Thursday, April 17, 2008

New Tactic...gone bad.

I thought I had found a new tactic for getting my husband to take care of things around the least for the day.
Here's how...
I went to the dentist yesterday. I got a couple of fillings in on the top left teeth.

(BTW-I didn't get any more "sneaky pics" of my dentist, I tried but they were highly embarrassing photos of his ceiling, cabinet, lights...even my ear. Guess I'll hold on to my day job after all).

Anyway, he shot me up with lidocane again. The other times were on the bottom back row of teeth so the injections were no biggie...this time they were so close to my nose. I was there and worried about picking up the kids on time so I texted my husband and asked if he will be able to because of my situation. He got off work early to get them. I finally got out and went home and he was there sitting on the couch. I sat next to him and showed him the many funky faces I could make with my upper lip being numb. I couldn't drink cause I couldn't pucker. I couldn't sip from a spoon for the same reason.

He thought it was pretty funny.

After a while, my upper lip started to itch because the numbness was starting to wear off. hit me. My nose started to become irritated because it felt like I was inhaling too much air from it. I was starting to feel a little pain from the injection site. (keep in mind..I said 'little pain').

BUT...I sooooo overplayed it.

I, being the wife and mother, hardly ever get sick and when/if I do no one really takes care of me. no one brings me soup and lays with me and checks on me or covers me. was my chance. I'm running with it.

Angel (my husband) decided he was going to do laundry for me and cook dinner for the kids. I mentioned that we have some hamburger helper in the pantry so he goes and gets it. I'm laying on the couch watching my shows (Medium and Bones) eating ice-cream......cause well, I told him it helps my 'pain'.

He has already started dinner and is gathering clothes for the laundry. My shows are over and I am tired. I decided to go and lay in bed. I did ask him a couple times if he needs my help. "Nope", he said. "Okaaaay".

Later he sends Devyn to ask me what I was doing. I get up to check what he needed and well...The food is undercooked (the pasta anyway). I explain that he has to bring it all to a boil THEN let it simmer...Okay....back on track.

Back to bed.

He comes back in later to tell me that...well...not to scrape the pan, just get the food on top cause it burnt.

Now I pictured a little burned.

This morning, I wake up. He's gone to work. I go to the kitchen and there is this pan on the stove with what looks like a full pan of food. But, it's actually a full pan of charred remains. ( I really should let him stick to cooking on the grill).

Clothes are ALLLLL over the place, living room. dining room. hall.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is what happens when you become a teensie bit coniving.

It appears my plan has backfired. My instincts told me I should have aborted this whole operation back when the food was undercooked.

Now..I am in charge of damage control.

On a brighter note...One of my best friends is coming this Friday for the weekend to see me. I've known her since our oldest kids were 3 (10 yrs). She only lives 2 hrs away so we see each other frequently.

She lost her job and is looking to move up here where I am. Unfortunately, in Sept. I will be moving down to the Valley where she is currently living. We are going to go out and Angel is going to hang with the kids. She wants to find a chick to hook up with (she's a lesbian).
I have a ton of lesbian friends. Angel was always afraid that they were going to gang up on me and convert me to lesbianism. I had to explain to him that it isn't exactly how it works. Girls like me...yes.Some even hit on me. Am I interested in girlies?...NO. I mean..I will see a pretty girl and think she's pretty or has a great body, but No, not into girls.

I prefer my Angel.

Either way, I guess I'll be out scouting for chicks for her this weekend.


JokerOnMars said...

haha chick hunting, fun. I havent done THAT in awhile.
And! Thats what you get for faking it. It wouldve been easier to cook, and toss clothes in the wash and then go to bed early. Now you know.

Anonymous said...

well, i disagree with the earlier comment...while it is true that it would have been EASIER to stick to the usual routine, i think that your conniving was well deserved relaxation, if only for a little while. Mom's are hard workers. They all deserve a break every once in a while! I say "more power to ya!"

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