Thursday, April 24, 2008

Devyn has an attitude and a crush.

Devyn is 6 yrs old. (he'll tell you he's 6 1/2) and his B-day is in June. He has been so happy since the first day of school when he laid eyes on his teacher. She really is pretty and nice. At that time she was pregnant and all Devyn could talk about.

This is Devyn an I in the picture..

This is my sweet little boy who always tells me he loves me and will lay on my covers on me to keep me warm.
Ever since he started school this year his attitude has been changing. That coupled with the fact that he has spent 2 summers so far in New York with his uncle who's a cop. Now, he's trying to act like he's the shit.
Slowly he started becoming someone else. I don't know where he gets it from.

Here..we were outside BBQing and the kids were playing with all the kids outside and I got my phone to take a picture of Devyn and his best friend playing nicely. I'm focusing on them and they see me and strike a pose.

He's the one in the blue hat. This was the first time he posed like that and he actually stayed that way cause I was just staring at him for about 20 seconds blankly and asking him what was the matter. I thought something was wrong. I didn't know he was posing.He started asking me, "did you take it yet?" while he stayed frozen in that position until I did.

What's with this pose? It's easter dude.:

I liked when he was going through this phase:

Either way...right now..he has a crush on his Teacher. Mrs. Scott.

I started noticing it when he would get his graded papers back and he brought them home. He had to write sentences. His sentences were:

Mrs. Scott is pretty.

Mrs Scott is nice.

Mrs. Scott has long hair.

There were times when he would draw me pictures of flowers. Lots of them. Now he would ask me to buy him a poster board and crayons at the dollar store. He would sit in his room for a looooong time sprawled out on the floor coloring. For about 4 days straight. Just come home and do his homework and color. He finished and brought it to me and I gushed over how pretty it was. I asked him, "is this for me?" and he quickly said, "it's for Mrs. Scott".

I was like.."what?..for real? You had me buy all the supplies so you can color for days and it's not even for me? Your own mother?!"

So he says, "Okay, you can have it."

I was like.."nawww...I don't want it if it wasn't for me first."

He thought for a minute and said.."Really mom, you can have it, then when I go to school tomorrow I'll take it to Mrs. Scott tomorrow."


I told him I was just playing and that he can give it to her and that it was very pretty. Still, he was determined to get to McDonald's one day because the teachers were going to be cooking and Mrs. Scott was going to be there.

Miah is in Spirit Club. We took her to march in a parade one Saturday and that is when Devyn found out that Mrs. Scott was one of the coaches of it. Miah told me Devyn wants to join Spirit Club.

He's going to be pretty sad when we move. But, he'll find someone else to crush on then.