pic of him. Keep in mind...this is a "sneaky" pic. I couldn't even see if he was even in view cause my phone was at my side and I was trying to take it inconspicuously.

What do you think?


JokerOnMars said...

If your day job doesnt pan out, you could be a paparazzi. (Sneaky pics)