Saturday, August 30, 2008


Dear Angel,

I'M SORRY... that you drove 12 hrs to come home and there was chorizzo and eggs waiting for you at 8 am when you arrived.

I'M SORRY... that we (the kids and I) let you sleep, so that you can be well rested from that drive, in order to spend valuable time with your family.

I'M SORRY... that we went to Best Buy to look at car stereos because that is what you said you wanted for your truck (even though you ran off a list of maintanance issues that need to be addressed on your truck).

I'M SORRY... that when we realized the price of the stereos (plus Sirius Satellite the installation charge) that I immediately knew it was better to wait until we get paid on THURSDAY and FRIDAY before we decided to purchase this bundle.

I'M SORRY... that I know what our priorities are and listed them OUT LOUD to you (which include such petty things like...the remainder of the kids school supplies, their school uniforms, gas, food, rent and utilities).

I'M SORRY... that you got a shitty attitude toward me because you couldn't get what you wanted RIGHT THEN AND THERE!

I'M SORRY... that you drove like a maniac on the highway with the kids in the truck and didn't give a shit because you were throwing a man-sized tantrum.

I'M SORRY... that I asked you to leave me at home, by myself, because I didn't want to go with you to your uncle's house right after that so that you can BBQ and drink and be merry with everyone else besides me because you didn't get what you wanted.

I'M SORRY... that I'm upset because I can't give you what you want until Thursday or Friday.

I'M SORRY... that I am sitting at home alone and you don't give a shit.

I'M SORRY... that I was being SOOO selfish today.

Can you please forgive me?

Friday, August 29, 2008


Now I don't know if some of you guys have been reading me or how much of me, but do you guys remember this.....

wait, never mind.

I'm the idiot who never labeled her blogs!!

Sooo.... now that I am wanting to reference all of those blogs that I wrote about Dom and his grades and behavior in school....can't.

I even tried to scroll through the blogs and my lazy ass gave up.

Anyway, they're in here someplace.

SO.....what I was going to say was that it's 4 days into the school year and I got a phone call from Dom's math teacher.

He isn't doing his work......again.

I assured her that I will be taking care of this situation and he WILL be doing better.

THEN...she says, "Um, would you like to talk to Dominique's Science teacher? She would like to talk to you too."


So she gets on the phone and tells me that he isn't' doing his work and that he only has 3 passing grades out of 7.
I believe he is failing Science.

I also assured her that THIS situation would be taken care of .

I picked up Dom from school and let me tell you....I took away everything he was allowed access to and he was VERY close to losing his hair. He was going to be looking like Devyn and Devyn LOVES his hair this way...

I have a feeling this is not the last I will hear from any of Dom's teachers.

My stress is already building.

Another Random Devyn Moment:

Devyn saw me on the computer on the blog and Myspace and he asked if he could play on it.

I told him, "In a minute, let me just finish what I am doing here."

He said as he started walking away, "Yes ma'am. I'll let you have your space.....cause it's 'your space'."

And then he chuckled and walked away.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

My First Patient

Whoo Hoo!

Tomorrow I get my first Home Health patient.
The PT did his eval and faxed a copy over to the company and they gave me a copy. The only thing is...I've been training on the PDA and the PT has his own "notebook" that he does his evals on. It isn't the same as the program on the PDA. So the patient isn't entered into the system under our program. THIS means that I will have to write my visit note on PAPER! *GASP*

Also, I was supposed to be getting a company vehicle to use for my visits. They haven't gotten me a car yet (and they knew I was coming to work for the company for about a month). So I have to fill out a mileage log. This is what I didn't want to do because I am getting dangerously close to the end of my mileage warranty. (A little over 1000 miles before my warranty runs out).

The company is sending a nurse with me to "oversee" my treatment, even though she knows nothing about physical therapy treatments. They told her in front of me "If she looks like she knows what she is doing, she probably does." We all thought that was funny. She is basically coming with me to check to see if I do proper hand washing procedures and introduce myself...etc.
Whatever, I think it'll be cool.

Anyway, I should be happy to have a patient to actually do some out of the office work. I have been in the office fighting sleep since last week. Now they have me on the computer incorporating therapy skills checkoffs with their nursing paperwork.
I guess they are just looking for something to keep me busy since they are paying me regardless.

The kids are loving their new schools.

I am loving the fact that they ALL get FREE breakfast and FREE lunch despite our income amount. How cool is that?

Before I graduated and started working I was on Public Assistance (FOOD STAMPS) which automatically qualified the kids for free food at school. As soon as I started working last year I reported my income and gave up all public assistance (because isn't that what we are supposed to be working toward?) so I had to adjust to handing out money to the kids for food or send money to the school cafeteria to cover the kids meals.

I'm loving being here over and over again.-
Angel is coming home for the weekend. I have some work for him to do. Our water pressure is really low and it's hard to take a shower when the pressure is coming out with the force of a pinched water hose. The hot water is almost non-existent and it's mostly a cool shower. I don't complain. All will be fixed soon enough.

That's it for now.

Monday, August 25, 2008

The first day

Today, I took the kids to their first day of school. Miah and Devyn were first. Usually when I take them to their classes they give me a hug and kiss and the whole routine before I leave feeling complete.


We got to Miah's class first and she walks in and finds a chair. I call to her, "Bye, Miah see you later."

She just waved me off.


Mildly hurt, I left and went to take Devyn to his class.

We found it and Devyn instantly went in and found a seat at the back of the class.

I had to sign a few papers so when I was done I was at the door waiting for Devyn to run up and hug and kiss me before I left.

I called out, "Bye, Devyn, love you."


Did they get together and plot this or something?

Nobody needs their mother anymore? What tha hell?

Dom I expected this from. It's exactly what I got.

After school, I picked up the kids and took them to Dairy Queen.

Devyn loves to blurt out random thoughts to us and it always catches us off guard. I will start posting them as they happen cause they are hilarious.

Here's the most recent one.

Devyn: "We only have 4 minutes to live....when someone's choking us."

We all just looked at each other and cracked up. Then we realized where he got his info from.

The kids had a good day at school, I went to work and finally got to bring a PDA home to practice with and......all is right with the world.

On another note............

Cyn called me today wondering if I had any clippers.
Our grandmother has cancer and has been undergoing chemo treatments so now she is losing her hair. She got a wig from The American Cancer Society and they suggested that she cut off the remaining patches of hair before she wore the wig.

I did have some clippers but when Dom brought them to me they were rusted so they were no good.
I packed up the kids and we went to her house. I took Cyn and Dom with me to Walmart to buy a new pair and when we got back I cut off the rest of her hair.

She looks good. I believe she is feeling good. She said that her white blood count is up and they reduced her meds so her hopes are up.

I'm glad that I'm back home.

I'm glad she has such a good support system with all of her family. She is not alone and I would hate for her to feel like she is.

She's an excellent grandma. Always trying to feed us all. Always moving around the kitchen and making everything hospitable for everyone.

I hope she knows how much we all love her.

I gathered up the kids after we were done and came home.

My heart is heavy and I am trying to hold back the tears because the kids are still awake.

I love her. She's the only grandmother that I have that I have been close to.

She's been my grandmother for 10 yrs (ever since I got together with Angel) and she will always be my grandmother.


Sunday, August 24, 2008

You like me.... REALLY like me!

Or at least Drama Mama does.

Check out the award she gave me. It's over there to the right under the one Shelby gave me.

How awesome is that?!?!

Totally appreciated.

Thanks Chica!!

I know I'm supposed to pass this on to other more deserving bloggers ....and I will. I am just such a procrastinator. I will do it though...I will.

I need a few beers first to get my wheels up top moving...I'll get to it...for sure.


This was the last weekend before school starts tomorrow and guess what time it is here in this household?.......

It's 8 O'clock.

That's right...BED TIME! Nite Nite. Kisses.

Call me Mean Mommy if you want. I don't care.

This is the way I put my kids on a sleep schedule. It's been 8pm bed time for the past week.

I can't have my kids crying at school cause they are sleepy.

I'm not leaving work to bring them home so they can nap cause the nurse called and said they are crabby or tired.

Not gonna happen.

Kids are in bed, I may have a few beers peacefully.....and....all is right with the world.


This was also the first weekend that Dom got to mow the yard. He was so happy and excited to be out there mowing (also cause he was going to be paid 30 bucks).

Now my friends, we ALL know how this is going to end up, right?

In the near future, I'm going to mention the yard needing to be mowed and he will huff and puff and be grumpy about it cause then he realized that it was actually a JOB/CHORE.

I know you are probably chuckling at his footwear, but that's alright. He doesn't have any shoes that I would really like to be dyed green due to the grass just yet.

They serve their purpose.

I still put the kids to work washing the dishes. Nothing will change. Remember this post?

The kids with their smiling faces...Devyn still wants to do the dishes.

Don't worry baby. You will definitely have your chance to be my Dish Man, soon. I mentioned earlier.



P.S. If you're new to this blog (or not) leave a comment even if it's just to say "Hey". I like to visit new blogs but I can't do that If I don't know where to go.


Friday, August 22, 2008

I Can't Do It Any Longer!!!

Someone. Please. Help.

I still have Monday and Tuesday of orientation.

Look people...

I read the Policy and Procedures Manual.

I read, and was guided through, the online tutorial for OASIS.


It's not like I'm not appreciating the fact that I'm not out there stressing my body (literally) trying to help an elderly person keep their balance or even reteach them how to stand up.
I'm just sitting on a cushy chair looking at some books or watching a tutorial on the computer.


The latter...



Put me out in the field PLEASE.

On another note....

I was invited to lunch with the lady who hired me (finally). We met at Olive Garden along with a potential PT and one of the RNs.

I was then informed, at this meeting, that the lady who hired me was thinking about talking to the owners of the company and seeing if they would be willing to pay for me to go to PT school.

This is a very appealing offer.

This is on top of me being offered quite a lot of benefits to work for this company.


I immediately told her not to go that route.

I JUST got here.
There is NO PT school in the Valley. I would have to up-root my children again, move to San Antonio, and not even work at this location. Not gonna do it.

Now if this is an offer that is still open in the future, maybe I will put some effort into considering it.
Right now...I just can't.

What do you guys think?


P.S. Tiffany over at The R Family Diaries is having a contest. She has just written her 100th post and wants to celebrate by giving out a $100 gift card!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Who loves Orientation?!?

Not me!

BUT, I can say this...Since I am in a salary position, I am super excited about how the orientation process is going. (It really isn't)

I have been sitting at a desk (I know..zzzzzzzz) for the past 2 days looking over the Policies and Procedures Manual for the company and fighting sleep. Today, I got to work at 8 am. At 9 am I ran out of things to read. The lady who is supposed to be teaching me the PDA system was at the morning meeting from 9-11 so I basically sat around messing with my phone (reading blogs and commenting on them) and pretending to read the same manual over and over again until around 11:30.
The meeting ended and I still sat around for another 30 min. I suggested that I go home and come back after lunch and she told me to call her at 1:30 to see if she is back in the office by then.
2 hr lunch...paid.

So far. This is my kind of job.

Of course, it's killing me because I can't just sit at a desk for hours at a time and do literally nothing. I need to be out treating patients. But since I'm getting paid regardless....

I'll enjoy it while it lasts.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


I know you drive around a lot.

All those times you had me chasing you down the street, money waving in my hand, yelling "Wait! Wait!"

I know you must have been chuckling to yourself and couldn't wait to get back to the rest of your buddies to tell 'this story'.

I'm sure I'm not the only one you've left behind.

I know you're sitting over there glaring from behind your steering wheel. Waiting. Waiting for the crowd to gather as soon as you hit that music switch.

But guess what?!

I know where you are now!

Yes sir!!

I know exactly where your headquarters is located.

You won't get away from me so easily next time!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

A little R & R the last thing I have been able to get lately (I've been running around a lot more than I would have liked since I've been home).

Let me just tell you how my last day at my newly ended job was...

No one really cared that I was going. At least that is the impression I got from some of my co-workers.
I've been working with this company for a YEAR and I didn't even get a "good bye lunch".


There were workers who have come in after I have and were only there for a few months and THEY got both.

There was another worker who was there for 3 months and then transfered to another facility within the SAME COMPANY and they got both.

EVERYBODY got a lunch or at least a card.



Honestly, I'm glad I'm not there anymore.

I won't be referring anyone to their company...that's for sure.


And if you think I'm overreacting because of a little lunch...forget you.

Talk about making someone feel unspecial.



To make me feel better.....

I went out and bought me and Miah a pair of these:

Thursday, August 14, 2008

2 more days

Well, folks, it's finally coming to an end.

I only have 2 more days left here in this job.

Then I will be home with my children and my chaotic life will continue. I will be able to post more frequently since I will have access to my own computer (which I miss dearly).

Angel ended up going to El Paso instead of Santa Fe, NM. Angel and his Dad were on their way (driving in 2 separate vehicles) and his Dad pulled over somewhere in Texas. He had decided that he didn't want to go work in NM. So they pulled a U-y and came back home. Angel's Dad is his foreman so he follows his orders. At least the got a job here in Texas.

Will people cry when I leave?

Probably not.

But I can say this...I don't have that nervous feeling that you usually get when things end (at least not yet). I can't say how Friday's last hour of work will feel like.

I DO know 1 person who will be sad to see me leave. She is one of my patients. It took A LOT of time and patience to get this lady to her current level of function. When I started with her (about 3 mo. ago) she turned everyone away and didn't want to be bothered. It was a struggle just to get her to sit on the edge of her bed. She was very moody and temperamental and if you crossed her once and got on her hate were on there for good.

The rehab department wanted to discharge her from therapy but we decided to keep her on my caseload since I was the only one she liked (at the time) and the only person she would do things for. Now, 3 months later, she is able to walk with a walker. She still has some balance issues that need to be addressed but this lady has come a long way.

She knows that I'm leaving and that worries her a bit. I talk to her all of the time and try to reassure her that she will be fine and she needs to continue her therapy.

She asked me, "When you leave, who's going to take care of me?"

I told her that she could work with any one of the therapists here or she could work with the new guy that is coming in to take my spot.

She asked me, "Is he a SISSY?"

I told her, "I don't know. I only met him one time so you'll have to be the judge of that."

She told me, "Well, that's all you need. You can tell if someone's a sissy after one meeting."

I just laughed.

I hope she continues to make progress after I'm gone.

My friend Jenn laughs at me because she has seen first hand how elderly people flock to me. They LOVE me. I don't know what it is about me but I obviously picked the right profession.

We went to HEB the other night and just as we got out of the elderly lady asked me if I wanted her basket. I told her "sure, I'll take the basket off of your hands" and she came up to me and placed her hand on my hand and held it for a little while and started telling me about the specials in the store and then she pointed in the basket to show me that she left a flyer in there with all the info. I thanked her and we proceeded to go into the store.

That's when I heard Jenn snickering.

I said, "What?! Elderly people love me."

She said, " I noticed"

Everywhere we go...they all smile and wave at me and the older gentlemen flirt with me.

What can I say. I'm a geriatric magnet.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Ok..Here we go....

Alright! It's time I finally got to posting my 7 facts.

Although, I don't think I will be tagging any 7 people afterward because I don't think I have 7 people to tag that haven't already been tagged before. You all know how this one went.


1. Even though I brag about how I LOVE spending time away from my children....I can't stand to be away from them for far too long. This time away from them is really putting a damper on my moods.

2. I AM NOT A DIVA.......I buy the cheapest of things because I can't see myself buying anything expensive. I can't bring myself to pay for something I know I can find cheaper somewhere else.

3. I am very good at budgeting. I control both Angel and my bank accounts. He will call me to ask me if he has money to by something and I will let him know if he can or can't.

4. I am reluctant to let Dom have contact lenses. Angel has already struck a deal with him and said he can get them after we see if he gets good grades on his report card. I jumped in and told him we have to see good grades on the first 3 times he brings his report card home. (last time we agreed to let him have his way with anything..he totally dropped his grades).

5. Absence makes the heart grow fonder........It's true. Angel and I have been able to live in the same house for the past couple of years. We sometimes bump heads because we are so different when it comes to raising the kids. I'm the strict one and he acts like they all live in a zoo. Still...when he gets sent away to work, I miss him terribly.

6. I'm the "Enforcer" of the family (this includes my sister, mom and dad). I have to tell them or my sister when to do something and how to handle certain situations. I say what is on my mind to everyone (especially if it gets the job done). My sister isn't going to like me living so close to everyone now.

7. I REALLY didn't like skulls at all in the past when I met Angel. He is the one who actually got me into them. I used to tell him (when he listened to heavy metal) that he was listening to Devil Music. Later, I came across some skulls that were cute and that is when I fell in love with them.

That last part being said...

Angel took the kids to get their school clothes (he did a good job) and these are the shoes he bought for Dom:

And...these are the ones he got for Devyn:
Personally.....I think they are cute ;-)

Saturday, August 9, 2008

I'm home!

Of course, this was not my original plan.

I still have 5 days of work left in Corpus.

My plan was to spend the remaining 2 weeks of work there in Corpus so that I can save gas by not going back and forth.
Angel had driven up with the kids Thursday because he had a Dr and Dentist appointment. While they were here Jenn and I decided to let our 13 yr olds go out to a club from 7:30 to 10:30. It was Thursday night....teen night. I had to go buy Dom some clothes because his daddy just told him to grab some stuff to sleep in. Jenn and I also fixed his hair.

He said that all he did was play pool. He was bored.

THANK GOD! I wanted to get it out of his system before he decided he was going to start sneaking out to be out. He didn't like it and I love that...for now.

They stayed the night and Angel was supposed to WAIT until I got out of work on Friday (and have Happy Hour with my friends) and then he was going to drive me to the Valley for the weekend. He didn't. He booked. Left me high and dry. Angel called me on the way home telling me not to back out of coming home because we have so much to do at the house. I promised him I would get there early Sat. morn.

He got the info for the next location he will be going to work. He's planning on going back to corpus with me on Sunday so he can head out.

He is going to Santa Fe for 3 months.
Yup....New Mexico.

Don't ask me how he got this location. It's construction. It's random. I just go with it.

Anyway, My friends (Jenn, Laura, Misty, Gilbert, Victoria, Daniel and his wife) took me out for drinks last night.
Let me say this now.....

I am NOT a liquor drinker.

The Long Island Iced Teas were mighty tasty though (all 6 of them that I had).
I do believe I may have even had a few sips of Mojitos and I think I may have tasted someone else's beer.
Then at another place...$1 drinks.
Crown and coke sure didn't taste like coke at all.
My friends paid for ALL of my drinks (as well as Jenn's)
To top it all off....around 10pm when we left the other places and were ready to call it a night....we stopped at HEB and bought 3 (count them) ...3 bottles of Boones Farm.
That's right!

Talk about Ghetto! We don't care. For $2.25 a bottle... we are some super cheap winos.

Jenn, Laura and I decided we were going to take our Boones to the beach. We walked out to the pier and sat and drank and bullshitted. It was fun.
Then, Laura had to pee. (I went to pee earlier when we passed the restrooms but I was unlucky in the toilet paper department) :-(
Laura decided she could drip-dry too ('ve all done it at one point or another so stop EWWWWWing) so she gets off of the pier and walks around underneath it and pops a squat.

I RARELY ever let anyone drive my truck but last night I made the good decision to let Jenn drive. I don't remember going to Taco Bell, going home, eating my Taco Bell, changing my clothes or going to bed.
All I remember is waking up with my mouth wide open and being surrounded by 3 cats.
I totally had a good time though.

The only thing that was a buzz kill for me was earlier that day AS SOON AS I got out of work...a rock hit my windshield. I heard the pop but I was looking for the crack. Sure enough, there it went it stopped right in the center of my driving side. DAMN.
Whatever...cracked windshields are not uncommon at all here in Texas. There are people set up at tons of different intersections ready to fix the cracks. Like vendors.

I promise I will get to my Tag Post.

P.S. So....I'm here. He's asleep. The house looks like a few unsupervised kids ran through and ransacked it. I feel like I got up early and rushed over here just to clean. DUMB.
AND guess what I have to do???





The hamster was running loose in the house for most of the day. I was really worried about a rotting, smelly hamster corpse hidden somewhere in the future. I told Dom to just put the cage out with the door open and hopefully the hamster will eventually run up into it.

I was right!

The hamster has been re-incarcerated.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Can You Believe?!?!

Angel has been giving me attitude these last couple of weeks when I call him to see how he and the kids are doing.


WHY? ask?

Because, apparently, he is bored.
BORED..with his own children.
Mad because he is home with the kids and I am away working.
All he has to do is hang out..not even work.

This is the same man who stated:

"I can't wait until you start work so that I can sit home for a month with the kids and do nothing. Just take a break from work and hang out with the kids."

Well, you are living your dream, Angel, and you are complaining.

I suggested that he take the kids to the pool. He didn't want to go to the pool.
I suggested that he take the kids to the dollar movies. He didn't have anything to wear and he doesn't want to sit in the movies.

I told him that I wasn't going to suggest anything anymore because he just shoots down my ideas.
So........I texted him and mentioned that the kids still need their school supplies and school clothes/shoes. Also that he could find out when registration for the kids starts.

He texted back: "That's true".

So off he went.

His DAD gave him a gift card to Academy for $1300.00

Now, WHO gives a gift card for that much??

Truthfully....WHO CARES!!

Take it and run with it.

He told me about all the clothes that he got for the kids.
He also got their school supplies at Office Depot.

Devyn called me and INSISTED they got them for Home Depot. I kept asking if he was sure it was Home Depot and he was sure of it. Then I mentioned Office Depot and he said, "Oooohhhh, OFFICE Depot...The Depot part messed me up."

Anyway, Angel TRIED to register the kids for school but he didn't have all of the info they want. That's where I come in. I will need to call the school and make arrangements for me to be there to give them the info. This part requires calling the schools and getting them to fax over the info needed.
(I tried to explain this to Angel (all of the steps) but I can tell (over the phone) that his eyes were glossing over and he wasn't paying was too over his head.

At least he did SOMETHING!

Monday, August 4, 2008


I know...I know...

I said I would post this past weekend because I was home but I got really sidetracked and then next thing I knew..I was right back here at my friend's house again.

I am still trying to get my house in order in the Valley even though my mother in law still has a lot of her items in there. It's hard to set up rooms with stuff still in there. So, I spent the weekend trying very hard to make it homey.

Then I had to leave again.

1 week down....2 to go.

I really didn't want to come back and Angel was asking me how come I don't just tell them I won't be continuing to work until the 15th that way I can just stay home and start the new job. my line of's called "Patient Abandonment". I can't just NOT come back to work. I have to complete my work until the end. If I didn't show up...I could lose my license. THAT..defeats the whole purpose of all that going to school and finding a really good paying job.

I wanted to cry as I was leaving but the kids were super understanding. I know they are used to not having a parent there with them all of the time, but I wasn't used to that parent being ME.

Angel is still waiting for them to call and tell him where he will be going to work this time.
He is BORED out of his mind. He's not nearly as close to the water as we used to be so he can't just pick up and go fishing. I'm sure there is sheer pandamonium going on at the house with Angel in charge. Order will definately need to be restored.

Anyway....I'm back here.

I was tagged by Shelby but I will have to post that a little later on because I have to finish getting ready for work.
The quicker I get there..finish my work and come home and crash....the quicker I will be home.

I'm a little sad right now.

I'll get over it.

Friday, August 1, 2008


I have 2 more weeks left at this job and then I start my new one.

Yes. I got a new job that (I think) actually puts me in a new tax bracket. I don't really know for sure because I've been so busy working. That's just how I like to think about it.

Anyway. On Wednesday, Angel got called back to where we lived to work for a few days so he stayed with me the first night at Jenn's house. He didn't stay the second night with me I guess because there were too many cats. Instead, he said his friend Billy said he could stay at his house and they were closer to his work.

Fine. Go have a slumber party with your friend...Billy.

He hates when I refer to boys staying overnight together anytime as a slumber party. He says it's a "sleep over".

BUT.......when I tried to ask him if he was going to a "sleep over with Billy"...he quickly said.."NO, I'm just going to crash at his house".


So guys...I am home for the weekend at my own computer and I will post more tomorrow.