Saturday, April 5, 2008

What tha f...

I got up early this morning and took my truck to the dealer cause the Maintainance light was on. I had already had the oil changed so they showed me how to reset it. Then I went and got the kids some sandals to go to the river cause that was our plan for the day.
It was a beautiful day. Sunny but a little breezy to keep it nice and cool. Unfortunately, as we were packing up, we realized that someone stole my lawnchair out of the back of Angel's truck. Dang. I loved that chair.

We get there and the kids are having a good time. I fished and helped cook. We enjoyed ourselves and for the first time I wasn't trying to escape. I told Angel that this was better than the beach sand to irritate me.

We stayed about 7 hrs. I caught a ton of fish and gave them to the family that was next to me. They weren't catching much. Thanks to the quick thinking of my husband who watches that BORING fishing channel, he knew exactly what bait would catch these freshwater fish. On the downside...the bait was something called cheese bait and was in a container with a lid. It was the nastiest, foulest smelling crap and if you got it on your'd swear that you just wiped your ass without toilet paper.
Yeah, I know, ....ewwww.
But it worked. The fish were flocking to me...if fish flock.

We packed up, came home, fed the kids, I ate more cake and then I crashed. This is around 9:30.
I'm awake right now cause of the stupidest dream I just had.
I'm at a grocery store and guess who is in there...Justin Timberlake. Yep, that's right. I don't rush him or anything cause that's not my style. I do say "hi" and I walk on Then I come to a part of the store that has a swimming pool. (don't ask.) Looking in the pool is explosives. C4.
I hear someone say..."be careful, he could get upset and blow us all up...and we're right next to the knives".
Then I come across him again. And I notice it. He's holding up the grocery store with a pitchfork. (remember...this is a dream)
Then I think.
I ask him if I can go to the restroom. He's like.."yeah, whatever".
Lucky for me the restrooms are right around the corner by the entrance/exit.
I get there and with cat-like reflexes...I book. I mean...I'M GONE. I run to the police to tell them what is going on and they all rush to the store. For some stupid reason, I'm out there standing with them as if to say..."Yeah, I told on you". Then I see what looks like those dumb little round 4th of July smoke bombs(all they do is blow colored smoke) fly out of one of the window and land next to a cop car...near me.
Again.....I'M GONE.
I start running away from the scene. Jumping over fences, cutting across lawns...just like Ferris Bueller. I look back for a sec and I see this other girl running perpindicular to me.

Wonder what she's running from?!

Anyway. I'm up for awhile. I do believe there is an episode of Smallville I've been meaning to watch...


JokerOnMars said...

First of all, I had no idea there was a fishing channel.
Second. It amazes me how your not dreaming about fish since that all your family does, but maybe its all the fish that you do consume that makes you dream such odd dreams.